Chen Yu 15 years of love with the experience of long-distance running, and everyone to share, in the love of the place, how to be a sports spirit runner!

We like to pay attention to the annual grand ceremony star red carpet scenery, certainly will not miss their sweeping red carpet after the fashion review! "Put the toilet paper towels on the body", "Grandmother's kitchen table towel", no matter in the newspaper, the network, the fashion home comments always for the red blanket set off the biggest climax of the whole play, if you have secretly look forward to commenting on the language of the people, will not know how to let the stars back three fashion critic: personal opinion.

It turned out to be a daily chore in a blog called "Personal opinion," like an ordinary move to talk about a year on the red carpet in a blog, but that was the astonishing number that the blog had read at 100,000 on that day. He is a subversion of the people of fashion worship "personal opinion Blog" moderator-Chen Yu-hoon.

Why do we say he turned the fashion cult upside down? Many people would ask him, "How do you have the courage to judge what others are wearing?" Chen Yushun said he never thought his "opinion" would become the focus of attention, and he chatted about what Sanmao said: " writing is the least important part of my life, it is the cherry on top of the cake." "

Fashion is also true for Chen Yu hoon. It is a very small thing in life, so he can use a very relaxed attitude to look at the stars wearing, and he has always believed: " Star wearing may not necessarily bring the trend ", the so-called fashion, can be worn on anyone, and our standards of beauty, we should also believe that their attitude, rather than blindly follow the popular among celebrities." (same field Gayon: They, wear out their own beauty!) Can not miss the national style of bloggers )

If I had a little influence, I'd take it for good.

However, if the Sanmao of the cake theory in his life seems not too much, Chen Yu not only pay attention to the red carpet dress, more like a social observer, actively concerned about social movements, gender equality.

10/05 of Gay Parade "Rainbow siege" he also in the face Book for Love Voice: "Comrade is not a mysterious group, not newspaper the social news of the lace, they may be your family, your colleagues, service for you, your friends, comrades of all kinds, all kinds, all walks of life, in addition to the choice of the gender differences in the object, All the same efforts to live their lives, operating, in fact, very insipid feelings. 」

Chen Yu in focus on social issues and the attitude of the fact that he is very different from the fashion, give people feel very soft. As if he were sitting in front of us that day. The original thought sharp fashion commentators should have an expert-like momentum, but Chen Yu hoon exudes temperament and talk is particularly Wen Wen, do not give people pressure, we are curious always to celebrities wearing the nail on his right, how to understand the social gentleness?

He said: "Writing fashion for me is a fun thing in life, like children like swinging, many people do not dare to express the views of society, but when a certain number of people can see my speech, since it is my concern, I would like to share with you." I know a lot of people who have long been engaged in social movements, they are very great people in my heart, if I can use my little influence, a positive feedback and concern to society should be, what makes sense for me is to allow more people to rethink social issues and have more discussion. "(You will also like to have a social consciousness of her: unwilling to do only days, He Yi poetry:" In Showbiz to be a chivalrous woman, in fact, not easy ")

In addition to the social movement, Chen Yu is also very active in the marriage of equality to speak, we asked him about love and gender perspective. He believes that in the nature of feelings, same-sex and heterosexual are the same, and that the degree of love is not because of the relationship between sex and different.

"Under Love, all men are equal."

Chen Yushun said: "Marriage equality is not to force everyone to enter marriage, under love, everyone is equal, everyone should have the same choice, should not deprive anyone of the opportunity to give commitment." "(Recommended reading: When the marriage affirmative Act is still stuck in the Legislative Yuan, the Netherlands passed the world's first gay marriage 13 years ago )

Marriage is not necessarily the decision that everyone has to make, but he believes that marriage is the best and most precious gift that can be given to each other.

He spoke for equality of marriage, on the one hand is the insistence on human rights, the other side is the faith of true love, said that love a set of ideas Chen Yu and we talk about love, said that he is a very believe in true love, this sentence from the other half through the 15 years of wind and rain Chen Yu, Seems to make people more believe that the existence of true love, we chat and his new book, "The Love of personal opinion", in fact, very many people curious sharp talk about fashion how he would have the idea of this book?

Chen Yushun said that he has also been on the blog has not only talked about fashion, do not know how everyone to his new book, "The Love of personal opinion" will be so surprised? As I said before, fashion may just be an interesting thing in life, a little cherry on a cake.

He has always felt that love is a matter of concern to all people, feelings do not have a certain laws and rules:

"Not reading the book can become a love of people, we cannot rely on skills to complete a love, in the feelings of people often do not want to say the truth, so I think we need is actually honest." "(The same field Gayon every day is to let go of practice: in the feelings of honesty )

Even in love, people are born to love to lie

Chen Yushun said: "Do not know why we all love to lie, the habit of guessing each other's ideas, but I think the gender books should not be like looking at the constellation Horoscope, there is no thing is" listen to me on the right! "Different people have their way of dealing with different relationships. "Chen Yu-hoon feel that no one kind of love can be applied," let the other person fall in love with me ten strokes "and other gender keywords may not be reproduced in the relationship, but the love treasure to share is, let us see more people's story, Understand" love. " (Extended reading: Love has no rules )

On the next page, do not believe in true love, what good to believe?

