Read a newspaper with a woman! What is the world talking about this week? The first two weeks, we thought , "Why did I apologize to the man who raped me?" "last week we listened to the TED speech, " You don't have to have a real vocation , "and this week we continue to think about life. Life is a kind of game, how can we play? Select Medium on the Jevin "Life is a Russian square with their own fighting, don't play like a life-and-death chess" with you to share.

"I grew up playing chess, and chess did teach me a lot about competition, and it taught me a lot about the life that made me miserable," he said. 」

At the age of seven, I played chess continuously and intently. I play with my classmates, I play on the internet, I even take part in the national competitions. Chess teaches me patience, perseverance, and critical thinking, all of which are important skills to deal with difficult situations in life.

Chess allows me to think about causation from a very young age, move your knight here, and you can trap the bishop. Chess reminds me that the right step will bring me closer to winning, and that if I take a wrong step, I will lead me to failure. (same field Gayon: no wrong way astray, every choice of life is the standard answer )

Chess also introduced in my mind the concept of "other", black and white, daggers, like "our" schools and their "schools." The rules of the chess game is to kill each other, only to beat each other you have the possibility of winning, the overall situation you only need to win a point even if the victory, and you can not share the results of victory.

I played chess all the way until I was 15 years old. My phone was not smart at the time, I couldn't get online or send out Snapchat, but it made me realize another game that was completely different from chess, Tetris, and I soon became addicted.

Tetris for many people, is the image of frustration, it is a repeat of the hell, there may be little win, you can only rely on almost lucky. But for me, the more I play Tetris, the more it feels like life. (Recommended reading: The sooner you meet the better!) These five setbacks make you a better person.

Now I am no longer keen on playing chess, but Tetris has become the only game on my phone. I put it on my desktop home, let it continue to remind me that life is a challenge to their own Tetris, do not play like a life-and-death chess.

Before playing the game, did we ask ourselves, if life is a game, what do you hope this game will be like?

01. Not to win or lose the life, your only opponent is your own

I've been looking for "the other" and "the enemy" as I grew up playing chess.

I want to find someone to quarrel with, I want to find someone to blame, I want to find someone to prove him wrong. I even imagined my opponents because it was much easier to quarrel with others than to face myself. I live with a life-and-death attitude, but in fact, life has more to gain than winning. Chess mentality, tie me to know life.

For Tetris, your window is littered with squares and you compete with time. The logic of Tetris is to fight with its own heart, you challenge yourself to be able to put the scattered pieces of the cube into an orderly assembly, no final great lord, you have no one to blame.

Tetris is like life, we all fight with our will. There is no real life, the ultimate monster who deliberately makes you endure hardship, the only action that does not exist right or wrong will make you win or lose all, and there is no adversary to punish and blame. Your only opponent is yourself. (Recommended to you: write a letter to the tired work of you: no one should be responsible for your growth )

For Tetris, your grades can be progressive, as long as you keep motivating yourself. Your achievement accumulates either quickly or slowly, depending on how hard you try to break through yourself.

02. Life is not difficult, but it becomes faster.

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Many game designs, the longer you play, the harder it is to play, as is the case with chess. Location scheduling is more difficult, opponents become more challenging, and your uncertain bets are getting bigger. The world of Tetris doesn't work this way. The game keeps the same rule from beginning to end, the only difference is the speed at which the box falls.

If you always choose to play Tetris with the slowest speed, chances are you'll never lose, and the only thing you can think about is whether you're tired or not. But in many cases, we won't be satisfied just because we are connected in a straight line, we want to make a Tetris four-row elimination box.

Playing Tetris, we are gambling every time, bet they can not do.

I used to think that life was a chess game, made up of a series of constantly increasing challenges, and I imagined from time to time with the victim mentality that there were many difficult problems to solve. Later I felt that in real life things were not as difficult as we were older, but rather faster. As time goes by, responsibility increases, until we mess up and take the tasks that we should cherish in life as tedious and distracting.

Tetris reminds us of our attitude towards life, learn to face each stage of life there are different challenges rate, or slow or fast, we can not only stay in the last stage of life, can not only miss how beautiful, we have to face up to the present, and the period Mian oneself continue to go down, control their mood, behavior, time, The road to the challenge is still long and will not stop in the end of life. (Recommended to you: there is no job to be found, only those who do not have enough effort)

03. There is no best solution in life and you can't predict the future.

For chess, it requires you to think about the "best solution" in every position, and how you can move your opponent closer to the corner and think about the next 20 steps. You're the smartest, chess requires you to think like a supercomputer.

So what about Tetris? You can only peek at the next box from a small window. Tetris is playing every moment, every now and then you try to put the box in the right place, it's hard to predict what the next two falling squares will be.

Playing Tetris, you are not stupid enough to think that you can control the future, you only expect yourself to live up to every moment.

Life is the same, in fact, there is no so-called best solution, not all things have a clear cause and effect, you do not have the means to the same as the super computer planning the future. Our life is an open game, unexpected events will happen, will change our existing life-like appearance, life will not be exactly as we expected.

Learn to live like Tetris, what you can do is to live up to your own, not to try to control all the big and small things. Although every moment is right, you have to learn to hug, and accidents can always happen. (Recommended reading: a letter to the 23-Year-old: After recognizing the nature of life, still love life)

04. The process is more important than the result! No one in life will declare you victorious.

The chess is very dramatic, you general each other, the other party surrendered, someone will declare you this win, you will feel the satisfaction of winning, until one day, victory can no longer meet you.

I distinctly remember the day I didn't play chess, the day I didn't lose, I won the tournament, but I didn't feel a thing. According to the rules of chess, winning is very straightforward, not a general, but the other party surrendered.

The day I stopped playing chess, I realized that if I stopped enjoying the game, if I didn't continue to learn, I would have lost completely.

I don't play chess, I change the Tetris. Every day when I pick up the Tetris, I know that I will definitely lose. But I want to know how long I can hold on this time. I want to know how fast the box will run. I want to know how I'm going to challenge myself to win? For me, this is more important than winning.

Tetris's sense of achievement is not win or lose, but I can set goals for their own rules, often challenging themselves, and only I know, I have grown in this inning how much. Tetris has taught me to be determined and determined to keep walking in seemingly endless paths. As Life. (Recommended reading: woman fan CEO and chess Zhou Junxun to talk about: The game of life, learning to "lose" the gentle style )

Tetris in the world, only lost did not win. I no longer want to win or lose, I was playing for fun, live to live, I think life is the same. Only we can decide how we are going to play the game of life.