2014, in addition to the First review of the essay , received a lot of boys and girls for their affirmation (to see how they say: the first time, love at first sight, and the feeling of loving graffiti ) We also hope that this year, We can practice our free life together. Comfortable, so even in troubled times, still can maintain the inner peace and joy.

Honey, are you comfortable today?

What is Freedom? if the small indeed fortunately, is a temporary life to pursue a better, so comfortable, is to embrace the most real life. Freedom is the state of mind that is peaceful with oneself. At ease, even if the external environment is in turmoil, you still smile because you know it's good to have yourself. Think about it, how long did it take you to feel your heart pounding and how long did you smile from your heart? Let's practice at ease!

1 Challenge a try you wouldn't have done before

We can't decide the length of life, but we can determine the width and color of life.

In the limited life, let us add some color for life, the CP value of life to pull to the maximum, so the new year, to do before the challenge to try it! Perhaps it is challenging a person to watch a movie, change a new look that has never been considered, talk to a stranger, pick up a book type that you didn't see before, and eat a food that you didn't dare to eat ... Wait a minute. Change from your habits, don't stereotype yourself, after you try maybe you will find that you can be so different, so everyone has unlimited possibilities. In the New year, let's say hello to the new self. (same field Gayon: What I want to do before I die )

Practice a small step: buy a notebook of your own and set up some cute little tasks for yourself every day. Like 1/12 girls to surf, 1/13 although love to eat meat, but today is a vegetarian day, 1/14 and a stranger on the bus chat, can be the best chat from the old grandmother began 1/15 two hours earlier lying in bed ... A few weeks down, I believe you will find yourself very different.

2. Weight gain of one kilogram

Research shows: a kilogram of weight will make you more beautiful, do you believe it?

You may be muttering in your heart, losing weight is too late, but also gain weight? In fact, in recent years, more and more doctors have stressed: the weight of the number does not reflect your size, compared to the weight of a kilogram, you should be more preoccupied with the food you eat is healthy. It may sound like a cliché, but do you find that sometimes your weight increases, but your whole body looks lighter and more shapely? (Recommended to you:"relationship yoga" across the fear of the relationship )

Practice Small step: Occasionally entertain oneself to a meal, the mood is beautiful, the person is also more beautiful. The new Year, we together to avoid dieting to lose weight, instead of swimming, yoga and other sculpture posture of the movement, beautiful more outward and not hungry belly. Leave the dissatisfaction with your external body at 2013, and 2014 we practice saying, "I like what I am now." 」

3. Farewell to the head of the family temporarily

Perhaps the day is very busy, but really also not busy to a second hundreds of thousands of up and down, put down the phone, look up to see the world around you.

Leaving the internet world, is a modern anxiety disease, in fact, we are all the same. But think carefully, less to confirm a photo by the number of praise, fewer times line for our life, really will not have any dramatic impact. Honey, don't be nervous, this exercise is not to you from this and smart phone to say bye-bye, but let us from the phone every day to put down a small period of time, the return set to no smart phone days, but also put down anytime and anywhere Online habits. Put down the mobile phone, put more time to and their own and the world dialogue, no longer anxious to update the friend dynamic, but always feel their feelings. (try it.) Facebook quit Diary )

Practice the small step: put down your phone and practice finding the most comfortable way to get along with yourself. when you want to pick up the mobile phone slip and slip, it is better to observe the people around, may find unexpected things (most likely is to find, the original whole MRT car, oneself incredibly is the only "not the head of the family". )

4. Swing the other person who doesn't fit

We cannot decide who will appear without warning in our lives, but fortunately, we can decide at what point in time to send away those who should not stay in our lives.

The new year, not only items to Bubur, but also the people who do not fit to say goodbye, remove the shoulder of the burden of unwarranted, life can be at ease. No matter how much you love each other, no matter how you miss the old man, if the love between you has been sharpened to a lesser and smaller, if two of you gradually become dispensable in each other's lives, if there is only quarrel, doubt, suspicion between you, if you have lost the determination to go with each other together, then let go. Let us learn to be irresponsible lover , because love, has never been responsible for, only love does not love.

Practice Small step: separate, no who is wrong to who, the new year, is ruthless to leave a good reason. You don't have to worry, give yourself a time to recall, 2013 thank him for his care, you learn from each other a lot, but also through a lot of scenery. 2014, gently say goodbye, embark on a different journey. To know eternity, we must evolve into a better man. (and in fact, you really should put down, not he )

5. Learn to Master time

Master the time, will not feel the time to kill every second, but can calmly and time dances.

Tick Tick tock, time goes on and on, average is 24 hours, how can someone live comfortably at ease with the completion of things and high, some people have a rush of chaos and no work rhythm? Try to block your time and get ahead of yourself in the future and optimize your productivity!

