Every Monday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? If the new year, you want to try to discard the imperfect days, four to do list recommended you!

The end of the year, the people to cross the feeling, across the fades you obstruct, across the dilapidated, across those who look at your eyes, welcome to the new era, the past haunting your ghosts and yin and yang after the two, this is a new year, new You; the end of the world to abandon feelings, abandon tear pain your lover, abandon the imperfect days, Abandon the old no longer want, the hands of a pendulum, unfamiliar road in front of the unfolding, and you would like to be a man dashing.

To hold 2017 years of sadness and joy, determined to be determined to leap, unrestrained abandon the past you, four you can cross and discard matters, let you think, when the day come again, you want to use what kind of posture to live?

Give away others ' vision: I started a fitness program, only to pick up the life

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A few days ago on the community web site asked what the end of the year to abandon? The answer is unexpected, the new year, people would like to abandon their fat.

Think again, those who desire to subtract fat, bloated posture of desire behind, perhaps we are just to regain control of the pace of life, in trivial daily, find a can focus on, adhere to the matter, minus fat or sculpture vest line, we began fitness program, are only to pick up life, take back the control of the day.

Try to start with breakfast, give yourself a good meal time, focus on what you want to eat, not what to eat, start with a home-cooked meal, regain control of your life, and discard the fat, you will find yourself.

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Imagine your future: only when you know the shortage will you begin to grow.

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What do you think you will be like in five years? When you feel that life is a mediocre time, do not know the meaning of work life, to imagine your future!

Only by outlining what you want to be, will you know that you are still deficient, that you have a direction to go, that you will find the other shore you want to be, and see the mountain you need to climb, in the process of figuring out what you want to be and what you desire to learn.

In the new year, give yourself a five-year career planner, not to laugh at too big a dream, all success is to start from the desire and motivation inside the incubation.

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Learn to be alone with yourself: feel emotions, be brave and live yourself.

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This year, "emotional blackmail" is a life issue for many people, and we begin to explore how the primary family affects our lives and begins to understand how to adapt and accept when we are being blackmailed by emotions.

In addition to a gentle understanding of other people's emotions, the new year, I think we can learn to be alone with ourselves, through solitude, to truly feel our emotions, no matter how sad and happy, whether good or bad, when you can accept that it belongs to your emotions, you really know yourself, no longer feel hypocritical, real live as yourself.

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Try not to regret: separation, at least we love a

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Loved people like ghosts, always at a corner, some festivals occupy your heart, those who love the memory of the disk, you are always eager to break free but more deeply entangled in your heart.

Regardless of love in the end whether we still walk in a piece, at least those who exhausted the strength to love the memories, in the days to come back to not be reconciled, in spite of pain, but also the real pain, love to struggle.

No longer love on the place, reluctant to lose, with the next day is no harm, those are the marks you have loved, the achievements of a unique past.

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2017 years to the end of the year we always look forward to the Grand Magic Show, countdown seconds, fireworks burst, we are eager to cross the unreal timeline, just to get the new Year's promise, the days of redemption: not a good stay in place, your life is about to come back again.

It is this kind of prayer that gives us hope, no matter how difficult the day, you always have the opportunity to come back, but also you, only you, you can let yourself in the future of life have expectations.