"Taiwan Girl Day" Special interview program, for your interview 25-Year-old Xu Yu of the common founder of the fun. Get out of the fun program in flying V fund-raising on a shot and red, but also defined the 90 after the practice of the way of travel. Xu Yu Xuan Her story, she said, "I want to be a person who can take care of myself, so I don't have to wait for someone else." (Recommended to you: See the Taiwan MRT Girl!) Two days Studio: illustration, deep superficial )

Xu Yu, 25 years old, rolls off the fun of being a co-founder and hates being called "an entrepreneur".

As a key child, so as to take care of their own people

I was a key child, parents work overtime is very busy, I often in the Ann class until the last one, everyone has gone, no one to pick me up. Because of fear, but also worried about their own no reason, I was very young to fight for their own home.

I want to be a person who can take care of myself, then I don't have to wait for others.

If I grow up to be an independent and courageous person, it is probably such an environment tempered. I hope I can go on my own strength and do what I want to do.

I later became a person who can take care of myself and try to give more love to the people around me. Because I used to be an unaccompanied child. I used to feel so helpless, feel no one love, feel that the whole world do not want me, I hope to be a person with the ability to warm others, hope to accompany other people's helplessness, like to accompany the past himself. (Recommended reading: interview Tamaka: Give women a key, we can open the world )

National High School, what do you want to do?

You asked me about the gender impact on me, I have an observation to say.

High school I read is a girls ' school, a lot of people say, ah divided into male schools and girls this old old-fashioned, not enough progress, but I found that girls in the growth stage, and boys separated, is a "go to gender status" approach, the school has no "boys" this advantage sex.

At a girls ' school, you do everything you do, and you don't have anything to do with sex. No boy should go to lift the Bento, the girls should go to wash the table, no, none. You want to stand up, you want to sit down obediently sit well, there is nothing called "Boys should be" this matter, you will not develop such a habit.

I've known since then that what you want to do or don't want to do, what you can or can't do is not related to your gender.

Some things are instilled, and some things are not taken away.

So, that's what I think of the Taiwanese girl in my mind. They take care of other people in the community and care about what happens to others, and they are very serious about it as a goal of their life, and they know they can do it, and that's a very warm trait.

I know some ambitious boys, they help the world is usually like this: I want to enter foreign, I want to make a lot of money, make a lot of money I will give back to the community, help everyone.

This is actually nothing right and wrong, I will believe that there is a gentle one, not the girl was strengthened, maybe the boys were stripped apart this piece.

Boys are given to make a lot of money, must get ahead, only to be counted as indomitable, girls are less required to undertake such expectations. (although we have also undertaken other unnecessary expectations)

In short, boys and girls are very hard, I believe that some things are instilled, some things are not taken away AH. (Recommended thinking:"A girl good Brave Oh" protection curse! Taiwan Observatory for Girls in Hong Kong )

Don't call me a young entrepreneur.

Ask to start a business, well, the word entrepreneur, the pressure is really very big ah.

To tell the truth, I do not like to be labeled labels, I think entrepreneurship is the fact that I am doing, but do not call me an entrepreneur, I am not. Society to entrepreneurs, hey, there are too many requirements and expectations, you will be listed on the Ark, you have to invest, but limit the "entrepreneurial" the possibility of the term. You do not have to do what kind of things to be able to call entrepreneurship AH.

So, one of the prerequisites for rolling out the fun way of traveling is not to label anyone with labels. When you put a label on it, you think, do I have to talk to him? Is he going to talk to me? A lot of things are because you have stereotypes, so you can't go out that step.

Actually that step, not so far. Like me, I am a very need to experience themselves, very need to feel the people, I like to share my feelings, to more people. This process can be thought of as a start-up or a creative one.

I think if you know yourself enough, you don't need to be the standard answer.

Age is a double-edged blade

Age is a double-edged blade, right. You are young to start a business, people think wow, you are so young so strong, you still have time to make a good mistake.

There is another pressure to be young, you are afraid you are getting older, and you are worried about whether you can continue to do something serious. You want to fill in the blanks after the age of 25, is afraid to keep up with the progress of the times, afraid to keep up with the social expectations of your eyes. (Recommended to you: success is not a crash course!) 23-Year-old Girl to the world's confession: stop blindly chasing your life.

When you are so concerned about, in fact, you are concerned about what other people think of you, and not care about the people you want to influence and treatment, I think it is a pity.

I'm a bit of a reminder to myself that I want to be a sincere person. Often to share or talk, many people say we are good, as if everything got. But I'm not a genius, I've seen genius, I know I'm not.

I feel like everybody else, no difference. A lot of things are slowly, to stack a relatively thick life. I do not have the pressure of gender, I know I can also put aside the pressure of my age.

Travel and entrepreneurship are concentrated lives.

Entrepreneurship three years, I think this year the most hard. May more, the founder of the partner left, very much like divorce, the loss of a family.

May to August, life has a relatively large transition and change, and the past is not the same, adaptation is a process. At that time, I realized that I would be animal, very want to fight back, when you are bad treatment, you will also want to treat others badly, probably is so, in this state, very unhappy.

Finally, it was also a trip to teach me how to accept. No matter how much frustration you encounter, you should treat it as a gift and a trial. Even though it seems so frustrating, it makes sense. Like the partner's departure, let me have the new understanding, only then understood, I also need to reorganize own life.

I used to think that rolling out the fun is all my life, my world, now I want it to be a very important part of me, but I can still do more want to do things. Because of the departure of the partner, I know that I can live more free.

In the end, travel and entrepreneurship seem to be, they are concentrated life. Let you in a very short time, and constantly collide with the world. I like it very much. (Recommended reading: Xu Youjie x Zhang Wei Xuan workplace to talk: There is no perfect job, only you are willing to work hard )