in an interview we listened to the small talk about New York when the actors survive, this article we listen to her talk about how New York let her finally understand their own, determined not to standard beauty, comfortable to do a heterogeneous. She was not annoyed by her reflection on the oppression of girls in the Taiwanese environment and the stereotype of the New York actor environment for Asian actresses, who decided to change with action.

I'm not strong, I'm just living a woman's strength

When I was in Taiwan, I never thought I could be a good actress. Because of her broad forehead face and eyebrow, never is the market "to look like". She is weak and fresh not up, she thought is not to be with others "the same", to qualify to go this actor road?

Not until she came to New York did she realize that no one wanted to be "like" anyone else, which was boring. People do not want to squeeze themselves into the standard, but determined to be "heterogeneous", at that time, micro-yi feel that they are really beautiful magnanimous. (Recommended reading: Let your heterogeneous disadvantage become your shining bright spot )

Six years in New York, the micro-Yi admitted that every time back to Taiwan, they feel the invisible pressure to return to their own body. She was worried that her lipstick was too red and her collar was too low, would that color make her look like a prude?

"Taiwan Society expects you to be a" good girl "and they expect you to be nice and beautiful, but you don't want to have" power ". You'd better not be different from others. Men are afraid of powerful women. So today's boyfriend is shorter than you, you'd better not wear high heels, or the society is full of "women marry not" myth, we are afraid of woman have power. "In Taiwan, we spend too much time focusing on and reviewing others, but we seldom take the time to understand ourselves," he said. Women are ashamed to admit that they have the power to not embrace their own differences, everyone is converging to not free.

In New York, when women are not easy, but "you have the ability, let me see" the social atmosphere, let the micro-Yi feel at ease to become themselves. "Here do not need girls deliberately" cute, you are a lovely girl, you are a lovely girl, you do not need to multiply, you do not have to deliberately let people think you are very weak. You can show your strength. 」

Weakness is beauty, toughness is beauty, and a woman can be lovely and crazy, with a long, wide, big, small, long round face square, which is a gesture of beauty for women. What is the norm? such as micro-yi General atypical beauty, can not find a suitable path in Taiwan, but gradually understand themselves in different places. "I finally like myself and know where my beauty is." "(same field Gayon:3,000 years of beauty standard only to prove one thing: this era for women to decide )

When a "Can't Love" woman is also very good, micro-yi is not strong, not deliberately not from, she just want to live a woman should have the strength.

Not only white people can be superheroes, but Cinderella can be badass.

Close your eyes and think, what do you remember about Asian women in Hollywood movies?

are Asian prostitutes in slums, immigrant families, math-good accountants or secretaries, or rescued Chinese mystery women? In the "Oriental" imagination of white writers, Asian women usually have only a few specific images. (same field Gayon:"rookie new immigrants," The red Heroine: women are not collateral, refused to play only the role of empty shells )

The double weakness of the Asian and the feminine, does not let the micro-yi discourage.

She shared her own selection of a play, to play in Chinatown all naked prostitutes, "I can stereotype to the extreme, very sexy, very spicy, very wild, mesh socks with a sling;" Or I can simply be a look at the elegance of the aunt, a lot of things have long been numb. I play a prostitute, but she doesn't have to be typical, she still has her own face, she lives her own life. "The challenge has been difficult, for the micro-Yi, the focus is not the existing restrictions, but the process she has not played, there is no subversive stereotypes, in the restrictions she wants to maintain the freedom of interpretation."

"Complaining about the situation is not as much a change. "Micro-Yi Seriously said," to strive for female equality, to fight for the rights and interests of Asian actors, the quickest way is to come to their own. Rather than wait for the script, we should write one ourselves. "Now the proportion of Asians in New York is 13%, and the thing that I want to do is" re-education, "Who says only white men can be superheroes? (Recommended to you: Anne Hathaway, Julian Moore, Kelly Mo Reagan!) Four female stars against Hollywood sex counterattack )

Play more drama, now many plays are not true to the micro-yi. The witch raises her head to laugh, the princess waits for the person to save, too many things early has become the stipulation moralize the observation latent rule, "attracts my role all is complex, the play is like the person, has many obscure gray area." "Believe that there is no pure good people and bad people in the world," said the special want to play Cinderella, reinterpretation of her "goodness." Not only with the small animals say good morning, not only be bullied also laugh not fight back, Cinderella can be very badass, can have the idea of unhappy or evil, can not just wait for the prince to save the object.

"Give me a stereotype today, and I will certainly find something that attracts me," he said. "It is as an actor's happiness and hard work, you can not like the role of their own play, but cannot help but understand his motives for every thing."

A character even if evil, there can be gentle understanding of the reason, the actor spied on the role of life, again and again after the role, gradually become more soft objective and the world to the people.

Cumulative failure Experience: Actors are not sprint races, actors are marathons

"Every day in New York, I want to give up. "Look at me in a tiny way," said the unabashed.

A lot of people tell themselves, take five years to work hard, no, then leave. Can micro-Yi thought, if it happens to be the sixth year of success how to do? Will not be reconciled? If the fifth year gives up, never know that your sixth annual meeting will not succeed.

"Actors are not sprint races, actors are marathons. I am angry to believe in myself, I want to see where to go last. "When I first arrived in New York, he questioned whether he was an actress, and in the past few years she was able to tell herself I really have it, and then she asked herself," How far can I go? 」

"Every setback is like an experiment in a lab for me," he said. Every failure once, I will have a lot of failure in the future samples can be referred to, in fact, very good. "Blame too easy, micro-Yi failed to choose honest after the failure to ask yourself, have taken out 100% of the effort?" Did you go to bed early yesterday and read the lines less than three times? Or did you not warm up in the morning, so distracted? Now the failure of the past is what they have overlooked. (same field Gayon: Learn to fail more successfully!) See the story of six successful women )

Cumulative failure experience The cloud is light, but the process is painful. Micro-Yi repeatedly face their own "not good enough", repeatedly labeled "failure" of the label, as an actor, both good and bad face themselves.

"You are the whole person to be criticized, you are too tall, you are too fat, you are too short, you can't speak the lines, it's you." "Your body is the field of your performance, and you are no longer protected by your own safe distance." Good and bad are duty-bound, this is a very bare occupation, "You" is your guardian of the occupation.

"Although actors are more likely to be seen as hard work, it doesn't mean I'm more qualified to complain," he said. Because which industry is not hard? "Micro-Yi said he is a labor of life, no matter how the election, will choose to let their hard work to do, then why not take the actor this road well?"

"I looked back and I was totally different from three years and five years ago," he said. "Pain and growth are buried in the bones."

I think she's sticking to a better endorsement of the actor's path. Insist, is to use life to believe that one thing, with life to gamble themselves can. If you do not now, then from this moment, let the future of their own strong.

"Being an actress makes me a better person," he said. "The tone of the micro-Yi is full of gratitude. I listen, tears are fast off, it is a real hard road, but also a real happy road.

When in Taiwan, she was afraid of pain and fear of injury can not find the direction, but the stubborn pull their own browsing the social limits of the wall, through the language of the cold frost, endure the hardships of life, tried to challenge the limit, beginning to live out the different dimensions of their lives.

Success is the last to understand yourself, to become a better person.

This is the story of the Micro-yi, but I have been in the interview between the people who have cried and the women of Taiwan. Don't be afraid to hurt, fall down and get up, don't run from failure, don't resist success, learn to live a solid, whisper to yourself, we will eventually become better people. (Recommended reading: in order to become a better version of yourself, you have no time to be bored )