About life, some people will be in the orderly manner, for the expectations of their parents, but also for their own stability in the future, if the road suddenly appeared a "free" trail, in order not to disrupt the blueprint of the perfect future, the power of desire is not enough to persuade them to put down their stability, to be unable to be insured freedom of the hill. And she, Olive Lee, is always honest with desire . The pressure from the parents has never been less, but the episode of God arranged on her, but also not very resistant to, or say, she thanked for such an accident, just let life have, no matter how many times to think back to the wonderful .

This womany and Evernote special translation is also illuk! The co-founder of the illustration design company Olive Lee, who was in the middle of the Monday afternoon, was about to talk together, as a freelance worker and entrepreneur, how to swim in the work, while using Smart finishing for their own freedom, and just a good life order.

Freedom is not a choice, it is destiny

Olive See us, immediately with a brighter than her coat color also bright sunshine smile wave Say Hi, exudes affinity temperament, let a person not fascinated. We can not wait to know, her desire for freedom, is the beginning of childhood? "Not at all, I actually all the way is a good student, from Scotland after the master back to Taiwan, originally intended to go to academia, to the National Science Branch will develop; but the thought of having to take another ph. D., seems to have staked his life on it for the next five years. I ask myself, will it be more restrictive when looking for a job? It might make more sense to do something else for the past five years. "olive once said to himself once again tell us to listen. (Extended reading: be yourself, let the gift Be free )

In fact, is not a timid person, for the priority of life, there is not want to compromise the insistence ; Olive said that the determination is like, will not let it miss. I have been a lecturer in the air, but I have never been accustomed to the feeling of being limited. In a coincidence, in the face of the change of her life Evernote, the way to become their special translation, also became a, not in the minds of the freelancer, freelance workers. Do not deliberately pursue the freedom, but also do not want to passively stay in the comfort frame, indifferent to the soul of the sitting heart, no wonder Olive said:

"It was freedom to find me, not to find it." 」

Be free when you are restrained

Want to go to the café today, tomorrow want to stay in the library, the day after tomorrow or, just book a bed and breakfasts in kenting! When the first advantage of Freelancer is to be able to make office tables, chairs and walls of the painting, and even the eyes to enjoy the scenery, arbitrary according to their own mood to do replacement. As long as a headset, you can enter their own small world, so that the words on the note into the mind , "Listen to music when the mood will be very good, sometimes the lyrics will suddenly become my inspiration!" "Admit that no music can not live Olive a face intoxicated to say." Because the place is oneself pick, when the work is over, can immediately switch to play mode, Olive smiled brightly, "this should be the freest part of the freelance workers." "But freedom is not a free lunch, and the expensive price is not to be lazy." "Every day I will line up the matter, strictly restrain oneself not lazy, sometimes sleep to half will suddenly wake up, the thought of things to quickly note down." "Because you can only rely on their own, a strong sense of responsibility Olive, for the task assigned or badly needed to translate the document, will want to be asked before others to the finished product presented."

So accurate, and strict their work attitude, let people can not help but feel distressed for her; "Because do not want to let others disappointed, also feel clearly can do, than tired, I would like to take the strength to spur themselves; sense of achievement can let me forget all tired! She said with a sonorous firmness. Carry this share not admit defeat, do not casually doubt their confidence, no matter what difficulties, Olive carry calmly, I believe that as long as the method, you can find a solution in the difficulties. (Extended reading: are you tired?) The law of balance between work and life )

"Because fearless, so can." 」

Re-Define for freedom

Although the body in the seemingly free translation circle, but to say even a trace of restrictions are not, too surreal. "After all, to establish their own style for the brand, the tone of the setting itself is a limitation; but I would not regard it as a form of oppression, because I am a part of it, and, to be exact, they gave me the opportunity to create and set a Evernote brand style." "olive, full of gratitude, said. Because unwilling to be people disorderly labeling, no matter others to her translation work cast to envy or puzzled vision, she just smiled, but never mind.

"The emphasis is on hands-on experience, whether good or bad, cool or not cool, done, to be qualified to speak." 」

As a freelance worker, she felt that she had to be braver than others to be seen by more people, and that without a positive attitude towards the freedom, it would easily become a binding limit, but not the other side of freedom. Originally for Olive, freedom is not a kind of laissez-faire, but can have a planning of the dominant, so that the heart can not worry about, to pursue its direction. (Extended reading: The secret of work: good music, make work a good time )

I have nothing to lose

Is there a limit to bravery? Olive said she believes that courage does not have the limit, but needs to accumulate continuously, can let loose sand accumulate into tall tower. In addition to enjoying being a translator, because of a fate like a magical coincidence, let her also decided to take a chance, with two of good sisters to create a named illuk! , a special introduction to the British and European illustrations, to provide potential novice painter a creative space for Taiwan to insert a circle to inject more British color art brokerage company.

And this paragraph with the illustration of the puzzling fate to learn from Scotland when speaking. At that time, the boyfriend in Edinburgh was an illustrator, and her boyfriend often asked Olive to give him some illustrations of the views, under the influence of the illustrations, let her increasingly warm. But the goodwill did not directly in the heart of fermentation, until the return to Taiwan, only to find a roommate with living together is also painting illustrations! So sudden and surprise the fact that the illustration company's dream, in the heart of Olive gradually more clear and positive blueprint.  Successful application to the Ministry of Culture Dream of the venture capital, Olive practice her fearless spirit, holding "i have nothing to lose" courage and youth capital, from claiming to be his own boss, became a veritable, have the company name illuk! Co-founder.

