women are obsessed with the results of the survey, the results of 3,000 questionnaires, most people have been discriminated against by sex. Nearly 60% of them think they feel uncomfortable with verbal harassment. verbal harassment spreads like a virus in the public and private spheres. Barriers to gender in life, discriminatory words on the Internet. From " Yi can static mother to eat Grass ", "Zhang Jingsen 95 Peak chest map" reflect on the real existence of gender pain life. (Recommended reading: mother to eat grass? Yi can quiet confession: No Woman's birth canal, where you have the opportunity to laugh at women years old

These days can be static by netizens attack "mother eat grass" after the small man sent a letter of applause, older women, had suffered verbal harassment of people feel happy. At the same time, a network of sexual harassment, Administrative Committee members Zhang Jingsen in the face book released female milk, copy description: "Tomorrow morning six, climb 95 peaks." Italian private message "was granted public sexual harassment, women do not feel comfortable chest any person climbing, male by teasing jokes arbitrarily override female body."

(screenshot to Zhang Jingsen face book)

Where does this happy and unpleasant come from? I think it's silence.

2016 women obsessed with sex questionnaire survey

" verbal harassment, verbal violence" is the top priority in the gender puzzle, according to the findings of a woman's gender-bond poll. Of the 3,000 questionnaires, 80% of the respondents had been treated unequally by gender, and half of them had suffered verbal harassment and bullying.

In the face of verbal harassment of silence, in the questionnaire carefully counted several of the true story of the pain, we want to speak for these silent, with you to share the real life of the gender.

Baba Change bag, love conditional not?

"The internet is full of hidden gender discrimination and harassment, see really angry and uncomfortable, such as the work of the very competent physiological women will be said to be single, female men and so on." Or more attractive women will be said to Baba change bags. And the myth of the hymen and pink. 」

Baba bag, such a discussion, to the recent Chinese otaku goddess milk Tea sister married to the 19-year-old business CEO For example, many people said she no longer pure, for money for the soul, netizens angry shouted "smart woman, let the rich man, shot in." "(The same field Gayon: money to love, old mother to eat grass?" From milk tea sister to Yi Jing: A Woman's love, no need to apologize to the community

Baba in the back of the bag refers to the women's best economic independence to marry into the Giants, or whipped by love to promote class mobility woman? What worries me is that many people ignore women being pushed into bargaining positions, only to assume that they are being bought into a contractual relationship of slavery. They believe that women in the love trade, only to entrust the body out, there is no emotional activity.

But the economic independence of the girls, boys are afraid to compete. So they become leftover women, society laugh at this group of woman. Both girls who need to be protected, or girls who do not need to be protected, will be attacked. You carry a bag with a boyfriend to show up, the old classmate: "Ah yo, this is a good fishing." "You carry a pile of official pigments wear glasses black eye into the office, they said Tigress last night to work overtime don't provoke, in the woman behind the label, you are only the life of the LU Snake." (same field Gayon: the glory of the leftover, I do not marry I do not apologize )

Is it true that women have too much to struggle with as a body, and women are required to be clean in a relationship. what happened to being a snake? Love can be conditional, love can be without conditions, no matter what kind of discourse we believe, should not push the other side.

Do I have to be "really" raped to protest?

In the story of gender coupons, many people cannot live at ease. Even in broad daylight, they fear the opposite sex too close to their side. Because of experience, they have to shrink and shrink themselves in social space.

Photo: Film "chilling effect"

"I live in the school when the dormitory was outsourced several times, the counter manager of the building said that "the other side has no actual action so cannot handle". Want to know whether there is a way to quantify or specifically present this psychological panic, so that the problem can be resolved to eliminate the parties fear and powerlessness. "

"Life is often met with sexual harassment, such as being touched on a bus, or hand gestures suggestive of sexual intercourse, which is very uncomfortable." Why is it that girls are always sexually harassed by boys? Perhaps with the social atmosphere, in addition to prevention after the incident, I hope to find out the problem, perhaps the patriarchal culture and so on from the fundamental guide this atmosphere, let me jog in the evening do not need to take the wolf spray, in the people many of the bus MRT without trepidation. 」

Night run with Wolf Spray, when the bus is pushed to feel harassed people say you overreact, night home you will always look back a few eyes to see the shadow of your tail disappeared.

Social occasions colleagues that: "The chairman of you really happy, three of girls around you meeting." "Let you wonder," said The Stranger, "Can you make friends with you?" You are very beautiful. "Let your heart defend, the boss to send you the naked photos, you are afraid to be dismissed so do not say."

If one day, you really because of these silence is violated, they will say,"who call you dress short, natural seduce Man", "who told you to laugh at him to make people misunderstand", "you should refuse his good."

