Zhang Yujia director believes that emotions can actually guide us, if the mood is because of life in the face of problems, there will be a solution behind the problem.

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"We can talk slowly!" "Zhang Yujia director holding a drink, smiling face to us, from the director's smile and talk, we see a confident, comfortable and cheerful woman."

Zhang Yujia is a few Taiwanese theater directors with music, dance and drama backgrounds. the present "Find Me Theater" art director ("Find Me Theater" to create the purpose for the hope performers in the performance at the same time explore the inner, find themselves), was also a founding member of the New York International Director Laboratory, International director of the laboratory Worldwidelab by the directors from various countries set up, An international group to promote the performing Arts. (recommended to you:"Minta script" 30 years old, when his own director )

from the director's experience, we can understand her efforts to promote the arts, but we do not know, now optimistic and cheerful, smiling Zhang Yujia director has fall in the life , had not found the direction of life, and also lost themselves. because of being lost, the director can be more sure of what he wants in order to find his passion for art and life .

Melancholy, let me know myself

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"When I was a kid, I didn't dare to talk to people and I was sensitive, and because be sensitive to emotions , the temper is very bad. "It's hard to believe that the Zhang Yujia director, who says he has a smile in his eyes, is a shy and angry child." "After entering the art department, it is more serious. Speaking of the past, the director was relaxed, she said: "Many performers have mental problems," I also joined them. "

"It was frustrating every day, and a man was living on the rooftop, poor environment and feeling worse." Until one day, I wish someone would help me. "From that time on, the director gradually came into contact with friends as sensitive as she was. "I knew later that I was sensitive because I could feel other people's emotions," he said. As a child I mistakenly think that those are their own emotions, so the mood is poor. "(Extended reading: When the mood is wrong, you will eat the wrong thing )

"It's good that drama is the resonance of emotion and emotion, and when I know and accept my emotions, the performance on the stage has changed," he said. "The director confidently said that, compared to the previous, now she is more stable because she understands and accepts her emotions, and the director also plays this trait in his work." In addition to the performance more stable, more attractive to the audience, with the team to discuss things can also feel the air, feel the atmosphere of the scene ... " 」

"I can get to know other people's worries , I just can feel it. "From rejection and acceptance to the ability to use one's own qualities, Zhang Yujia director says that he can find himself again by sitting." "I don't have any religious background, but meditation has taught me to listen to the inner voice." "

The director believes that many things in the world have its frequency, people and people get along, people's consciousness and energy are frequencies. "Being a performer, because you have to work with the body, you can understand and build time to communicate with your heart and body," he said. "(Recommended to you: Six a moment, so you listen to yourself again )

Give the world a wonderful experience

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Speaking of being a performer, Zhang Yujia that he should turn his past experience and understanding into creation, hoping not only to help those who have been or are losing themselves, but also to bring the world a a wonderful experience .

"I can provide a way to observe myself, I've been there, I know I've been surrounded by complex, confusing emotions, but I came out and these processes really became my creative material." I hope to make my understanding available to the community, through the form of art, to create happiness for everyone. "(Recommended to you: happiness, pitching is )

"So I hope that the experience of the audience is not only through the communication of vision or hearing, but the emotional flow of the whole stage." This stage, "The Ineffable Truth", which is exhibited in the Taipei Arts Festival, is also presented as the main axis of this stage, hoping to bring the audience an ineffable touch . "We want to emphasize that the feeling is true, and everyone is looking at different angles and will feel differently." "The director wants the audience to feel the flow of emotion in the theater and to face their true feelings through emotional collisions," he said.

"When a person has emotions, it should be your guide, take care of it, understand why it exists, and accept it bravely . . "Zhang Yujia director believes that emotions can actually guide us, if there is emotion because of life in the face of problems, there will be a solution to the problem, this is her work from the theater, life experience and creative understanding." The director also led the village to the spring tree of a passage, she said,

What is terrible is not the fear itself, but the fact that when we close our eyes and turn our backs to fear, when we face it, it is no longer so terrible.

Organic performance: No need for verbal resonance

In addition to his background in dance, drama and music, Zhang Yujia is also known for developing actors ' organic performances. "The organic nature of performance is like saying the same thing to a good friend and making the same reaction." "The director said that one person's movements could actually create another person's reaction, the emotional resonance of the string, do not need to rely on words, and do not need to see the action of the previous person to react, but through the internal communication , the performer to practice with each other long enough, in a very focused situation, Can have such a tacit understanding.

