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Wednesday, today's help collate nine health, life, food, political and technology.Does it know that there are some bottles of cola that are made of ice in the summer?The ice cream is very cool, but when it's finished, it feels even hotness?Moreover, it is probably not known that the amount of cosmetics lost in a lifetime can be high enough to buy a car!womany's world news for you every day on one day off , do you want to know more about world news?Let's watch it together!(To see all World News s: here )

Often changing jobs can cause fertility problems

According to the European Commission for Human Reproductive and Embryology, women who often switch jobs are highly likely to lead to a lower fertility rate.In particular, women who work at night have higher chances of miscarriage.Women who work at irregular hours, that is, eight to six o'clock in the morning, are more than one-third of the disorder in the normal period of time, and 80 % of the womb pregnancy may be higher than the normal rate.The real cause of the problem is still under consideration, but it can be ascertained that the conversion work creates a degree of physical and psychological pressure.(Recommended reading: planned pregnancies for the ideal production )
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Ramadan begins at 7/9 this year

Ramadan festival a major event for Muslims a year.In the Islamic calendar, September is their Ramadan, which is also the most holy month of the month.This year's Ramadan is from July 9 to August 7, against the calendar.During Ramadan, Islamists banned diet (including water), sexual intercourse, during the period from sunrise to sunset, during which they could eat normally during sunrise to sunrise.Ramadan is a celebration of the Eid al-Fitr, and this day Muslims generally celebrate with excitement and enjoy a rich feast.(Recommended reading: A peep at Abu Dhabi, majestic and finely Qing mosque )
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Invest in the A piece you want to see

can't find the A piece that you want to see?Now there's a network fundraising platform like Kickstarter A!Offbeatr provides a number of rare "A" pips, such as the robot sex war or the magical love of sex.But each idea has to reach a certain number of votes before it starts, and if you are interested in an idea, if you invest $230, you have the opportunity to see the craziest fantasize of the dream come true!(Recommended reading: A big challenge: Unlimited Unlimited Potential )
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will become ice-stick coca-cola

Coca-Cola introduced a brand new Coke bottle -- but it's made of ice!It is a classic cola bottle, and the trademark of Coke is even engraved on the bottle body.After drinking the Coke, the Coke bottles slowly melt into ice rods, and environmental protection and summer heat will be dissipated!Recommended reading: Coke that melted in your hand
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Don't eat your heatstroke as a summer food.

Have you eaten ice cream for the summer when you're in the summer?But in fact, eating ice cream will actually eat more heat!Although ice cream is cold and cold, because it is so fat and has high protein, it needs more energy to digest it, so naturally the body will heat up.The eating of chili peppers is even more intense.Although eating spicy will keep you sweating, just because of the sweat, the sweat of your skin evaporates, bringing cool feeling to you.(Recommended reading: Summer right!
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Leglegg Vogue Editor's Support to First Female President of the United States

The day before yesterday (7/ 8) legendary Vogue Editor Anna Wintour has publicly expressed support for Hillary Clinton's campaign for the 2016 US president."If anyone wants to guess how the legendary woman, the next chapter of Hillary's, will be written, I can only hope that you can help her reach the peak in November 2016 (the US presidential election in November)," she said." It is not surprising to say that Anna Wintour was the fourth sponsor of the campaign because he was not surprised by Obama's presidential election.(Recommended reading: South Korea's first female presidential candidate )
Newssource: Refinery 29

An average of 71 thousand of cosmetics will be lost in life

The UK's largest retailer feelunique.com survey found that UK women are carrying £ 200 (about 8934) cosmetics, while 40 % of them admit at least one loss per month and one in ten, at least three, with a total loss of nearly £ 16,000 (about 71,000) of cosmetics in their lifetime.The financial website mint.com further investigated that the total of all lost products was the highest, reaching $3,770.Eye and lipstick were the second three in $2,750 and $1,780 respectively.A 2011 British deodorant survey found that women spend £ average of 100, 352 (about 4.48 million dollars) in cosmetics.(Recommended reading: Dry-up-the-life savings reactivation of the Mascara )
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Experts share small notes to improve survival at the time of the crash

The crash of the first Korean Asiana aircraft caused flight safety to be noticed again.In the past 17 years, 95.7 percent of all crashes have been reported, according to a 2001 study by the National Transportation Security Administration (NTSA).Experts point out that there are a few key times in flight that are the easiest to crash: takeoff, landing, and severe turbulence.If you want to extend reading to know which things should be noted, see fan-sharing .(Recommended reading: Experts sharing small notes to improve survival at the time of the crash )
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New 3D Gypsum Allows Patients to relax

If it used to be gypsum, it would know that life would become more or less convenient, even if it was so heavy that it would not be able to bathe in the summer day of the Yangitis.After Jake Evill of New Zealand was wrestling with a broken man's life, he was excited to develop a new gypsum plaster that would allow the bones to be broken down, and that the gypsum could be more simple.He now successfully makes a lightweight 3D model called Cortex Cast.Evan said it was still studying the stage, but did not rule out the future.(Recommended reading: 3-D-printed Infinity Tower , Infinite 3D Printed Possible: Queen's Overhead )
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