"Women who encounter sexual harassment or sexual assault will be blamed, for example: Did you wear a skirt that was too short?" Or are you dressed too snug? Why go out so early or go home so late? You're too low on alertness, are you? Maybe it's because you look beautiful? (Let the battered women try to soothe their emotions and review their own wearing partners and behavior.) May resist the dress, wear more feminine clothes, and refuse to smile at the stranger. "(Recommended reading: The most painful letter from an Iranian girl to the world: I was raped but sentenced to death )

So we have to thank the harassing Shand, but also say sorry I caused sexual crimes.

These difficulties not only exist in women, the gender questionnaire encountered verbal harassment in the gender and total ratio: female 65%| male 43%| multiple gender 56%

The plight of men facing verbal harassment is as follows.

In men, the negative qualities that are not allowed to be disclosed

"I hope the boys will be more courageous to express their feelings, Don't ever A man's tears do not flick. "

" to break the cult of the penis in society, stop a similar cult of discrimination with the marginalized ethnic groups of some people Ex. A penis is a great thing. 's argument. "

"I am a physical/psychological male gay, I hate my heterosexual friends with chrysanthemum, anus open my jokes." Although I know they are harmless, just a few random rubbish words, but I just hate open speech harassment, can be aboveboard in the open Network platform for discussion , the gender debate, by the people with similar experience to echo. "[Manly] has nothing to dowith the length of the wind!" A gender discussion invitation to men

Photo: Ye Yongji, a rose teenager who was killed by bullying because of her sex temperament

I would like to ask why men are always forced to pay more than women when they are in contact with each other, otherwise they will be said to be small white faces. 」

As a child, the family said to you: "Boys have to have shoulders to protect girls." "When you grow up, the country says to you," boys have to be financially able to protect their families. "In this world of rules, men can not be weak, when the boys reveal tenderness, delicate and other feminine characteristics, will be pushed to the" abnormal "side, we will be verbal harassment, physical violence, to spur those" class "than the so-called normal men lower.

Wang Jiahao (2002) misappropriated the "sex/Rubin/desire stratum System" formed by the theory structure of sexual stratum. He believes that gay men fall into the bottom of the system because he is also overstepping the norms of sex and sexuality. He also developed a gay sex/other class system, sissy is also falling into the edge of sin, occasionally and sissy can be a deception into the middle. Sissy and gay men become a "flawed" and failed male, and become the object of boys to tease and repel, while boys will be ridiculed as a ritual to remove their sexual temperament (BiH herng, 2000)

So the male with the negative trait, like sitting in the wrong place, all the violence points to his unqualified.

Discrimination negative characteristics, but also the patriarchal demeaning women, because to "female characteristics" close to, resulting in female identity, will "pollute" traditional masculinity. This fear is inseparable from the weary woman. (same field Gayon: sex Discrimination on the playground: Men play volleyball very Niang?) Attacking girls, no face? )

When a man shows no weakness in his manhood, he can regain the power of a man to dominate a woman. Men's privileged privilege is their dividend in paternity, but men do suffer in the patriarchal system because men have to suppress femininity and lose the ability to express emotions. Dear man, you should not agree with gender temperament, not feminism, but yourself.

Can verbal harassment be eliminated?

I recall that in the course of Fan Yun's feminist curriculum, some students raised the question of "verbal sexual harassment", that is, in public, can we talk about pornography, and where is the dividing line between the opening of the yellow chamber?

If we want to prohibit verbal harassment, should we simply take the law?

I think the important thing is not that we want to create a yellow cavity, open the yellow chamber before asking whether the other party is agreeable to the environment. It is based on respect for the freedom of lust, the sex spectrum of the dialogue, and in the acceptance of talking about space, if there is discomfort can be declared at any time freedom.

What I want is a security discussion about the sex environment. I do not need to be afraid of being raped by men refused to know others, I do not need to be in the exercise of the pressure to look back, I do not need to worry about this laugh is not caused by who misunderstanding?

You don't have to pretend to be strong because you're upset that your rights are loose, you don't have to be so excited when it comes to talking about genital length, you don't have to be ashamed of being choked on a girl.

Both male and female traits are blocked by violent demolition or by a woman's erotic flow. All need to be on the premise of respect, let talking space be opened.

Finally I want to invite all the wounded boys, girls, to stop the silence. In the middle of the country, there was a group of boys in the back threatened to rape me, when I silenced, I dare not say anything. High school walking on the road, I was not know the boy touch the chest, I turned to scold him dirty words, but I still afraid to stand in situ a move dare not move.

Since then, I do not want to let the unequal treatment caused by the physical gender to deter me, I know that the world will always have the opportunity to hurt me, because the world is so weak, we always want to through power struggle to get their own safe place. Speak out, we will hurt, but the wound will be better treated, not fester. the world can continue to hurt us, but we cannot be silent; the world can continue to hurt us, but we cannot be victims forever. (Recommended reading: taking part in filming Lady Gaga's accusation of a new school sexual assault: "Society should stop blaming sexual assault victims")