With the appropriate office model, continue to warm work

Since I like to keep a certain sense of freedom at work, we wonder how Olive maintain such a delicate balance? "I like to take notes, especially now in the era of digital media, with digital tools to take notes, so that I can always manage the imagination in the head." When the idea is more and more miscellaneous, as long as the accurate volume label, wait until the need to be able to view, save a lot of sorting and searching time. Not to rely too much on the brain, for me, is a kind of freedom. "olive said to take notes so that she was no longer a mindless fly, but also more and more like the professional and organized themselves. Because does not need to stay in the fixed office, as long as has the perfect hand tool, can let her activate the female Superman mode at any time, full of power complete like snowflakes the translation dispatch. (Extended reading: Operational Secrets Open: Essential Auxiliary system applications and project management tools )

Olive also shared with us the secret of her search for inspiration, "as long as I don't think I can write anything, I will set aside one or two hours to go to the nearest bookstore to find inspiration." If you see a good slogan, or an idea pops up, take it down at once, and when you get home and integrate your notes, the seemingly unrelated thoughts sometimes automatically turn into meaningful sentences. "(Extended reading: distraction stimulates creativity )

"Just like jigsaw puzzle, as long as you can find the missing piece of horn, everything is complete!" 」

All the time in the brain Olive, let the habit of taking notes deeply into the life, no matter how the explosion of information, still can be comfortable filtering and integration, not only the life more orderly, creative also can continue unremitting accumulation. It's like a good relay race, Olive think girls are afraid of trouble, but as long as you learn one or two digital tools and know how to make good use of it, you will be able to smoothly do not drop the stick, graceful run to the end, "know how to distribute work evenly to the brain and computer, and find the resources to give their inspiration, you can have a smooth work efficiency." "olive says this is how she goes beyond the wall of the workplace!

"found that there are one or two irreplaceable advantages, they can control, it will be determined, not easy to let go." 」

Olive says it's easy for her to rely on good tools, even if she's alone, at least with the intimate cloud service that allows her to control her life at any time, but not too tight. Although work and life can not be easily divided, but for this valuable sense of accomplishment, she is willing to continue to do.

Life is not too rush, dare, it is enough!

Still less than 30 years old to start an illustration company, seemingly with the original intention, in fact, is a good arrangement under the Karma. Noncommittal, contributing to the source of Olive entrepreneurship or from Evernote, "because the Evernote Taiwan department is a fairly new company, we gather together, like a group of people in the business, where work is particularly motivated!" "When it comes to entrepreneurship, Olive's eyes suddenly become shiny. In fact, she does not want to be a strong woman, but not rigidly stipulate that they have to make a big career before the age of 30 to prove their choice is right.

"I just never doubted what I wanted to do," he said. 」

Brave people, the reason is brave, because they are more than others dare to fight with their own post, not with others than, afraid of standing still, lose in their own hands. "Sometimes I will be scared by my own bravery, but I won't waste time hesitating, but I'll start with a heavy zero," he said. Heart, there will be a day to go. "olive with a kind of ponder and sincere incomparable tone expresses. (Extended reading: write a brave letter for yourself every day )

To be different from others, to realize more possibilities.

From translation writer, go to the co-founder of the illustration company, these several years of metamorphosis, let Olive more understand oneself is what kind of person; Womany Please Olive use two adjectives, describe oneself.

I am a man full of "dare".

This answer is not surprising, but in addition to "dare" to take risks, "dare" to try new things, Olive practice also touches on a broader level. Among them, we admire is, she can bravely make the absolute choice, even if must in the work and the sentiment two chooses one, also never wavering. For the external baggage, she can also be faster than others to relax and put down, "a lot of time, the baggage is only a bunch of meaningless fear!" "olive said that she did not regard the unknown as a terrible thing, and she knew that even if the result could not satisfy everyone, at least to the ego, enough to make her feel that these decisions are worthwhile.

"To do what you want to do, even if not supported, at least you have passed your own closed." 」

The second answer is quite surprising, "I am a selfish",olive without reservation. " People who want to start a business seem unwilling to let others manipulate their lives, "entrepreneurship can allow you to choose your own selfish work environment, selfish choice of work partners, and a group of people like and support each other to work together, you do not think that this is the greatest freedom?" "olive's answer every time is candid to let us feel lovely, in fact Womany also to this empathy, because together hard to create a full of love covered company, we know, as long as the heart, we can do more. (Extended reading: woman fan CEO share: With corporate culture empower team )

Olive in exchange for her freedom, with courage to get others do not have entrepreneurial experience; whether it is work or life, she let us understand, if still can choose, should not let oneself regret, want to carve out what shape for their life, the right to decide all in their own body. Looking forward to the next, Olive will take her illustrator team, put more amazing art and full of courage energy, to deserve to be brave every one of you.

Expecting to meet such a brave olive? More about olive Wonderful Life stories and work secrets, all in the "Woman fan Salon" she and he said: use gadgets to improve efficiency .
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