Woman fan X Plant Theater series of cooperation, first launched Wang Teacher's interview. You may have been "in the bud of every day" touched, once for the "Polis adults" passionate, "feasting" lines and pictures in the heart left a long time ripples . This time, Wang and we talk about film and television industry , talk about the Bainianshuren actor Cultivation , talk about his heart for "a story to say" the most pure but fervent desire. (Extended reading: live to make a movie!) Three international female directors who set a film milestone

One Tuesday afternoon, I stood outside the good scenery creative company. Gray stone building materials, scattered three-storey building, a large glass outside the wall, the sun willfully shines, afar, as if a breathtaking fortress, guarding the dream of many people.

Chat when talking about I want to interview Wang teacher, woman fan Paradise rang out in a shout. Some people still miss "every day in the bud", each picture is a single woman's intangible mood; Some people remember "Polis" how to let him to know the police, not only is respectable zhi industry, which also has a lot of embarrassment and firmness, some people are walking in the forefront of the trend of the times, has been keeping up with the latest progress of teacher Xiao Di, is looking forward to the August to broadcast the "Love Sandstorm." (Recommended reading: lucky to be abused by the show!) An interview with Wu Kang Ren: "Harmony is the way, lack of angle to let you succeed")

Everyone's heart, there may be a little di teacher's play, hidden in the bottom of my heart, think of pain, but also memorable.

It was not a good companion to pass the time, as if a sack of potato chips were torn apart. Xiao di Teacher's play, before watching, always need to take a deep breath, the heart of Shen Dian. To touch the intangible of human nature struggle, face the vicissitudes of human and human, death, the pursuit of the dream is so slim, the idea of persistent so difficult, need special courage. While those who worry but also cause the touch of the fragments, always in the end after the bottom of the heart, a long time. (You will like: The Writer: the only and the first "I may not love You", Xu Yu Court )

In August this year, Ms. Di launched the long-prepared theatre series, with four themes and eight TV dramas, which netted the gold-producing team and actors. The teacher said: "Taiwan's TV series is not only so, I want to do a little more." 」

The heart of the theatre: we are slowly brewing, saying a story that everyone likes

"It is because I have a lot of stories in mind and want to say a story that everyone likes." 」

Teacher Xiao Di talked about the idea of the big plan. His eyes Zhan God, is will deeply look into your heart that kind of strength, smile is very warm, there is a "I would like to tell you" sincere and free and easy.

"When I was a kid, I was a small country, and there were a lot of mothers and uncles from the provinces. Every family has its own story. I have always felt that Taiwan is a place with lots of stories. The elders of the displaced, fleeing, grievances, endure humiliation, good to tell these stories is our generation's responsibility. When I was filming the Scarecrow, someone asked me, "Aren't you from the provinces?" "I find it very surprising that the story of the provincial people." I grew up here, growing here without knowing the story of others, or no way to feel, speak out the story of people living together, this strange sense of distance, I have been placed in the bottom of my heart. 」

Mr. Di shared the inspiration for the theater, which was planned for a long time before the idea originated. The concept of a WAN and many people finally practice before, need a lot of many of the brewing. Each person has hidden in the heart of the story, the idea is to try to use a variety of fascinating fun way to tell the story out. The four themes are love, thriller, Supernatural and original adaptation, each subject is presented in two different storytelling ways respectively. (Recommended reading: Huang: Learn to tell stories, learn from life )

"For example, the recent" Love Sandstorm "is funny, everyone in the family met with love troubles, another" tea Hydroxyindole ", is talking about women if the pursuit of their own, is not it will sacrifice the responsibility of the family" the teacher is interested in sharing the unique story of each episode, familiar with the "Rainie play really good", "Xu Xian has written a very good script," pleased diligently to praise. Each participant, in his case, is the pearl in the palm of his hand, Sinorama Yun, how to reward love is not enough.

From the adaptation of the classic reading time, to the actor school Q place propaganda film, Xiao di teacher can always bring together a group of people, in a similar concept, glow of their own light mining. "Everyone is very different, have their own talent." You imagine Tsai and Chen Yuxun working together. Haha, haha! The teacher said, his hearty laugh up. Two different-style directors, but can work together for a big plan. (same field Gayon:after 35 years old life heavy shuffle!) Interview the Admiralty screenwriter Wulo: "If one day goes, I also have no regrets")

I asked the teacher how to do it, "our industry has been very hard, the TV show every day into the people's home, but not attention, in such a bad environment, we have fought many battles, so there are fighting feelings." The teacher heroic spirit such an analogy. In the imagination of the general audience, the director is the King of the film, so many kings gathered together should lead to World war? But the teacher doesn't think so.

"The nature of our work requires teamwork, because others are better and circumspect than you think." Sometimes I like it when we debate, listen to different opinions and review ourselves, and we will make progress again. Because you know, it's better for your peers to criticize you than to give it up when you don't think it's good, and it's a lousy result. "Willing to take the time to develop and brew, so that the teacher's works and plans are more inside."

