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What kind of shooting task, so that models have dumbfounded? What kind of words, so hot models can not be sexy to say? In fact, a seemingly simple film-shooting scheme is worth pondering over. Think with Womany and see! (Recommended reading: sorry avril, Asian women are not the same as you think )

In any case, whether we are willing or unwilling to pay the bill, we all know that most of the advertisements on the market now love to use the sex appeal method, because it is almost one of the best selling advertising techniques in the world! Sex appeal recourse may be human nature. We are born to appreciate things that are beautiful, and "sex" to us also has the potential to attract. (so everyone loves to see Red Blush )

Advertising models in front of the camera is often a sexy incarnation, in front of the camera, the model of what storms have not seen? But today the video-capture team's very difficult task is to get these sexy models out of the picture. Watch it together!

What, so hot models can not be sexy to say the export? The plan seemed normal at first, but the model looked straight at the camera, and the charm index Max was up until the Director invited the model to pronounce the following words in his usual sexy gesture:

In this world, about 800 mothers and 18,000 young children die every day, and their cause of death can be prevented.

Almost mothers and 18000 young children die all day, mostly from preventalbe causes.

In 2012, 6.6 million children under five years of age were killed. More than half of them live in war-torn areas, and their deaths can actually be stopped.

In the 6.6 million children under age 5 died. Half of them were living in fragile and conflict areas and most of-their deaths could have been-prevented.

You can see the model Masse, they have a flash in their eyes, and the attendant is not to bear. Dedicated to them, or try to use a sexy tone to pronounce the sentence, but the result is really passable. In their hesitation and anxiety, you seem to see yourself.

This is the photographic team to save the Children "Save the Children" film. In the name of "fashion photography," They invited a group of hot models to set up the situation, asking them to interpret the word cards in their usual sexy tones , and to capture their responses in front of the camera in real terms. Such a shooting is so bare and straightforward, just like you and me, we all feel the same way in the face of the grim state of child death. It was only then that the models were relieved to tell them the intent of the shooting. (Recommended reading: The beauty of a non-manicure, with a true postpartum stature photography collection )

I have to admit, it's a bold tactic, isn't it?

We can simply say that the photographic team used models in front of the helpless, cruel to the hearts of people, cleverly toyed with the contemporary media will sex appeal as a means of selling all concepts, directed at the core of the problem, reverse its use, as an invitation to the public to face real life in the existing situation of the weapon since the picture of the war has been unable to attract the attention of bloodthirsty audio-visual people, that use sex appeal let your eyes stay for a few seconds should always be effective? (also come to see: women do not shave the hair is a man?) Why shouldn't the hair advertisement be so

From other points of view, some people began to discuss the feeling that these sexy models are equally innocent, as if sexy wrong. Because they are in front of the camera, the back of the reference seems to be "for this incident ignore" the public. With their clumsiness in front of the camera, click on the screen before you. But also let people can not help but want to ask: what is sexy?

We may be able to say that no matter what you think of this film that advocates children's rights, we really should pay more attention to the world outside of ourselves. Because in this world, when we are happy to breathe the air, in fact, there are many lives, really disappeared very innocent, in this second, they died of preventable diseases, in this second, they die for unprovoked war, their life is so fragile. (Same Gayon: behind the prosperity of Hong Kong, have you ever heard of a cage house in Hong Kong?) )

And even if, in the distant analogy, we can begin to think about what we can do to make the world a better place, to realize that the world is not only a small planet that spins by itself, but a global village that is closely related to everyone. And alternatively, let's start from Taiwan. (Recommended reading: What really changes Taiwan is that most people make minor changes .)

There are things in the world that deserve your attention.
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