"The traditional way to rehearse is when the director asks you to do what you do, but to develop the organic nature of the actor, the first thing is to give the performer a piece of material and let him develop a fragment," Zhang Yujia, the director's job is to think of different actors the theme of the creation fried into a plate of sumptuous and beautiful delicacies. the Taipei Art Festival works with different teachers, and the director is using the organic style of rehearsal. "Teachers have their own pieces of good and good at expressing emotions, they are paired with each other, my job is to put their performances strung together to music and dance to the spectrum of a beautiful stage play." "(Recommended to you: Director: Out of the May, believe in love )

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Speaking of organic performance, the director is happy to share with us a memory of her past performance. "That was my Performance with an Israeli director in New York, and I turned my back to him, and he sat, and I had to move on when he was positioned, and I didn't have to look at him at all. I know when to start the action. Because when I am relaxed, very focused, let myself completely into the performance of the mood, the other side of positioning, I can feel the air flow behind the change, the body will be the moment to take away the force. "Speaking of this memory, the director is very serious to share with us, since the rehearsal, she began to study the so-called organic type of performance."

"If there Meditation experience can be understood, when we are very focused on, if there is trouble outside, can feel the frequency of different. And the experience used in the rehearsal field, my job is to allow different frequencies to achieve a synchronization, so that actors can not through the language, to create a tacit and coherent performance. "

Although organic performance depends on the mental state of the actor and Tacit Understanding , but the importance of directing work remains unchanged. Zhang Yujia said that when working with performers from different cultures , the director's role was to act as a blend of cross-cultural performers, and this "unspeakable truth" was performed by performers from Hong Kong and Taiwan, In addition to the necessary cultural differences in the Running-in, the Director also jokingly mentioned that a reporter had asked her curiously: " four women in the end how to work?" The director relayed her response: "The creators have their own unique ideas, the director to do is to let them hit, the final integration." "In fact, whether it is national, cultural or gender differences, and not so far, we should regard the difference as each person's unique" personality and characteristics, the use of these unique features in the performance, so that they fuse each other, the collision of beautiful and wonderful performance.

Only the feeling of the moment, is real

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Finally, we talk about creative ideas, this time Zhang Yujia director of the "Unspeakable truth" stage is inspired by the smartest American woman, Susan Sontag's diary manuscript "Just as the body control consciousness", a Susan Sontag later in life in the world Personal Diary , Susan herself recorded her feelings and subconscious thoughts in a fragment of writing. It is quite challenging to translate an abstract perceptual work into concrete Dance and music , Zhang Yujia director said at the time that four teachers would have chosen the book.

"I picked two books for them, and they all voted unanimously to use it!" "After reading this book, Zhang Yujia director found

"Susan Sontag's life is similar to these four teachers, are at the age of 40, 50 to reach the peak of life, but also to play a lot of roles, may be the artist, may be celebrities, may be women, is a mother, is a lover." "(Recommended to you: not all girls in life, only Cartier and Hermès )

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Speaking of the script and the actor's similarity, the Zhang Yujia director also secretly revealed to us this drama's small ingenuity. "This is a story of four women who play a woman in four discontinuous periods, while the kitchen will be the main axis of the drama." "Will choose to use the kitchen side throughout the play for the reason there are two, one director felt that the kitchen is a woman's other niche, and second Susan Sontag in the book revealed the mood is too heavy, the director hopes to use a more relaxed way to present, to achieve a strong but witty performance effect." (recommended to you: Imperfect, still beautiful: New aesthetic definition, DV8 Limb Theatre )

"hope to break the habit of watching theater!" "Is the Zhang Yujia director's expectation of the ineffable truth." "The play is linear, but dance and music are not necessarily, they can jump in the drama of the jumping in and out of the habit of watching and thinking , such a performance form abroad is very common, However, in Taiwan, people may be restricted by serials, and they are not accustomed to such performances. "And the play's name echoes this concept,

whether the plot is developing coherently is not the key, it is important to see the feeling of the present, "The ineffable Truth" is to hope that the audience can experience: "said, not necessarily true, and heard is not entirely the truth." Only feelings, only the feeling of the moment, is real. "(Recommended to you: unlock 14 of the crux of life, so that the heart of a lifetime of Freedom )

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Zhang Yujia Director. The smile is very warm , very sincere, each said a word, the director will smiling up his eyes, smiling at us. It's hard to imagine a director who has had a mental illness and lost hope in life to see the director's passion for drama and life. However, it may only be so, to find the heart of the most simple happiness, find the most fundamental passion of life. an interview with Zhang Yujia is like watching a drama, a real and wonderful drama, with the director to experience the ups and downs of life together, share the love of drama , and feel each moment attentively.

After the interview, we went to the dance rehearsal room with the director, looking at the figure of four teachers and directors work, they sit around, the classroom with classical music, now, we feel the upcoming, not only a new creation, but also five women to the arts, one they love together, common care, And the love and perseverance of life, such enthusiasm to let them full of energy, like Zhang Yujia director, because the bit has walked in the edge of life, because from the melancholy came out, just more understand the love, cherish the life of everything and pass this love to more people. (recommended to you: Hong Kong chief dancer Meicho: I create with life )

From the director and the four teachers, we see, women can play a lot of roles, they can also be artists, mothers, lovers, is each other's best friends, however, the only constant is that they have the same goal, they want to make their love of art into creation, this beautiful pass to more people, But only have the sincere feeling, can realize this sincere good.