However, the period of preparation is not without pains. "A young director, after a period of time, said to me:" Teacher I quit well, so I quarrel with you really sad. "In the face of the dispute with the students, and the younger generation, the teacher really will not have the pressure of predecessors?" (Recommend to you: woman fan CEO share: Use corporate culture empower team!) )

"Not at all!" The teacher answers, crisp, without hesitation: "I also know that sometimes a picture is taken out," Hey yo, bad, how to shoot like this. The teacher is playful to cover the mouth, make a look of consternation. "No more negative opinions, you have to listen, otherwise, you will grow up here." "There is a kind of humility and calm in the conversation, the teacher never because of his experience and status complacent, always learning, progress."

Whether it is the younger generation on the pressure and predecessors to the table, or the director of an open mind to listen to other people's criticism and challenges, are for the common idea, but willing to break through their own efforts to present the best works. (Extended reading: build a Startupbar venture in the ground.) Yang Cenyi: "A true leader is a rookie who can help the next generation to have potential!" ")

Sincerity will bury seeds, waiting for students to understand one day

In addition to making a lot of popular drama, the teacher is more praised for years he has always been willing to give new opportunities. Whether the director, screenwriter or actor, can gradually spread his wings behind the teacher, flying to the wider sky. (You'll likeit: "A way to pay less is worth it" thank you for being a preschool teacher in Taiwan )

"I was a bad student since I was a child, and without a teacher, I wouldn't be like this today." So the teacher is very important. "Xiao di Teacher's school story, we are familiar with, in that do not love to go to college, the results are always poor youth, he was obsessed with high school to play basketball, but in the graduation day, was always strict math teacher led back to the office."

Disturbed, puzzled, still a little tame, he thought: "The last day, anyway, even if you want to hit me, is the last time." "The math teacher only asked a" You do not Test University ", received a response, a long silence. He looked up, but the teacher was full of tears. "You Ah, pity." The maths teacher choked a sentence and let him go. (Same field Gayon: "education of this disease" don't let education become business, don't let teacher become sage )

Feel not a clue to the Little di teacher, then cheerfully and students say good-bye, rose to high school, have to make up every day to practice basketball. But the phrase "You are a pity", but in the heart silently rooting germination, in the middle of the night dream back, in the early morning sleep repeatedly asked himself: "I pity what?" How could it be me? Is this what I want? 」

The teacher said, "You know what?" says the body, leaning forward. No matter the blame or care, the method is not the most important, as long as you are sincere, the students feel. What you say and do, maybe now he can't think through, but will stay quietly in his heart, until one day will sprout. 」

This is not the first time I heard the story, but the teacher told the atmosphere, tone, every expression, each of the description of the mood, let me listen to tears, as if can also resonate with that sentence in the heart of the Echo.

You are a pity, I believe you more than that.

Such a belief, will not be immediate, but enough to let a day of reflection, day in retrospect, and finally changed the course of his life. Then, as director of the Little Di teacher, with his play to change more people's lives. Education is possible, the preparation and introduction of drama, all need time, the green grape brewing into a full of aromatic alcohol. (Extended reading:"The film hits the town" is not far away!) Liu Anting: "Give the child one, flip the education Right of Life")

Let's do more for Taiwan TV Circle.

"Sometimes we think, in such a bad situation, we apart from filming, can we do more?" 」

"I pay special attention to teen actors because they are still so young. Sometimes they suddenly have a little fame, sometimes suddenly have no shot, then what about their life? For Little Di, the actor is not just a part of a play, but the end of the song, and he is concerned with the unique and complete life of each actor. Before the play, after the play, can have a long history, flourish, live their own style. (Recommended reading: imperfection is more memorable than perfection!) Interview Shei: "How many goddesses?" I am Myself ")

Before becoming the "Little di Teacher", it was a very challenging direction for the director, until today, the teachers still remember the uneasiness and trepidation as a new person, and therefore more know how to lead, to guide the new blood in the entertainment industry.

"I came back from abroad as a deputy. At that time, of course, many people do not believe that you are airborne, do not understand anything. So a piece on the scene will deliberately challenge me: "Deputy guide, just smoke to where?" "" deputy, the last play his sight is to look left or right? "Because you want to play." I was stupid, and I was wrong about every time. Sometimes the director is willing to split a scene for me, the result of the director will say "You do not like this, the lamp to put on", I was in a fit: "Why not!" Where do we put the lights? The lamp should be put on ..... Lights... Where are the lights? 」

