The Arctic and the Antarctic are the furthest distances in the world. Because of global warming, a polar bear who wants to drink the world's finest coffee meets a lone penguin who wants to learn to fly. So they became partners in each other's dreams and formally embarked on their adventures . Every week, we follow their footsteps to know the world. (Classic review:"World Adventure Week") It takes more courage to hold on to happiness than to endure pain.

November 9 Happy Birthday

"In the pattern of men" in the "golden silk grass" in Asia, the popularity of the good but not only actors.

Published novels, art exhibitions, and both composers, performers, directors, writers and other identities, versatile she has been questioned: "Although versatile, but no one seems to be particularly prominent." "A GHS always does not waver in the slightest, because her dream is not only to make money." In fact, in order to complete many of the challenges of life, there was a one-time income and expenditure completely flat.

But she believes: "Everything I do is connected." I think art and life will eventually intersect. 」

November 10 Forever Goddess Vivian Chow Happy Birthday

Do you remember the beautiful lady in the coffee of one person? Be asked to real life is not also infatuated "Wait", Vivian Chow but Smile said she is a know to let go of person.

Love a cat like her, a few years ago because the most beloved cat-a leopard died depression difficult to solve, and even at home, the leopard often appeared in the place full of his photos, as if he is still around. Her husband will clean the house when the cat collected to let her "see the cat", she gradually out of the pain, realized that the family, the remaining seven cats need her to take up mental care.

Speaking of husband, Vivian Chow said: "A lot of people think Nuzhen very happy, in fact, I am the happy person." Because in addition to the family, I can also have their own work, will not be divorced from society, do whatever they want to do, the husband fully respect my decision. 」

Happiness, is a person good, two people will be good. (Recommended to you: one: A person's good to meet two people's love )

November 11 Happy Singles Day

When everyone is crazy, do you know the origin of the Singles Day?

The source of the Singles Day is widely divergent, the most popular one is the 1993 four Nanjing University "famous Grass unowned" four roommates, each evening held a "How to divorce from single" for the theme of the dormitory talk. The discussion draws on the four-form "1"─11 month of 11th as a Singles Day, proud of being single. (Being single is good: enjoy a person's wonderful!) To spend a single day with you .

Not single friends also don't be sad, because 11/11 apart from IS Singles Day, also symbolize "lifelong, single-minded" husband and wife festival, Japan's "Chopsticks Festival" and Korea's "pepero day. Korean people in this day will send friends and family chocolate bar, express the blessing of heart Oh!

No matter what holiday you are, we should be happy Oh <3

November 12 Anne Hathaway Happy Birthday

Debut in 15, Anne Hathaway successfully rid herself of Princess image, 2013 "Miserable World", played in order to support the daughter of all the single mother Fang Ting, with excellent acting to win the Golden Statue Award for the best Supporting actress affirmation.

After the awards ceremony in 2013, the outbreak of the "dislike of Anne Hathaway" trend, so that people who dislike her almost as much as the people like her, Ann Hathaway also plunged into the low life. But in recent years she has freed herself from the negative thoughts of "victims" and learns not to pay attention to other people's eyes. In this year's applause and popular "senior Intern", with the strong and fragile fashion woman again impress the audience. (Recommended to you:"experience and strength is your resume," from "senior intern" to see Anne Hathaway's three attitude to life )

She said: "You live not only to please others, every option should be responsible for themselves." You are cannot live your life to please others. The choice must be yours."

November 13 male Tree Village Tuo Happy Birthday

How many people are in the "long vacation" bowed to the name of the piano sound? How many people still can hum, that Kimura's hair, walk to stop the "Gastby" ad? And how many people are dumped in the "HERO" in the handsome long life of the handling skills? A part of the Takuya Kimura classic scene, meaningful dialogue, are engraved in our minds.

He can be a change actor, he can also be a handsome idol singer. As "SMAP" a member of his, but there is no idol baggage, in the variety show on the image only for Bo Jun a smile. In many "Kimura legend" behind, but also carry a lot of infamy, he has maintained a consistent "kimura style", enjoy every moment.

He has a very different definition of "cool": "I think the cool person is the one who can struggle and adapt in various circumstances." "Then I think, Takuya Kimura itself, is the cool representative."

November 14 Zhang Yimou Happy birthday

"I think I am a lucky man, the times have given me many opportunities and possibilities." In an opportunity given to you by an era, you continue to verify your ability, you have a more self-confidence, you have a more self-confidence you seem to be more than the same generation of opportunities, so it is a snowball such a cumulative achievement, it is so. I never think highly of my achievements, and that's the way I evaluate myself. 」

From the initial "red sorghum", "the Red Lantern Hung High", to the later commercial blockbuster "ambush on the Ten", "all over the Golden belt", Zhang Yimou is called "open a large Chinese era" man. Many awards, the achievements of the Times: "With this era, only the realization of the dream." 」。

November 15 Chaihuang Happy Birthday

2008 Because the story Museum in Taiwan, selling tofu, and by netizens jokingly "bean curd sister" Chaihuang, sweet exterior let never embrace star dream of her, stumbled into showbiz.

Non-specialist, from the network of her red, in the performance on the road whether it is due to the difference with the expected achievements, or the criticism of netizens, Chaihuang actually feel pressure. In the face of the low tide, she chose to talk with her heart, so that her inner voice stood out for sure!

"I now know that I do well, worthy of their own, I believe I did not sorry others." Maybe I am not smart, but I can use my own stupid way to study hard, just hope that you can accompany me to watch me grow. 」