Through 2013, this year the world happened big and small things, the United States Supreme Court overturned the same-sex marriage ban, Typhoon Petrel, the Boston Marathon bombing , the United States government closed, the death of South African political giants Mandela, theWBC World Baseball Classic , San Francisco incarnate Batman, Gotham 、... Before looking forward to 2014, please take a look at these 32 records 2013 of the world every moment of the collection, behind each picture there are more worthy of your understanding of the story.

Review 2013, these 32 touching moments, there are laughter there are tears there is anger protest tears, look back, live in the present, into the future, let us with the most grateful mood to hand to 2014!

01. What is left after the tornado rages?

Compared with the forces of nature, how small we are, the tornado raging, the United States Oklahoma and the surrounding cities to build their homes, was mercilessly destroyed, standing in a group of young couples ruins, looking at the wreckage of four weeks, can only hug tightly, grateful that they survived.

02. Challenge yourself to the limit, no impossible

The US "King of the tightrope"nik Wallenda is always brave enough to challenge the impossible, and in June this year, in the small Colorado, R. Canyon in northeastern Ariozona, he challenged a two-inch, One-fourth-mile-long wire rope across the canyon, which was carried out without any security protection! "

03. What is the definition of fairness and justice?

The scene took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, protesting against local political corruption and rising prices, the protesters took to the streets to fight for their rights, but clashed with riot police in the area, which documented the moment when the demonstrators were attacked by police rubber bullets.

04. The Long way to fight for gay rights

The United States Supreme Act overturned the same-sex marriage ban this year (doma:the Defense of Marriage Act), which captured the touching picture of gay partner Michael Knaapen and John Becker, who married seven years ago in Toronto, After seven years, finally can loudly and proudly in front of the public said: "We are married!" "(same field Gayon: teach children to respect gay love from childhood )

05. The coolest children's Day in history, the superhero is right beside you.

The scene happened at the Children's Hospital of Sao Paulo, Brazil, in Brazil on Children's Day, the hospital specially arranged to wash window workers dressed as superheroes, from the sky, brought to all children never think of the surprise and warmth. Let's see: who says little girls can't be superheroes? )

06. Adversity sees the truth

Dunalley in Australia in the town of fire, wildfires raging, serious disaster, in order to take refuge in the photos of Tammy Holmes with a bunch of grandchildren hiding in the water, nest in the pier under Piers, someone in a thick smoke caught to such a thrilling moment.

07. The Rose in the war

During demonstrations in Thailand, anti-government demonstrators confronted soldiers outside the Thai Ministry of Defence, and a friendly hand handed out a rose in a strong barbed wire, and a bridge between the two ends was erected with love.

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08. Loss of beloved grief

Behind a war, how many families will be broken? The woman in the photo is called Thania Sayne, who is guarding her husband's tombstone tears in Arlington National Cemetery in the United States, where her husband traveled to Afghanistan in 2011 and was never separated from heaven.

09. Competition with nature, there is no limit

Rub your eyes, you do not see the wrong, there are found in the photos of the brave wind and waves to you? This photo is a record of the American surf legend Garrett McNamara in Portugal Nazare challenge the Guinness World Record process.

10. Dogs are my family, too.

November, after the typhoon, the Philippines floods raging, the lovely child carrying a dog wading over, one dog in the heavy rain is particularly touching. ( Taiwan moving documentary "12 Nights", for Dogs Voice )

11. What methods do we use to record important moments?

That one light is not a light, but High-tech products. The newly elected Zongfang Ji, who spoke at the central terrace of St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican, held aloft and shared the best technology with friends.

12. The not-seen martyr

A woman stands up to stop a bulldozer from running into a pool of protesters, as a military bulldozer is cleaning up in Cairo, Egypt, after clashes broke out between an officer and an opposing group. (also to see: Women's unique gentle power )

13 The tenacity and fragility of life

A man in front of a camera in the northern Pakistani city of Peshawar has picked up the boy who was blown up to flee for a car bombing accident.

14. Naked in support of rights and interests

In March, a 19-year-old Tunisian girl was sentenced to stoning for being half-naked and writing "My Body belongs only to me" in her chest, and Femen feminist organization launched a "half-naked revolution" in solidarity around the world. V.s, a feminist activist who voiced his displeasure in front of a mosque in Paris, put her foot down and kicked her.