Practice the Small step: 1992 Francesco put forward the tomato timing theory (Pomodoro technique), cut everything into chunks, and rest for 5 minutes every 25 minutes, and only concentrate on doing one thing at a time. Practice focusing on tasks and time, and you'll find that you're more focused and things are quicker and better. (Womany oneself also love to use:Womany operation secret Big public )

In addition, people who know how to use time, usually have a sense of time, will be for each of the things to be done ahead of time, so that they can have margin calmly complete each task. In short, learn to master time, you can further live in the future. 2014, let's practice and see!

6. Tidy the room and your desk

Although Einstein said that messy desktops reflect the flexibility of the brain, if your home and your desktop are exploding like a small volcano, it's time to sort it out a little bit.

When the work is fidgety, tidying up the table is actually a very relieving exercise. After finishing, perhaps you will find that the table is still the beginning of the 2013 file or already useless report, throw away unwanted data, give the desktop a bit of exhaled breathing space, you will find that things are actually not as much as you think.

Practice the organized: 2014, let's try a "methodical disorder" (chaos)! Divide the desktop or dwelling space into several different spaces, the same nature of the project classification overlap, do not deliberately overlap neatly, this is to allow you to use the shortest time, and the most comfortable way to find what you need, shorten your album in a book in a haystack time Oh! (The source of celebrity inspiration: distraction to inspire creativity )

7. Leave some time for family, friends and self

Leave some time for them, your family, your friends, and yourself, who are most often overlooked.

The days are so busy, those who are important in life, we less time to leave them. When I was a child, my family always had breakfast together, and when I grew up, even a long dinner was like a luxury. During the study period, 35 good friends went to the city to drill; After starting work, the contact becomes a phone call a text message that has not been read back. And you, remember the last time you had a good chat with yourself? 2013 Maybe we don't have much time left for these important people, 2014 is good to start, remember to give them time. (Listen to what they say: Five things people regret most before they die )

Practice Small steps: Just think, there is no way to practice. Take out our notepad together, a few key dates in each month circle, those days, can only leave the important person in our life. Nothing can happen to you and their precious time. (with a little wayward, for the future does not regret, I think it is worth it!) )

8. Learn a few new skills

Learn to find your limitless potential.

Have you heard of the Golden 20-hour study method? Self-taught master Josh. Kaufman argues that a 20-hour effort will help you learn the basics of a new skill. And Josh is the best practitioner of his theory, from writing programs, playing Ukrilli, blind to sail, after 20 hours of practice, Choshuzhen are really hands-on. With the Golden 20-hour study method, more importantly: what to learn? Ask yourself what you are interested in but not good at, and take this opportunity to learn a little more about yourself. (Recommended to you: learn a foreign language three suggestions: from the bottom of my heart like, learn well )

Practice the small step: Take a pen to start writing down your wish list, for the future of their own planning can learn skills, if busy, you can learn a new skill three month, let us start 20 hours of self challenge!

9. Help others

Do not skimp on helping hands, because we never know how important the hands mean.

In this world, there are many people who try to live, they live more hard than we think. Don't skimp on helping others, although it's just a small favor. Help, and of course there is not only one form. Not only donations or money to call help, to understand their lives, to accompany them to chat is also a help. Or maybe you will find that you think you are helping them and that they have helped you. So help, in fact, is mutual assistance, you help me I also help you. (Her voice for the girl: the bravest 16-year-old girl Malala )

Practice the small step: the world does not revolve around us, help others, think for others, to understand the needs of others, but also to make our world bigger. Other people happy, in fact, you will be very happy, you will know that the change in the world is not just Superman, more willing to help others. (like 101 loyal dogs will never know that it will cause a good marriage because of mischief)

10. The slow pace of feeling life

Take a good look at your city, feel your neighborhood, and experience the life you live.

Feeling life may sound abstract and, more specifically, live in the present. Think about it, how long did it take you to find out "you're breathing"? Living in the regular cycle of the day, sometimes it really feels like life is just a mechanical repetition. But in fact how to live every day, in fact, they can decide. You can decide what kind of mood to face this morning's sunshine, face, if you can from everything inside you see a little different, then you will find that every day, is different. (Live in the present, fight for the interesting life )

Practice Small step: Everyone has a different way of feeling, find the best for their own, is the best. So say we like the way of feeling: we will occasionally deliberately slow down, more than one station bus station or MRT station home, with a stranger's eyes to see their familiar place, and finally will find their own accustomed to the street and the neighborhood is very interesting. (maybe you can also try barefoot walking, fear will allow you to enlarge your senses, but also please remember to choose the venue carefully!) )

The above 10 small exercises, is not what does will succeed, does will make the big money the practice, but is simple really lets us look at own life, more enjoys with oneself, feels oneself in really good happiness. The last exercise: Don't let people tell you what to do best, practice listening to your voice, and maybe you can write 10 more exercises for yourself.

The New year, let us be comfortable together: