Aren't you a woman?

If someone points your nose again, "Aren't you a woman?" What do you do, what you shouldn't do ... ", please straighten and angry, and gently but firmly told him:" Women, never have only one appearance. "We are not just the well-behaved, docile, sensible, charming, or woman behind the men you have arranged for us ... Every woman has a different personality, appearance and beauty.

We have always believed that there are many kinds of women, and every woman can live their own color. Let the following six little stories tell you: "Hey, woman, you can be different, you can do what you like best." "(also to look: fascinating weekly: Women's unique gentle Force )

1. Every woman has a unique beauty.

The toilet at Jacksonville Airport in Florida, USA, wants to tell you: "Women, not just one." 」

See such a toilet design, we can not help but in the heart loudly drink, right! Women, never just a circle with a triangle of simple collocation, we do not submit to only a certain appearance, women have a lot of appearance, The, every woman has a unique beauty. Walk into such a toilet, look around and feel the warmth from a woman. Who says that the toilet is not a kind of enjoyment?

2. Little girl, you don't have to be a princess.

The Red YouTube video wants to tell you: "Hey, who says we have to be a princess, but girls want to play brain games." 」

If the song is like this: "You like to buy a pink toy for us, and then the other toys are boys, or buy dolls to us, think we grow up will become dolls, it is strange!" It's time to make a change, we should have more choices ...

This is a creative advertisement launched by a GoldieBlox toy company founded by an American female engineer!

Founder Debbie said, "I think of the toys around me when I was a child, not the Princess series is a doll, but also pink color; then I wonder why boys can play with toys, robots, and even other brainstorming games, but no one thinks girls will like them? "Through advertising, Debbie wants to be able to look at toys, reverse established gender stereotypes, and create a new cultural perspective; In addition to bridging the gender divide, young girls can dream of engineering and other more creative roles, not just pink Barbie dolls. (More follow-up:Youtube red film: Every woman has a blood engineer in her heart )

3. Who says a woman's figure has a standard size?

Photographer Howard Schatz photos of the athletes to tell you: "Look at the beauty of women's diverse body, you should love your body."

Women have no standard size, and each one is beautiful.

Howard has always been fascinated by the beauty of the human body, so began to interview and film The female athletes plan, he said: "Looking at the present of their love and dedication to sports, I am moved." They have different posture, the eye exudes the attachment to their own sports, and the self-confidence of their body, they like the way they are now. 」

At the same time, he also laments for female athletes, referring to the many athletes interviewed, on the topic of whether to marry and have children are very hesitant, in order to pursue the peak of sports career, will tend to the child's plan to postpone, in contrast, male athletes are less skeptical, Plans to get married and have children will not affect their pursuit of careers. (See also, the beauty of the London Olympic Women Athletes )

4. Women do not need to live under the illusion of media creation

Print ads you are not a sketch want to tell you: "To be yourself, thin, is never synonymous with beauty." 」

Have you ever wondered what would happen if every model was as thin as a designer's sketch?

If you can't imagine, let the above print ads you Are not a Sketch tell you! In the media and advertising strong hit "Thinner is more beautiful" morbid aesthetics, we strive to squeeze ourselves into 24-inch jeans, we look at the violent broadcast of the flat ads, and then look at their own feel "alas!" How can I not be thin enough? "You push yourself one step at a time, and sometimes you start to feel like you can't eat ... But dear, in fact, we are struggling to pursue, but is a piece of the illusion of perfection, not a real world size, in order to the illusion of perfection, to force themselves thin imaging ribs fine, really worth it? It 's time to embrace your body, respect it and take care of it, and don't let the media sway your imagination about your body. (Same field Gayon: The advertisement that does not fix a picture, return a woman the most true appearance )

5. Cast aside the "perfect image" of the media and be your own goddess.

Lady Gaga wants to tell you: "If someone uses Photoshop's perfect illusion to make you feel inferior to yourself, please mercilessly bombard back, seriously, why do they decide for you to be beautiful and ugly?" 」

No matter how much she dresses up in real life and how she doesn't care how the media writes about her, she also escapes the hand of the magazine cover Photoshop.

When Glamour Magazine's December Women of the year's special cover appeared, Lady Gaga frowned, and she probably thought, "Who is this woman?" "Later, she decided to denounce the media ecology of the transition abuse Photoshop:" My skin was not repaired with a flaw, my hair was too supple, and they didn't look like that in real life. You always say to change, always say to speak for women, good! Then please start by changing the cover photo! "(also take a look:Vogue cover photo Hide false violence, trigger lambasting )

When the media began to set the so-called "perfect standard for everyone" ",photoshop 32 can create a perfect image of the goddess, but such a" beautiful message "for people who bought or read the magazine, but actually has a very long-term damaging effect. We began to look down at their waist to look at the meat, pinch their own actually not fat cheeks, feel how it seems that they are never good enough ... The media has made a lot of it for you. In fact, there is no need for the desire to exist, this is their strong place, but my dear, Photoshop is fake, your body is true, you want to hug which one? (also come to see: do you think I am yan?) The model tells you the truth about beauty.

6. Dear, we fight with you

Finally, Womany also want to tell you: "Women, there are many different kinds of appearance, each kind of we like good like." 」

Always feel that Womany is like a forest, in this forest, there are many different trees, each with a posture, to receive the sun irradiation of their own growth and development, each is different, but together, we can become a large forest. Please don't be afraid, dear, let's fight with you. (also come to see: Why you are actually very clever, but you dare not admit?) )

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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko

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