15. Someone to enjoy life, someone to end their lives

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, there are visitors are laughing photos of tourism souvenir, but also someone turned the bridge jumped to the end of life, let a person is deeply saddened. ( the time limit to embrace your life with Heart)

16. The sincere emotion in the disaster

The man reached out to rescue a woman in a trapped car as the chalandri floods surged in the outskirts of Athens, Greece, in February. As long as the world has a warm heart, it is possible to change the plight.

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17 Mom, where's the zoo?

The United States government closed because of financial problems, a boy stood on the guardrail and looked at the forced to follow the temporary closure of the National Zoo, good to ask: "Mom, what happened?" 」

18 How do we show love?

In October, when Cambodian King Norodom Sihanouk died, the woman prayed as she wept and shaved her hair to show her admiration and condolences to the king.

Big Gun good little boy, great gun.

Living in a war-mixed environment, Afghan children's childhood with guns. Now they hold the toy gun to the other side of the head, will they take the real gun to do the same move? War affects not only families but also children who are forced to distort their childhood. (They have something to say: strive for the first, nine girls dream of learning)

20 crossed the finish line, life also to the end

April, the memory of the Boston Marathon massacre , two bombs, three people died, 183 injured, 17 people in critical condition, 78-Year-old contestant Bill Iffrig after the finish line, scared to sit down. (Recall: Boston Marathon bombing: Truth reduction )

After the 21 Boston Marathon massacre,

A marathon runner in London is in a moment of silence as he runs away from the runners who lost their lives in the Boston Marathon bombing. (Do you know her?) the first woman to run into a marathon )

22 The true feelings between dogs and people

Death, police officer Jason Ellis died in the ambush, his police dog Figo also attended farewell to see his companion last side, I would like to use this photo to salute the life and death of police officers.

23. Tangible Malice

Gay human rights fighters have been bitten by anti-gay activists in a parade in St. Petersburg, Russia. (a collection of gay parades around the world: the Great parade of Comrade Lyon in France, the gay parade in Amsterdam , the gay carnival in Munich )

24 Waiting for a miracle, as long as you believe there is light

The miracle took place in Bangladesh, trapped under the rubble of a collapsed plant for up to 16 days, the photo of the woman Reshma no longer eat and drink more than two weeks, Miracle survived.

25 Home garden is not easy to build, the destruction of homes in a moment between

April, Yaan, Sichuan Province, the Longmen village, a 7-magnitude earthquake destroyed the home, the acts of upheaval, the child holding his mother's thigh mercilessly crying.

26 Most brutal attacks

In June, Taksim Square in central Istanbul, Vivian police took tear gas to attack unarmed two women who protested plans to cut down park trees to build sidewalks. The Turkish Prime Minister Al-Gore has also shown that it will stop people from fighting at all costs.

27 Dialogue between the

Seine-et-marne, Dep. De La Island, US President Barack Obama stands in the famous "No Door" (Door of No return) quietly contemplative, where thousands of slaves were sent to the last stop of the New world, out of this door, no longer return home.

28 flames of the end of life

A Bahraini anti-government personage was shot by a riot police who detonated the gas bomb he had expected to throw and was swallowed by the flames. (National Geographic Knowledge Replenishment: Bahrain is located in southwestern Asia, an island country in the southwestern Persian Gulf, near Qatar and Saudi Arabia)

The life and death of the 291-line separation

In the September, Kenyanai was the bloodiest terrorist attack in nearly 15 years. In the shopping mall, 67 people were shot by gunmen, the photo of the mother lucky to hold the child under the cover of the police fled the killing scene. (same field Gayon: when one day, mother old ...

30 Kiss of gay rights

April, France through the same-sex marriage law case , France's first pair of gay lovers in France Montpellier City Hall registered marriage and under the blessing of the people kissed fondly. (You can see: A small step for gay rights in Taiwan, a big step in the Asian States )

31 Pope kisses, let's see love

Since his inauguration in March, the Zongfang Ji has been widely praised by the pro-people style. This photo records a man who leaned close and kissed a body full of "neurofibromatosis", and we saw the pope's selfless love and religious example. (Recommended to you:25 will make you believe that there are true love stories )

32 Change Body Batkid, dream is not far from imagination

Miles Scott, five, was born with leukemia in November, and his wish was to be Batman to help others and save the world. For a round of his heroic dream, San Francisco turned into the Batman series of Gotham, San Francisco residents to support the bat kid to fight crime, in fact, the dream is not as far as we imagined, happiness is also. (Secretly tell you,10 kinds of enjoy the happy life of the pressure method )

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