I could not help but to follow the teacher lively and true Restatement laughed, that is a period of how the youth overflow Ah! The teacher frankly shares the green when entering the line, the speech naturally reveals is directs many years after calmly and the sophistication. He did not regard these difficulties as a contest of emotions, but it was clear that: every challenge, behind the accumulation of professional. These experiences also let him feel the new person's insecurity, discovers oneself insufficiency anxiety, also therefore can put himself in the new director, the new actor communication. (Extended reading: New people always complain about your temper?) Because he does not know "why")

Many people have lost confidence in Taiwan's film and television industry, and Little Miss Di has been dedicated to the whole road. The process of unremitting efforts, not without thinking of the hard work, is not just brawn cavity blood, but from the training of new actors and creative talents, for Taiwan TV dramas buried a solid foundation. Training talent needs time, like cultivating a sapling, see it gradually grow into towering trees, need time, need to wait patiently, finally one day, you will see lush lush shade, green in the sun full.

As in the series of the studio, there are new actors, and also famous actors to participate in the performance, they in the performance of each other to release dazzling brightness, that is, acting life because root deep and can yemao growth and strong, let people admire, also let people yearning. (same field Gayon:"They hold on to the performance on the road forward" Yong Chuang Day Dance film Workshop of the first Taiwanese actress )

"I was really moved to see the pay of these experienced actors," he said. Remember when filming "Tea Hydroxyindole", a new actor in Rainie on the day that crying. He said very grateful to Rainie, a beginning with Rainie on the script, clearly lines early learned, but was too nervous to look at her. Later Rainie slowly accompany him, talk to him, take him acting, he felt completely different. "(You will like: Rainie:" With the best of the state to face every little thing in life ")

The time to spend a play, waiting for the maturity of a young actor, may be too big a bet for many people. For Yu Xiao Teachers, it is the process of nurturing talent, the inevitable waiting and wait. Like many years with new creators, new actors, like watching the actors affect each other, let the performance, let the drama is more and more good process, the teacher's face with a happy look.

Wait We wait for the TV show's Sunshine

At the end of the interview, Xiao Di said: "My brain suddenly surfaced a picture, I was filming Polis adults, with Buliang in the river Embankment." Just took a look at the sun was gone, I said, and so on. 」

This is three or four hours, watching the clouds wandering in the sky, watching the dark sky because of the loss of the sun. Xiao Di said: "Buliang for the first time to cooperate with me, are silly." All the actors, the staff, right over there. At that moment there will be a lot of ideas, a lot of past experience, will weigh in the heart, all important and unimportant things. Finally, I will say "I wait". 」

The teacher said "I wait," when the tone of a slight sinking, "and so" the voice of the word put very heavy, very powerful way, as if the persistence of the implementation of a lifetime all put on top. I feel, the teacher said "Wait", not just that a play. (same field Gayon:"Wednesday women's Day" women should know, three female directors fighting for feminism )

Luckily, the sun was lucky enough to show his face again, and ended up with a perfect shot. However, the teacher said, before the sun really appeared, no one knows such a wait for no result. "There will be pressure, everyone is there," he said. I don't really know if I will see the sun in the end, so when the sun comes, I really thank the heavens as if I could communicate with him. 」

The teacher said that at the end of the interview, he did not know why he thought of this scene. But I think this kind of picture is like the whole interview, even the teacher this life of the director of the metaphor of the industry. No one promised to go all out to get a full life, only when you have experienced the big storms, witnessed Shanshan or flowers, you profoundly understand what is worth everyone together, waiting for the cloud to break the sunrise.

When we see the industrial crisis or the lonely of the big environment, really hope that a quick cure, but the dream, Chi Yip or let Taiwan drama has more possibilities, need enthusiasm, need ability and experience, more need to wait for the commitment and endure. Sometimes when you're ready, you have to stop everyone and wait. And when you wait, you know it's all worth it. (Extended reading: frustration is a gorgeous fall!) Life is an adventure without you.

"Woman fan X-Sik theatre drama Experimental Institute" Let women Shine together with the drama

The end of the interview, I walked out of the good scenery Creative company, the heart is filled with the teacher lit blood. Hope to make the industry better, believe that art has the power to change the world, even in a dark not afraid to do the first bright light, are women fans and the theater common belief. Therefore, with little di teacher dialogue, I feel a warm and familiar Shini: it is to the status of the sense of mission, bravely let heart fold.

This interview, but the women fans and the beginning of the cooperation between the theater, so that readers and cast members closer to the intimate salon, as well as the director and the actors written by hand, to the reader's words, will be in the woman fans of Paradise and the website one by one to achieve. I love women. The partners All share a common belief: "A person's wings are taken off, a group of people with the wings is to change the direction of the world," women fans and the theater will be flying together, but this change in the world's wind, can not lack the reader and audience participation. (You will like: I love my good Times team Picture: A person's wings are taking off, a group of people flap is to change the direction of the world )

August 19, the first TV drama "Love Sandstorm" is about to take off, we wait together, such as Taiwan's TV dramas long Time bright sunshine.