By the end of 2015, women fans elect our influential women , Viola Davis , Caitlyn Jenner, Zeng Kai , Chai Jing, and ... these women not only to show their confident appearance, but also to deliver a better and honest heartbeat to the world, thanking them for giving us the slime of the slime of 2105! (Recommended reading: Malala, Alan Paye, Kiranetli!2014 Six counterattack moments for women )

In 2015, one of Emma Watson's strength and feminine power, we wanted to have sex with a man other than a man, a man, a woman, and a woman.The author, Chimamanda Adicie, once said in a TED Talk: "The dignity of a single story is taken away, so we can't see human equality, just to emphasize how different we are, not our common position.""

A single story is dangerous, so we want to create a much richer face, and to know more about others.The most beautiful woman in 2015, they're not only bringing beautiful and confident appearances, but also bringing more good and sincere hearts to the world, nine of them that you can't miss, and let's do the most beautiful women together.

I am proud to be a black man!Viola Davis

In September of this year, the Emmy won the African Emmy for Best Actress, — Viola — "(" Viola Davis ·).She cited Harriet Tubman as a novelist, recalling the class differences in the black community: "In the past, colored people seemed to be the only way for women to get a chance, and you can't see black people at the Emmy Awards, because there's no such role."Now, we're redefining what beauty is, what is sexy, what we can be like as a woman, a black man." (Recommended reading: Large size models and black women's proofs: New York Fashion Week, you shouldn't be focused on beauty and fashion )

Our worldview has taught us to live with race, gender, and human coexistence. Viola Davis rewrote the Hollywood culture, which only belongs to white, Yang Gang, and the whole world should applaud the world for decades of "successful" - excluded women, mainstream "mainstream" into the marginal group.In this age, we declare together: people who are serious, they should be seen .

If you are not yourself, who are you?Caitlyn Jenner

“ Call me Caitlyn. ”

Please call me from Cait lyn, and she's been waiting for half a lifetime.From Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner, this road has been on the road for 65 years, and she has created a gender transgender issue of 2015, something other than binary.Each person can have a new name, Cait lyn tells us that if you don't like yourself, you're going to look like you like it.

In July of this year, she was also awarded the award of courage in the annual Outstanding Sports Awards. " The transsexuals deserve respect for all of us.Respect for a society of empathy. most fearsome thing is to hurt people, especially my mother and children, in the way they find their way back.I really feel that the support of your family members is so fortunate and fortunate." It's how hard it is, Caitlyn, the world has more beautiful looks.(Sibling: Call me Caitlin!The Olympic athlete, the hero of the rest of my life in life )

Happy to be a woman: Zeng's core

Before Cait lyn degeneration, a teacher on the campus of Taiwan has stepped forward to the edge.After a time of writing the gender identity of his own genitalia, his wife's death finally made him face real self-authenticity.She hopes that the big not remember that she was a transgender teacher in the school, but that she had cored.

(Picture Source: Screen Capture to Youtube )

" For transgender surgery, I actively cooperate with doctors to consult, take female hormones and fight testosterone. Although taking medication will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and gynaecological cancer, I would prefer to live a few years of life and become a girl."

became a woman, she was happy every day, but she didn't want to be famous. As long as more people were able to have their own chances in their lives.What is more, it is a great deal for many people. One has come forward, but how many of them have weeping around the day of the day.What we need is not a temporary one, but a legal, gender, and survival space that makes more sense to be comfortable.(Referral: You don't know the history of Taiwan: the first transsexual surgery in Taiwan, the tip of the male's female tip )

The world needs more truth: Chai Jing

" I'm not so afraid of death, I just don't want to live like this."

(Picture Source: Screen Capture to Youtube )

In March of this year, a documentary "Under the Dome" was broadcast on the Internet for a few days and was hit by 200 million hits. After a week, the Chinese government completely wiped out the shelves and disappeared.The film was sent by a mother, a citizen, and a former famous journalist from CCTV-Chai Jing.In the past year, Chai Jing went up the mountain to study and collect evidence, so that the general public knew about the smog and the location of the people's exploitation of public powers. She held challenges to the Chinese government, with a reporter's pattern, a citizen's morality, and her mother's worries.

Chai Jing begins with her mind that her daughter is born with a tumor. She worries that her own association with the world is only a few decades, and that she has a daughter.Breathing is the common destiny of mankind.If we take care of the children of the children, the world next ten years, will we dare to be the one who has the merciless possession of resources?Chai Jing's struggle to speak out has highlighted the most vulnerable side of human nature, and we have only been able to live in peace.Such a woman, who has the power of resistance to power, can be stronger than she is.(Recommended to you: A strong, tough, gentle, vandy Karol for the last sentence of pain: Long live the life of life!)

To be a princess, you may not have to marry a prince!Emma Watson

#HeForShe, Emma Watson followed the United Nations Women's Goodwill Ambassador, the feminist status, and the feminist role.On the day of March 8, she complained again: "Feminism does not mean to hate men, but to have the same basic options for all sex."When the media dramatied her relationship with Britain's Prince Harry this year, she said: "To be a princess, she doesn't necessarily have to marry the prince."I'm the princess, every girl is a princess."

