In the " Interview Witch Shop founder Peng Yujing: I want to open a girl can play a very late shop " We asked the witch shop owner Peng Yujing to talk about the Witch store's starting point, came to the government to suppress the independent space those years, but is the witch store to gather more audience opportunities. This is no longer just a small shop, but also a group of Taiwanese memories. Once in a lifetime of the witch sacrifice to come, in order to get together, in order to gently commemorate , ready to enter the Secret Peach Garden of the crazy witch ! (Extended reading: Zhang Hang, chan, Wei!) Eight reasons to fall in love with an independent woman )

2011, Taizhong "Allah"pub a fire accident, took away 9 lives, this fire burns, also burned out the existence of a long time live house regulation problem. " At that time, officials from Taipei City Bureau went to the witch shop to investigate, saying that the Witch store's zoning and business projects do not conform to the standard. "They zooey to come, obviously is the decree untimely, unlucky is we." I do not want to make a witch shop to make money, also can not make any money, we also want to legal, but the law forced us to do black. I thought to myself, do not do, I can always do it! "(Learn more: listen to a rock, sing a generation: The music memory of Taipei Live House)

Talking about the scene 4 years ago, the immediate Yu Jing is still full of anger, she said, Taiwan's arts and culture-related undertakings have been difficult enough to do, the government still so do not help. "Our staff in the kitchen in a circle, I said a ticket to the penalty is more than 50,000, under 300,000, we will not survive, so we decided not to do." This is a very internal decision, there is no external description of what, but it is amazing that the news of the door, we have to scold the government, for a long time we shop like a tourist attraction, everything is sold all the light. "It was a matter of the unexpected, and at the moment the anger in her eyes vanished, replaced by gratitude and tenderness."

"Witch Shop, I'm not alone anymore."

"The dim light, the old décor, the bra-mounted seats, the cool music always playing, and the funny, cute and fun-smelling witch of the face, though it stinks. The atmosphere in the shop has never changed. Perhaps the word "family" is too heavy, but for me, the Witch store has a peculiar feeling of warmth; Let us those who are very fond of music and the fringe of society, have a place of peace of mind and a sense of belonging. --The Lu Zhihong of the Chirp

It was Yu Jing's first recognition that the witch store was not her own. This shop has already had its own life, in addition to Yu Jing, there are employees, orchestras, fans, every visitor who has visited ..., all in the witch shop when the difficulties do not want to turn their backs, and therefore, she can not give up lightly. "4 years ago that thing, really is the operation does not come. Witch Shop can come now, is because everyone's memories, is lucky, this is a people are willing to stay in place, witch shop, is not my own. 」

Yu Jing says the staff at the Witch Shop are very low in turnover, the shortest about a year, long is indefinite, although now often feel old, the new employee name will not remember, but she is not worried, because she knew she had plenty of time to remember, witch Shop is the magic, once stepped into , no matter how the wandering traveller, all want to berth. ( Share with you: The traveller who is accustomed to wandering: it is not easy to go home. )

I looked at Yu Jing, moved in my heart, I asked her if she had thought about the future of the witch shop look like? She shook her head and said she was a very down-to-earth person, not to think too far, and then funny to say that most of the shop staff and she is the same down-to-earth Taurus, if one day, too old to open the Witch shop (because the hands will shake, coffee will spill out), they may open the witch dumplings shop, Maybe you can beat the famous meat roasting restaurant across the street. I think now, witch Shop Witch, is a group of very real women, in a very real dream, they do not unrestrained, but also never to the reality of compromise, such a woman, very own taste.

Witch Sacrifice: the Witch essence of 焠 in the 20

"20 years of growth is so hard, 20 memories are so sweet, see how many sparrows into the Phoenix, after how much experience to mature from green to the United States, the witch's metamorphosis so far, is the pupa into butterflies, the moment of flying, please listen to the singer's memories of the witch in the warm memory, but also because of their continuous diligence, The Glimpse witch flies more leisurely. The margin of the 20, edge gathered so many friends, thank you for your enthusiastic participation, as my father, I should also clap hands for Yu Jing. --Yu Jing father

20, is a store from bud, Bloom and then in their own way the appropriate fragrance, but also many people from the child gas, loaded strong again to the most comfortable way to open their wings to fly. And the emergence of the witch offering, not for anything else, is for this beautiful 20 years, in order to get together, in order to gently commemorate.

"Witch shop in 10, there are many good friends shouting to make a music sacrifice, at that time wanted to be in the stadium and the like, the stage into a witch shop appearance, but I think that the space is not like witch shop atmosphere." "Yu Crystal do not want to just squeeze everyone together, enjoy the hours of crowded and sweat dripping, it is not a witch shop style, nor Yu Jing want the scene, coupled with the shop staff is really inadequate, music sacrifice this matter, also to nothing."

Time is always too fast, the closer to the 20, Yu Jing heart more than a point of anxiety, she said, her heart also feel that should be good feedback to all the witch shop has a feeling of friends, she suddenly remembered Bear Baby Orchestra held " A day of the rock festival "Wenshan Farm, when Yu Jing with his children running around the farm, let them naked butt in the red tea barrel bathing." Think about it, think there is quite suitable, so "the Witch sacrifice" on the brewing was born.

To the "Witch sacrifice" away from the hustle and bustle, follow the music!

"Really want to go to the witch shop 20 anniversary music Festival Oh!" Just watch "Sex Forget Love" three stage is very charming! How far is it from "Trust and Love"? Or how close? It may be integrated into one, with heaven and earth, Green Grass Valley identical. Should be the experience of music and the best field of heaven and nature, as well as witches out to dance, Huan Yin may also. If you see me on the sex bridge, at least hold me, and love to the back garden, all the consequences are forgotten in the stage! And the hanging song in your dream sounded. --Orchestra Demon Ongjiaming.

Prepare the witch sacrifice to let the Witch shop busy Havoc, in addition to maintaining the day-to-day operation of the store, but also more than open the meeting, run the public sector process, the general raised small Meng secretly revealed that the witches are always drinking wine meeting, while silently see the sunrise every other day. This is the Witch store's full heart, they want to do, it is necessary to let everyone have fun, hi. I asked Yu Jing, what is the magical surprise of the witch sacrifice waiting for everyone? She was much happier than her hand-painted feet, and she told me a whole bunch of them, and I was itching to hear it.

"You have to come ah, do this tired, I think there is no next time, until you hear people say how fun, it is too late." We're going to make you very busy, the orchestra is so much, there are three stages you're not going to be free to rush in. On the road will also be accidentally attracted by other things, talks ah, body incense cinema, night, shaking ladders, inflatable slide, and the days of the group of Bubble Football showdown, or you will suddenly see Chan in archery area to play archery. 」

The quarterback and 88 guava seeds, Queen's suitcase and mint leaves were all locked into bubble football and fought each other . Soda Green peaks of the abnormal off the team performance, female shadow specially provided by the single "Orgasm Limited", "Comb hair", "small Reunion", bathed in the stars under the cool grass ..., Countless surprises are the only witch stores can give the menu. In the witch offering, you can eat Schumien barbecue, samingad, Banai fish soup, and An Pu's salty porridge maiden show, she will personally write down the most malicious lucky note, let you eat salty porridge side feel her beautiful "blessing." (same field Gayon: wake up the child in the heart!) Quarterback: Music, play until the day is not moving

The Witch sacrifice I imagined in my mind was like a 3-day adventure in the Peach Garden, the people who go to the festival, such as the Wuling people in the Peach Blossom Garden, to be forgotten in the witch sacrifice I ask is He Chao, "Suddenly every peach blossom forest, the bank hundreds of steps, no miscellaneous trees, fresh grass, sorrows, ... Blonde, Chi, and Yizhan. "Hey, so come on, December 18 to December 20 at the Wenshan Farm, Yu Jing and the witches are all ready, waiting for you to revel in the wine, with the favorite music bobbing, on the turf excited to toss and turn."

Interview PostScript:

Want to talk about my eyes of the Depression crystal. Thank you so much for trying to be a Yu Jing behind the scenes, to be interviewed by women fans. As far as I know it was the first time she had been in that deep and long interview (for two hours), so Yu Jing often thought for a long time in answering questions, her words were absolutely sincere and not official, because she did not have access to the can answer. She says the Witch store is a good place, a woman, a creature of all kinds.

And as a mother, she is also very cool. Yu Jing and I share when she conceived the story of a second woman, when she and the older daughter said: "Mother is pregnant," the older daughter was surprised to say: "What?" But I didn't see dad put the penis in Mother's vagina! "Yu Jing, she laughs in her own way." I think, as the person beside the crystal is extremely happy, because she is so tolerant of the world and loved ones, to society and women's moral propriety is so dismissive, and I was so fortunate in a warm winter afternoon met her. Witch Shop, it's a great place.

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