from the past Beyonce's song works, we can see her attention to women's rights and interests. Beyonce is not just a sexy bionic, she has always been a leader in women's sovereignty. In the 2014, Beyonce went further, not only by singing songs to women, but also by appealing to the public to face up to the issue of gender equality. (same field Gayon:700 years later, Hollywood will be equal to men and women )

Recently, she published in the Shriver Report (note) is called "gender equality, is still a myth" "Gender equality is still a myth" discourse, public criticism of the current social praise " The illusion of gender equality is now in the making, and she clearly points out that the truth about "gender equality is not yet complete" raises another question: "Why can we accept social inequalities?" 」

Beyonce said that gender equality is definitely a long way off, please do not believe that the media broadcast a large number of gender equality illusion, social women are still working, and men should join together, for their sisters, mothers, wives and voice.

Beyonce's grace, strength, even pain. In today's society, gender equality is not easy, and we are all deeply influenced by old thinking, but if we do nothing, the status quo can never change. Come on, let's see what we've sorted for you: "Gender equality, still a myth."

First of all, you should stop believing that gender equality is the present practice and that gender equality is not a reality. In the United States, for example, until today, women have accounted for half of all the U.S. workforce, but the average female salary is 23 percentage points lower than that of men. We all know that this is not fair, but only when women and men unite together to face up to this unfair fact, things will have a chance to change. It's not enough to make myths come true, only women are involved. Men, you should be more proactive in fighting for your wife, your daughter, your mother, and your sisters for what they deserve, because they deserve it, and their salaries are in contrast to their efforts, not their sex. (Recommended reading: You deserve a better salary, loudly refuse to pay for a different job )

Only when men and women are given equal respect and equal pay, can equality be realized.

Further, the advancement of human rights requires men and women, because men and women are equally important and need each other. From the outset, the old dogma has had a subtle effect on us: "Women are lower than men." Although we do not want to admit it, but we are more or less affected by this kind of thinking. In today's society, we first need to recognize the unfairness of this matter, and then more actively ground to it. Let us teach our boys from childhood "What is equal", "What is" respect ", the child who grows up under the thought of gender equality, will naturally embrace the belief of gender equality when he grows up; let us teach our girls that they are as strong as boys, as long as they think they can have the same status as men. (Sexism persists: Google'ssearch engine tells you what this society thinks of women )

We really have a long way to go in terms of gender equality, but if men and women work together, we can go more steadily, faster and more successfully.

We were touched when we saw Beyonce's voice for human rights. Gender equality has not yet succeeded; revolution, let's start with ourselves. This is also the female fan Womany has always wanted to convey, we are always in the journey of entrepreneurship by others asked: "Woman, why so spell?" "We are a little surprised because we never feel as a woman, we do not have to fight, but also to ask why we can not spell?" Women, like the dream to achieve, have their own insistence, we can fight, we should fight. This is the Womany set up the aim, but also want to use this platform to invite you to pay attention to the issue of gender equality, in fact, not only gender equality, we hope that the future, we can live in a respect for the pluralistic value of society, girls and women, boys and men, we come together! (We have always believed, women, not only one way )

finally let's go with Beyonce's song Single Ladies and Run the World (girls) to feel her voice for the social status of the power! (Recommended reading: The annual Women's smart quotes, we are your strength )

Note: TheShriver is a non-profit media platform launched by Maria Shriver, allowing men and women to stand on the front lines, to speak for themselves and their society, and to encourage people to openly point out the injustices that have yet to be improved in society, Predicament and social ugliness. The Shriver is particularly committed to the promotion of gender equality. The latest issue of The Shriver Report is also announced recently, if you want to read the English version of Beyonce's wonderful exposition, please click here for a free download >> A Women ' s Nation pushes back to the Brink

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