If a time can remember a name with a voice, I wish I remember is Chan. Debut 18, Chan from "Let me think about" to sing now, childish short hair retained long curly hair, still is that believe Taiwanese can grow cabbage on the safe island, this place can take root of the maiden. She said that everyone has the ability to be the sun who warms who's dark. (Recommended reading: give the world a more gentle posture!) Chan: "My song wants to convey a kind of kindness")

Four o'clock in the afternoon, into the Tim Wing Office recording room, Qi Zhen wearing a hat head down, see me come, she looked up to say you come, the first sentence asked me "You want to eat warm cakes?" "I said, I'm cargo," she smiled, "it's good, so am I." 」

The first impression she gave me was that she was very capable of handling quiet.

Because we know how to be quiet, I have elasticity. When speaking, she is very light, but gentle bearer of the weight of words, the gap between sentences feel her shallow breathing, is to do the relationship of music, she has a natural rhythm, respect all the passing time, as her song.

Interview Chan, like a philosophy class in the recording room, no professor and standard answer, Qi Zhen is a student, I also, we are full of doubt, like a child, to this time, doubt the world, also Koushou himself.

I want to build a one-on-one relationship with my fans.

Debut in 18, Chan wrote 93 songs, she let the day transparent, things free passed her, refracted a song. She pinned her life on the song and let the fans find it.

Her relationship with the fans has always been intimate, fans to her confide deep buried secret, difficult to solve the feelings, can be relieved to her. Flying cap is a common signal, Qi Zhen and fans in the song, the flow of similar tears.

Qi Zhen said, with the fans, very like love relationship, each other infatuation. "I want to build with my fans," I'm with you, not "me and you", but me and you, one-on-one. 」

That you, is complex, free to change, hidden in every discreet message, every handwritten postcard mailed, every face-to-face hug. The appearance of the "You" is more and more clear with age.

It is always felt that the "instant lyric Notes" published by her are the signals of the conversation, the songs floating in her memory, full of time and feeling back, like the index, listed in each other's lives.

When he wrote the book, he thought it was difficult to think carefully, carving slowly, "How to say it, I do not want to let my writing become the only answer, I do not want to deprive the fans to answer the fun." "Writing songs like inviting fans to riddle, Jeong-jung is not ready to easily destroy the mysteries of the once-woven."

So she wrote in the cute page of the guitar player, "That summer when I met a guitarist, the guitarist didn't belong to me at the time." The gorgeous adventure was a song that was picked up from the trash, and the little dust writes about his split personality; at that time, she hatched a song from the mansion to the big, rickety 236 bus. (Recommended listening:"Chan Lyric notes" I Leave you, is the meaning of travel )

Independence is to bear oneself, writing is to not forget

That year was 2003 years. She left the record company, went to indie music, picked up her guitar bag, carried a CD, and sent it to herself with a piece of paper. She said that she still remembers such trepidation until now.

The so-called independent spirit, not only without the record company's umbrella, but also to bear their own, gambling on all life, there is no way out.

If you want to gamble, you need to have fun. About music, Kee-ching always obstinate, "not funny words, do not write, feel reluctant to do things, then do not do." "She has a rhythm of her own, 45 out of a disc, is to respect herself and music." "I'm very strict about this, so I can't let my fire go out," he said. "(Recommended to you:" Do music do not make ripples, to do stone "the music of the Lifetime Zhong Chenghu )

Kee-Jeong looked at me, "you know?" Writing this is contradictory and extreme, writing is to not forget, but finished as if can be relieved to forget. 」

Writing is to leave a mark for the Times, what is the trajectory of our contemporary life? What kind of melody do we like? What kind of rhythm are you accustomed to?

"It's fun to be a guitarist," he said, looking at the trajectory of the times from the guitar spectrum, where a musical style or sound became popular every few years, and the chords and rhythms were recorded in black and white. 」

As an era-oriented creator, Kee-Jeong wrote the word music photography curatorial writing book, put the Day on the heart, and the crowd stood together, there is a very gentle meaning of the times.

Beauty does not need reason, enjoy life should not feel guilty

Jeong-jung didn't know how to live peacefully in the beginning.

"I used to eat badly, I couldn't sleep well, and I didn't know how to get along with my roommate. But I have a lot of ideals, the world to express many views, spend a lot of time to express their views, internal things are often empty. 」

People live often like this, to the outside world is always too big, to the inside of the world let people unprepared. You don't understand, how is loneliness from? How to be sad and sad? What do you do with your self identity blur?

Beyond the sermon, did you see, and the details of life. "I understand now, if I am a part of society, at least to know how to get along with themselves, to organize themselves well, understand love, understand the basic relationship, there is external and internal balance is very important." "(Recommended to you:" Chan "a person to eat the day, have more taste )

Those who really care about creation will not spoil their lives. Kee-Jeong said this thing, was 26 years old that year alone to Paris to let her understand. A person wandering, the facial features open, opened the body, the original beauty does not need to reason, enjoy life should not have a sense of guilt.

"I began to think, why do we have no reason to feel that the enjoyment of life, to be put to the last?" Why do we feel we have to sacrifice to enjoy it? 」

Live a good life every day, experience some moment, receive unreasonable beauty, is the daily precious. Qi Zhen said, feel the life and observe oneself, have very mysterious and important connection.

"Do not want CP value, do not bear the guilt of enjoying life, is liberation." Make you want to love more, want to pay more, want to have no reason more, give a lot of oneself for the person that need. 」

To Kee Jeong, a good musician should keep sharp. You are sharp enough to be the same, and music ends up expressing feelings. "We finally want to listen to, is not the technology more meticulous, is through a song to see oneself, deeply feel to be understood, feel want to cry still repeatedly press play button of the heart, this is my desire to pursue." (same field Gayon: look for the same in the desolate generation!) Zhu Tianwen talk about transtextuality Niang: "Everyone has their own lonely situation")

Do not be a flat label, to be a three-dimensional person

Know life, the creation of Qi-zhen long out vigorous vitality.

The so-called Chan phenomenon, is the sale is sold out of the concert, but also very honest, from the call of life. When the media said Chan is a small fresh goddess, she is not angry, looking at me, said, "People ah, do not be a plane of the label, to be a three-dimensional person." 」

To be a three-dimensional person, a three-dimensional life, three-dimensional life, there are always setbacks. Kee-Jeong smiled like a child, "I also have setbacks, often a great work saved me." So I can believe that frustration is also a work of nutrients, because that is your real life. 」

To spend time and energy in explanation is a waste of life. The work is not born for confrontation, but sometimes it becomes your best confrontation.

Chan Song, accompanied by a lot of people not happy, she let us know that unhappiness is possible, confusion is supposed to be listened to, can shed tears is happy.

Kee-jeong is always a quiet action, and everything she does has a code of action, she hid herself in the crowd to join the gay parade; After 88 winds, she raised money and books to build a library for aboriginal primary school, and her pussy Tour and feminism were in tandem with the rights of stray animals, like the one in the song, give a hand to Anyone, anyone, anyone ... (same field Recommendation: Why do gay parade have fancy clothes?) "Normal" framework that makes the world sick

"The value of everyone does not need to be approved by others, and you do not have to go through someone else's judgment before you can continue your own path," she said with an eyebrow. 」

That kind of her, in my eyes, soft sometimes, chic very.

Cut off the umbilical cord, we all have our own flying.

18, Qi Zhen from the childish watermelon head retained elegant long curly hair, her song has always the Maiden breath, the girl revolt, refuses to incorporate, a clean voice, openings on roots, in Asia, the forest.

Seedlings originally in a very small time on the plant, small Qi Zhen just can talk, music came to her life. When she was still young, she would sit alone in front of the jukebox, listening to the music intently and saying nothing. "My mother thinks the child is so strange." 」

Then she began to learn the piano, and suddenly had a playmate who had never had. "My childhood did not have TV, often moved, kindergarten changed six, no neighbors without companions." I practiced the piano for a long time every day, the instrument accompanies me to pass the time. "The Lonely Days, the music is quiet to accompany her."

Puberty, playing the guitar, like meeting new lovers, spend a long time exploring each other. "Until now, when there is no guitar at home, I often do not know, it in the time I did not feel, not in the time I feel lost." "High school grandmother sent that guitar, accompany Chan to a very far place." (Recommended to you: leave a yeah to the world!) Interview Lu Guangzhong: "Happiness is principle, confusion is duty")

The way to learn music is very difficult, Chan thanked mother. "I think she sacrificed a lot for me in the past, when I grew up I hope she will not sacrifice for who, can have their own life." She is a complete individual, so am I. 」

Become a singer, into the showbiz, mother has a lot of worry, Qi Zhen said, daughter is not the extension of the mother, not the mother did not complete the dream successor, spent many years, two people have become themselves, cut the umbilical cord, mother and daughter have different posture flying, imagine their dreams.

Song to love, failure, oneself: Everyone has the ability to become who the sun

Finally, I asked Kee-jeong to choose songs with three key words: love, failure, self.

She rummaged to find their own notes, say love, choose "Stubborn Love Victory" bar. "Will it sound so lazy?" She smiled and said to me, "this song is the only one I have blatantly, put love in the name of a song." Love is too broad, I have been unable to define love clearly. 」

What about failure, Kee-jeong in Harbin Hotel wrote this song-"The Loser's Flight", full of living issues in the city, life is their own fight, in the road to success to go pit baba, she soft voice singing, "Let Me fly for you, Above your broken skies, "Are we afraid of failure because we believe in the definition of success too unconditionally?"

Back to herself, she said that the song "The Sun" was written to someone like her who felt very small. 07, she moved out to live alone, feel very complete loneliness, while writing songs, feel like the sun burning in the night, guarding the night of the city.

"The sun may not know that it is important, like I always feel very ordinary, but I have been reminded that you are very important to me, that is enough." At that moment, Kee-jeong smiled as a newborn baby, clean and transparent.

Finally, Qi Zhen said want to send a word to the reader, do not make a square watermelon bar, if you really love yourself, it is to refuse to judge themselves with the eyes of others. The world is chaotic, so the world is three-dimensional, the mood is complex, so the emotion is real, Chan is transparent, so she is color.

I looked at her, thanks to these two hours, feel gentle grow out of form, she like that piece of warm cake, after the entrance with extremely soft posture, warm your senses, so you can tell yourself, I also have the ability to do whose sun. She smiled and said to me, then next, I will be your reader oh.

"Interview PostScript"

"I am covered with good gold flakes," said the Prince, "take them out of pieces and send them to the poor." The Swallows peck The golden leaves, until the happy Prince becomes dark and dull.

On the way to the interview, Kee-Jeong told me the story of Oscar Wilde, she said the story is so sad, every time I look at her want to cry. But she recently read a little, the prince has the ability to share, swallows have a line of power, and she wants to have the ability to have a line of power, will not shed tears.

Now I want to cry, that is my favorite short story of Oscar Wilde. Happy Prince Sweet and bitter, because the lover, the Prince's heart is no longer tenacious, emotion lived in. He shared his 1.1 points, so that he could hold hands with more people, and his heart became hotter and more like her.

I am glad this time, even if we lie in the gutter, but we have Chan, accompanied by looking at the stars.