She said: "We should learn to understand our needs, not always consider other people's preferences, respect their own body will, and appreciate people who are different from us

You may know this man in the heart of ice, at the time she was under 20 years of age, beyond the skillful natural acting to make people very curious about the superstar, in "Pat's happy Play" as the Crazy widow Tiffany, this bold and charming role makes her young as the Oscar lottery is the second youngest female actress. She is the most attractive civilian diva-Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence), who is not pretentious and is performing wildly on the screen before the media.

2014 Young Jennifer was elected in the male magazine "FHM" Hundred Sexy woman First, the men love her, but the women love her more, we want to share with you this Hollywood brought up to do their own atmosphere of the 22-year-old girl, why do adults and children love her? Take a look at all of her charms (you will like: from girls to women, to fall in love with their own six kinds of imperfections )

Civilian diva, we love her nature to be herself

She grew up in the south of the United States with her silly sister temperament to Hollywood, the media love to laugh at her on the red carpet on the embarrassment of falling two times, we also know that she is very love at the ceremony scene scary, on the show also not taboo face dress ugly, little Jennifer is a small number of Hollywood actress selling sexy and fans will be called like "elder sister" cute star. Even the actress, she is not too look at the image, with a straightforward girl's breath little Jennifer has a lot of believers for her natural madness!

Friend Teles in the interview, Little Jennifer sneak up from behind ...

In Pat's happy script, Tiffany said: "I used to be a prostitute, but now it's not, I have a lazy and dissolute feeling, but I like this, as I like my other personality, you dare to be so honest?" I have a dark place in my heart, but I like it, dare you say so? 」

The real little Jennifer Laurence also has the character of a movie character, she is so frank, love the real self, and also tell people that we think we are not good external characteristics, such as fat, such as clothing, should not be because of how others judge us and easily change themselves, we should learn to understand their needs, Instead of always thinking about what other people like, respecting their body will, and appreciating people who are different from us, that's what we learned in little Jennifer. (woman to be herself: "My story, on my body" white spot disease female mold Chantelle, the United States should be defined by their own )

We love her humor.

This year Oscar little Jennifer in the "Hide the Big layout" against the "heart of Freedom" Thani Lupita Nyong ' O, the last Best supporting actress by the Thani Yong-ou won. After a group of Twitter-crazed rumors that Jennifer Lawrence was trying to take away the gold from Ruby's hands, many of the Twitter people saw that Jennifer was really "cute". (Recommended reading: Oscar actress True confession: Don't let the appearance determine your value )

"Everyone was laughing at me at the time, but I thought to myself, yeah, but Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman) took my hand," she said after she fell down on the red carpet. 」

Wearing a beautiful dress on the Oscars red carpet little Jennifer fell two degrees, before she joked and the media said there will be a good go to the end of the game! At that time she did not strong installed calm, but directly fell down on the ground to show the poor appearance, and then smile to dissolve such embarrassment, her optimistic attitude and super generous little girl character is also the reason we love her. (Learning Humor: How to become a person with a stalk?) )

On the next page, I like the little Jennifer who's meat.

is to love her body!

"Do you know how many actresses in Hollywood now have anorexia, and criticize me for not being slim?" I hope my fans will never make themselves unhealthy because of the beauty, I know I am not a very bony person, but my body is very healthy. (Recommended reading: Seven Hollywood actress tells you: Thin does not equal beauty )

The media always like to open little Jennifer's figure joke, her figure is a little meat of the girl , and a lot of people love to call her to lose weight, little Jennifer confessed: "In the future in public said other people fat should also be included in the illegal act." Why are we actively restricting smoking, promiscuity, and swearing, but not talking about obesity in other people's case? When it's fun to humiliate someone, it's like a lot of shows that let girls imitate the tone of the host's voice on the show and make them think it's cool to criticize other girls for being ugly, and the media should review their behaviour to spread the wrong values. "

Little Jennifer's response to speak out our hearts, she is not only the world's sexiest goddess, but also a woman's heart idol, handsome Ah! (Come, seven Hollywood actress tells you: Thin is not equal to beauty!) )

You are what you are. Make yourself comfortable, starving every day just to make people happy? That's too stupid.

Jennifer Lawrence

We think that little Jennifer is a model student who advocates "like yourself." "I don't want a little girl looking at me in the game of hunger and saying," I want to be like her, so I don't have dinner, "she said in a visit to Elle. This is something I pay attention to when I'm training for a play, and I want to look healthy and strong on the screen, not skinny. "(I recommend you look at the truth of Barbie dolls: I don't want to lose weight anymore!") )

That little Jennifer we don't know about.

"There are many things that make you afraid, and you have to learn to overcome them," she said in her famous movie, "The Frozen Heart". 」

Jennifer childhood anxiety disorder and hyperactivity disorder, and the group life is out of tune, long time to receive medication. Until the age of 15, 2 years early graduated from high school, joined the church drama Society, Life has a turnaround. (Let's win the game!) higher salary after being fired? See the success stories of 14 celebrities )

After Jennifer began to get popular, there was an interview with her hometown friend--andy Strunk,andy, a Tang son, who met at the church.

Andy's mother Pollyanna said: " she has a big star posture, and she always use it properly." "andy mother said:" She is always very gentle treatment of andy, always take care of him. " Especially for children with special needs, it is difficult to treat others in the middle school. "(Hold out your hand: What will you do when you see a child huddled in the cold winter?" )

Andy also went to Jennifer's awards ceremony to take a picture with her.

They became good friends and Andy became a big fan of Jennifer when she got into showbiz, not only collecting all her albums, The outer rim of the film, even the TV listings, Andy still had little Jennifer's phone number, they kept in touch, and who could overtake the super fan? ""andy is the kindest and most interesting person I've ever seen in my life, "Jennifer told the media afterwards. 」

What did we see in Jennifer Lawrence? She is a Super professional actress , playing slut when very crazy, play the acquaintance wife when not according to the card cards. She is a very dedicated woman , not because the media said anything to change their own, not because to become a Hollywood star so also become a star "that" look. She is a super dedicated friend , in the showbiz out of good popularity, we can also see her people are not a Hollywood star from the beginning, but has been the attitude. Her charm is obvious to us, you can hardly forget his soul in the play, see her story, you know she's really not in Care media how to say, she is Jennifer Lawrence, our favorite Hollywood meat actress, continue to love her go down! (Go Your own way: women, not only one way )

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