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1. [You know more about women?] Intelligent quotations

Please refer to the following sentence: Who is the woman?
Cognitive of the power and rights that you have, and try to make them a wonderful place for the world."

A. Sgaria Jensen
B. Goddess Card
C. Camerurindia

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ans: The goddess Card is the most charismatic woman of the year 2013 organized by fashion magazine GLAMOUR.

2. [Business strongmen are living idiots?] Practical tips

Which of the following habits is correct?

A. Hair blastes and shampoo
B. Eating a meal
C. Wash your face twice before sleeping

Women, you can place more emphasis on lifestyle tips
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ans: Wash your face twice before sleeping. First, use cream-like shackdown to remove the color cosmetics, and then clean the oil with a colloidal face washing product.After washing the face, it is necessary to immediately scrapes the maintenance of the preservative to prevent the skin from being too dry.

3. [No million, or a little school] I chose me for my head.

There is one thing in the world, it is the longest and the shortest; it is the quickest and slowest; it is the least valued and most treasured.
What is it?

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ans: Time, longest: minute hand: hour hand: second time slowest: hour hand

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1. [What did they say?] Intelligent quotations

Please refer to the following sentence: Who is the woman?
" I finally knew that I had to hurt myself before I hurt others."

A. Route Cone
B. Shunsub
C. Lin Hsin-ru

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ans: The Queen of Soul says to all women, to believe that she is the most beautiful and self-confident, loving herself.

2. How can work be doubled?] Practical tips

Which of the following types of work is not able to increase efficiency?

A. Take 15-20 minutes to rest after 90 minutes.
B. Process what is on hand
C. Half an hour of nap time for yourself

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ans: The habit of dealing with things immediately is prioritized and prioritized.

3. [Can call out for help?" Tycoon.

Which Ancient is the easiest to Gameover?

A. Mulan
B. Wu Zetian
C. Xisch

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ans: Mulan, Mulan's first sentence: Kiki Kiki > > GG complex GG

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1. [Listen to men say] Intelligent quotations

May I ask the following, which male star?
"Feminism, for me, is that we don't have to use our gender to define who we are, and you can be what you want to be."Whether you're a man, a woman, a boy, a girl."

A. Justin · Tim Black
B. Brad Pitt
C. Joseph Gordon Levi

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ans: Joseph Gordon Levi, when interviewed by Allen, said that she never thought he was a feminist, and that feminism was born to welcome a better society.

2. [Care for your own body] Practical Tips:

Which of the following ideas or habits are correct?

A. Scrapping armpits in one direction
B. Stink your breath by the mouth
C. Physiological period or cup of tea be used

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ans: You can still drink some tea with a physiological period. You can choose the flowers, the rose, the osmans, and the dried orange peel.In addition, a few medlar can be added in the froth tea, not only to add aroma, but also to nourishly nourishly nourishly, warm the cold limbs, and make the blood circulation more comfortable.

3. [Take a easy one]

The sheep called the eagle and the eagle said "Only", but guess a word.

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ans: Yang Fengyin, Yang (Yang) Bong (phone) yin (hawk) is not a (only)

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1. [The way they speak] Intelligent quotations

Please refer to the following sentence: Who is the woman?
' You are you.If you make yourself comfortable, are you happy to get hungry every day?Well, that's stupid."

A. Jennifer Aniston
B. Sgallie Joe Hansen
C. Jennifer Lawrence

Women, you can love yourself more than they are,
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ans: Jennifer Lawrence is joking about the media's love for her body, and she responds to "the future in public, saying that fat should also be included in the law."When to humiliate others into something that's interesting, it's like a lot of programs that make girls emulate the tone of the host talking in the program, and make them feel that criticism of other girls is really cool, and that the media should conduct a review of the behavior of spreading false values."

2. [How can you not understand the friends who visit each month

About the physiological period, which of the following ideas is correct?

A. Wash bath will increase menstruation flow
B. The wound is less likely to heal
C. Sex is not likely to become pregnant

A woman, you can easily understand your body's prompt in a choice link
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ans: During physiology, the wounds are not easy to heal, and the blood in women will change during the course of the physiological period. Besides the amount of platelets, the protease has an increased blood clotting function.

3. [How clever are you?

Sliding, bright, bright, your eyes are on your butt. (Laughter)

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ans: pin!

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1. [Most confident Taiwanese women] Intelligent quotations

Please refer to the following sentence: Who is the woman?
"Every girl should tell herself that she's the best, the best, the best, the best, and the confidence must come from the heart, and we have to be very clear about what we want and what we're doing and what we're doing is right.""

A. Guo Jing
B. Hsu Wei-ning
C. Hsu Che-pui

A woman, you can give yourself a little bit of confidence to see the prompt refresher interview.
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ans: Hsu Wei-ning, who once had no confidence, shared with us: " A lot of confidence and affirmation are self-giving. People next to us give you confidence or fiction. If you are not strong enough, you can easily feel sorry for what others say."

2. [The more tired the sleep?There's a sense of learning, a practical knowledge

Do you want to sleep well?Which of the following habits is correct?

A. Headers to sleep
B. Do not use fluorescent light before sleeping
C. Go to bed before sleeping

A woman, you can have a night of hypnosis at the tips of the options
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ans: If you do not use daylight before you sleep, if you contact the light (such as fluorescent light) for the few hours before you sleep, the body will be mistakable for now or during the day, thereby suppressing secretion of the melatonin in the brain.The sleeping room or the living room at night preferably selects red lighting (such as a light bulb).

3. [Take a easy one]

One sip of sausage and bamboo is all on fire. The secret is not even more interested, but a few white hare on the side of the tree. (one word per sentence)

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival!Do you have grilled meat? to guess the answer to a scenario
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ans: Happy Mid-Autumn!

"mouth" has a bamboo slip through → Medium "" " " " " and "" "" Fast. "→" ""
" " " " " " → " " " " → "

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