August of this year, she said #HeForShe made her believe she was a feminist, and Emma Watson said: "We are moving in the same direction." Say "I am a feminist," and I want it to be a welcoming everyone, inclusive movement.Let us have a change in the hands of our hands before we can pull together." (Recommended you: Women's Age!Emma Watson meets Malala for the first time: As a feminist, we are proud )

Let's make a difference. Emma Watson doesn't just use an event to make a sound, it's a matter of life's dimensions, "she said." Every time a Hollywood has sex, she never fails to attend. Every time a weak need is seen, she's unshirking to use her own advantages and to make a deep sense."(You would like: SheForShe Emma Watson: I'm going to use my prerogatives to sound out the forgotten edges )

Use my sister's strength to speak up for the edge!

If I can influence some people to change their minds, life is meaningful."

From a different point of view, is use of mainstream forces to change the stereotype of the community. This year, she has not only complained about marriage equality, but also the of Roselle Young Leaf , a transgender teacher Zeng Fangi , .

"These stories are all encouraging people, especially in this era of repression, and we need to recognize ourselves."The media are all focused on the idea that rich people are rich and successful.It's just that you're lucky to be able to do more things than others, but the real success is that you are not sure of yourself, and that's what I've been looking for now."

Compared to pomp, steel pipe shock crowd, her goal is being transformed into a more profound force for everyone as a singer. Jelleno's to Pooh, Tsai Yi-lin has been away for 12 years, and no one will ever doubt her strength and effort.(Recommended reading: True success is not someone else's affirmation of you!)Cai Yilin: "Don't ask, don't be afraid of failure" )

When the world says I can't do it, I still know I can: Misty Copeland

"I will always strive to treat every performance as the last performance, and I will enjoy it in every single minute.""

What do you think of ballet? Misty Copeland's bold and gracious impression of the ballet actress, she has a dark complexion and a bodybuilding in the international dance platform.

In April of this year, Copeland was selected to be the Year of the Time magazine.When she was 13, she dreamed of being a ballet, but she was rejected by the ballet academy at the age of his body and age.At the age of 18, C opeland joined the ABT Youth Corps of the American Ballet Theatre, and six years later became the main ballerina of the main group. Now, she is the chief ballet of ABT and the first chief ballet ever since American history.

"I once doubted myself and wanted to give up, because I don't know that the African-American community of women will have a future, and that they can reach such a state."When the world says to her, "You can't do it," it's Copeland and not giving up on the tip of the foot.The old world couldn't jump, and she jumped out of a new world.(Sibling: Who says there can only be white swans?The ballet actress, "The" "The" "The Ballet Copeland" The " " The " " The " The"

What do you mean by women?That's our job advantage: Peng Lei

The Age of DTs is an age of the economy, an age of emotion, and an era of conquest of the world by the use of wisdom and wisdom.Unlike the high demands of the industrial age for rigor and power, the age is more important to the value of precision and sensibility, and femin-specific emotions, spatial sense, and imagination will present a unique charm and elegance in this era."

Peng Lei, who is always on the list, is one of Alibaba's most important drivers. From university teachers to payment of chief executive officer, in just three years, all of China's connections have been carried by her.

Alibaba Penglei shares women entrepreneurs' minds at this year's Global Women's Entrepreneurship Conference, saying that women are holding a daydream to make you think of a larger future; don't talk about things that make you believe in yourself, don't give up your intuition and the right to be cheated, and make your job paranoia more absolute.Men talk about women when they talk about women, and it's also our ability.

also believes that her family experience makes her even more understanding of the job market. Women in the workplace are in no way opposed to housewives: " Women often have to face and accommodate more things. For example, children's education, such as family relationships, grandparents, and even oldest paternal aunt.We have a chance to perform better when women are at home and have to face up to the mind and endurance of a profession." world should not allow the world to be a little angry, she said." It's a woman who has a heart to face with a mind that is so small that she is more careful."(See: Success in the workplace regardless of gender: soft to others, ruthless to themselves )

The most beautiful woman in the world: Lizzie Velasquez

" What if you can't see one eye?I have another one who can treat the world softly."

Lizzie is a woman with rare disorders (Mafa's disease group and systemic fat loss), which causes her weight to be less than 27 kilograms, and the right eye is completely blind.She was known as "the ugliest woman in the world" since she was a child.But she never gave up hope, gradually graduating from college, became an incentive lecturer, a book, and so on." I don't want to hurt people to define me.The Lizzie station is on the platform, selflessly sharing all of the damage that the world has done to her, because they can't hurt her real.

Give yourself the right to define your own right, and go through the darkest night of 26 years, and Lizzie is now a professional lecturer, sharing her life around.When the Internet called her to die, she relied on the strong soul to survive; when society gave her a rugged road, she was stifling hard to see the in a difficult way.(Recommended reading: Rebullying topic for news anchor: You can't control others' mouths, but you can live for yourself! )

This year is a year full of empathy, where we learn not only the world, but also the stories of the world: Tseng Kaixin, a young Jennifer Aya, shows a woman's ability to express women's identity; and the comfort women walk onto the big screen to identify their own history; Selina Yayuan, who fades into his own stressful clothes, will be self-recognized.We all remember those moments of action.

At the end of 2015, who is the most beautiful woman in your heart?The message is shared with us, the influence you have in mind.