November suddenly passed half, the Philippines was devastated by the Typhoon Swallow dearly, Taiwan's black-hearted food serial explosion case to the government confidence, how to November seems to be surrounded by clouds, can not see the sun? Don't worry, Womany is going to get the sun for you now! To see what interesting things have happened to the world this week, in fact, there is still a lot of good! Which city is so good Kang, as long as 30 squat action, you can ask for free tickets? Guess which country's Scarlett picked this year's Miss Universe after the crown it? Want to change the pupil color no longer rely on pupil discoloration film, there is a quicker and more permanent way! Who says marriage can only be done with others? This time, I want to marry myself! There are more novelty net pick all help you ready, wish you read happy!

No longer rely on color change, 15 minutes to let you have the dream pupil color!

There are various kinds of pupil discoloration film, to meet the girl want to change the pupil of the fresh feeling; but now an ophthalmologist in New York, Dr. Kenneth Rosenthal for the first new operation, so that you do not rely on pupil discoloration, you can have the most desired pupil color! The name of the operation, "artificial iris implant surgery", as the name suggests is to cut a 2.8-millimeter incision in the cornea, implanted a thin artificial iris silica gel, to change the appearance of the iris. The operation requires only local anesthesia, while one eye may take about 15 minutes; After a day's rest, you can return to normal life. Note, however, that surgery has a recovery period of about one months, and it is best not to swim for three months to half a year. Although the operation appears to be quite safe, it may cause an inflammation of the eye if an infection occurs. In addition to giving the general public a new cosmetic choice, medical treatment can also be a solution for those who are affected by the iris syndrome (the pupil color is different). If you want an operation, what color do you want to turn your eyes into? ( extended reading: The Eye of the Avenger hero, decorate the eyes of God-man class teaching )

※ News Source:UK dailymail

She, with the most beautiful smile to greet the heaviest moment in life

loss of breast pain, only hands-on experience of female talent understand. Dibber Cohen (Deborah Cohan) is the mother of two children, also a super Lotte and courageous woman. Having breast cancer and being told to do a double mastectomy, she decided not to grieve, but to record the heaviest day of her life with the happiest of moods. Before the surgery, she and her medical team opened a dance party, the film, more than 10 people crowded in the operating room with Beyonce's fast song "Get Me Bodied", all the dynamic dance! Everyone is Cohen by the joy and smile to the infection, completely let people forget, this is actually a cold operating room. And the film uploaded less than 10 days on Youtube, it broke through 6 million times the point reading rate! She herself said: "There is nothing more than the clamor of others to dance, swinging body and make me happy!" "Let us enjoy this film, but also bless the brave she can recover soon, continue to bring joy to more people!" ( Extended reading: Breast cancer, our closest and most feared enemy )

※ News Source:Huffington Post

Miss Venezuela picked 2013 Miss Universe!

the world-wide attention of the 2013 global Miss Global, this year has a total of 86 countries and regions of the pageant, and the final on 9th in Moscow, Russia, the Saffron City Hall successfully ended! In the final review, the most striking is the American Smith spacecraft Orchestra lead singer Steven Taylor (Steven Tyler). And the Crown is by, this year 25 years old, height 180 centimeters of Venezuelan Belle Islae (Gabriela Isler) won, runner-up and third place belonged to Miss Spain and Miss Ecuador respectively. Islae itself is a television presenter, this time after the success of Yan-Qun, also let her become, the seventh representative of Venezuela won the championship Miss Universe! ( Extended reading: "2013 Miss Universe Pageant" 86 beauties play Cosplay)

※ News Source:Guardian

30 "Stand up and squat down"=1 free subway ticket

In order to encourage people to exercise , the Russian Olympic Committee in particular, an event was held in the Moscow Metro: they set up a machine in the subway station, and as long as you can finish 30 squats that meet the Olympic standards in 2 minutes ahead of the machine, you can get a value of 30 rupees (about NT 28 dollars) for the Metro ticket! In fact, this is not just to encourage people to move more body, the Russian Olympic Committee hopes that through this activity, actively cultivate the people's "Olympic spirit", actively for next February Winter Olympic atmosphere to do warm up. The Chairman of the Olympic Committee said: "We want to let you know that the Olympic Games is not only the international games we watch in front of the television, it also reminds us to put sports into life." ( extended reading: How do Olympic athletes eat?) )

※ News Source: TheSydney morning Herald

"You're not a princess, but you can still conquer the world."

A Catholic women's school in the United States Mercy Academy on campus "You are not a princess!" "Activities, advocating that girls should understand that they are no longer a wayward little Princess , should be able to face the reality of the early, learn how to save their own! They launched a series of advocacy posters, the poster reads: "Mirror Mirror, I want to be more than the most beautiful woman in the world to succeed ," "Don't Wait for Prince Charming, you can save yourself", "real life is not a fairy tale!" "And so on slogans. This kind of education, let us deeply look forward to the future, can see more heroes like the great woman! ( extended reading: Six stories of successful women )

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Singles Day shopping: Rent a boyfriend service

Mainland 1111 Singles Day just after a short time, but compared to the word game, we all say that this is actually for businessmen to create a holiday. Because this festival is the mainland China's E-commerce day, set a staggering volume! One of them is the electronic service of "renting out boyfriends" to single women. As long as on the well-known Taobao search "Rent Boyfriend", you can immediately get nearly 250 search results, and the cost of renting a boyfriend is about 50 yuan/hour. And who's going to rent a boyfriend? It is just some, need to use fake boyfriend to have a good account of family and friends of single women! ( Extended reading: single men and women must watch: When self-pity becomes your habit )

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New marriage proposition: I want to marry myself!

You choose to be single, because you can not find a good object to go into the auditorium together? In fact, the best objects have already appeared; You yourself! Yes, now a foreign public fund-raising site, there appeared a to provide "I Married myself" wedding portfolio for the cause of the two team, and their idea is that everyone can be the one to bring their own happiness. So even if you are single, you are not alone, because they have a wedding for you, it can also make the wedding more romantic and memorable. If you are interested, come to this site to see! ( Extended reading: Six a moment for you to listen to yourself again )

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"When Harry meets Sally," it's true.

Remember in the movie "When Harry Met Sally", Meg Ryan in the restaurant in order to prove that the man is not clear woman is the climax, and in a public performance of a " false orgasm "? Improv everywhere, a prank group from New York, has decided to stage a "fake orgasm" in the movie scene at the time! But they do not only play a prank, they also summoned a lot of women to perform together! The show starts with the heroine sitting in the Meg Leine position, and after her "fake calls" began, the actress sitting in the other position began to continue to go on a wild "false call", and then all the women in the restaurant entered the moaning state of orgasm. In the film, the unsuspecting clerk and the public all stared at the eyes, and some people picked up the phone to record this rare picture! This fun prank, not only make everyone laugh, is not also let you recall the movie Classic clips it! ( read on: Just do it if you want to "really" )

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