"Do not believe in true love, but also to believe what?" 」

Why do you talk about love? Chen Yushun said he was a man who believed in true love:

"Do not believe in true love, you will not meet the want, do not believe in love, get along with easy to become a skill and calculation." We can not maintain with a person without true love of the inertia, love makes our life a lot of things have become different, give meaning, it is small in the feelings can seem to be magnified. If a person does not really love, then his life will not be complete. If you don't believe in true love, what do we have to believe? (Recommended reading:25 will make you believe that there is a love story in the World )

Falling in love seems to be the process that we are bound to experience in our life, fortunately in the billions of of people in the world, the people you like are just like you. We ask him after 15 years of long-distance running, still "stable intercourse" he, how to find true love and ideal of love?

All true love is flawed.

Chen Yu, Love Actually does not exist "perfect ideal". What if there really is a secret to sustaining relationships? That should be the original intention of love.

"All true love is flawed. True love is through the waves, two people can also grow old together. "Ideal condition" is to set up the limit to oneself, but become the resistance of love. 」

Feelings are not like exams, answer all the answers can get full marks, in the love of this compulsory course we may continue to rebuild, Chen Yushun said: " people in the feelings of injury, you bring to their own injury, always more than others betray you hurt even greater." "It's like saying that marriage is a long-term relationship, and we still think it's true when we have an affair with the other half?" Some people choose to leave, but for some women "tolerating the other's infidelity" may be their role and work as a "wife". (You will like: the Most beautiful love, is to let you find love from yourself )

Chen Yu Hoon feel that the feelings must be mixed more life, perhaps we can think in the moment you still love not love each other? Can we just keep going? Rather than thinking about his wife's responsibilities. The important thing is, can you trust yourself to get a better feeling? Can you imagine going on with this person for 10 years, 20 years? If you can, after the waves, you can grow old together, perhaps this is true love, if not, do not waste this "meet better people" time, start again! There is no perfect relationship in the world, but we are still in the "overall very happy" love continue to move forward! (same field Gayon: Young or mature, what kind of love do you want to choose?) )

Why do people want to be a SAN? You should believe that you deserve the full love

talk to the affair, we are very curious Chen Yu hoon How to see "small"? Chen Yushun said: "I do not think that the SAN is completely wrong, but Why do you think you deserve to have a real feeling of your own?" "

is the nature like to rob other people's things? The second is to endure each other when they go home with another woman, to think in the relationship of love "means" to leave him, Chen Yushun said: "If you have such tolerant self-cultivation, and loyalty, why do you think you deserve a better man?" "(Extended reading the queen of the Sharp Talk of love, Love your Man which will make you a little one )

Really love a person, he will want to give you all the time and complete heart, he even can't bear you tears, wait, if the other party can only give you one-second love, or even less, you should do is not reluctantly leave, but unrestrained walk, because you deserve more complete love.

In fact, he talked to us about love and writing love, we understand that he is a very masculine man, but just like the above he thinks "the smaller one should deserve a more complete love", to understand it in a softer way than to put on a "negative label".

Chen Yu also generously said: "I am a feminist." "How can a man be so close to a woman's heart?" "All men should learn feminism," Chen Yushun said. (Recommended reading Joseph Gaudenlivai, who embraces feminism: "Don't let the sex define who we are!") ")

All men should learn feminists.

Chen Yushun said: "Feminism is not just about physical, economic autonomy, feminism is most important to me is" do not define women ", women do not have to do, they should be like all boys, have more options in life, sex labels from small to large, from the" health of the boys and girls version of the extraordinary egg "to the" workplace ", Any manipulation or thinking actually takes gender into account, which also limits women's human rights. 」

Next page, love yourself without reminding

Many people take the word "feminist" very seriously, think women are demanding authority and power, recently Emmahuasen also for women , let more people understand what we need is only the most basic respect and choice right, not only men misunderstand feminism, women also have unclear feminism, We often think that this is a woman alone, women on their own pronoun, so we will try to say "women to love themselves" slogan, in fact, "no other half can also be very good" is often misunderstood as "they are all good."

Of course, there is no other half we have to be very good, even if the love of the abyss of misery, we are still independent of two individuals, but does not mean that the good women do not need love. (same field Gayon: Love by Fate, loving oneself is the duty )

Love yourself without reminding, every day you have to take it for granted

Chen Yushun said: "Love Yourself" is like breathing, do not need to remind. 」

A person's life "also" can be very good, on behalf of my "have the opportunity" to achieve a better state, we do not overdo each other as the focus of life, the so-called a person can live very well, whether single, love, must exist in the state. Will actually remind love of their own people, how many have experienced an indelible heart. Those "I love you, but I do not love Myself" memory tells us to be selfish, but "Love Yourself" and "with others love" should not be conflict, only know how to love the real oneself, he can appreciate the most sincere and beautiful you. (Recommend you: love, just like the way I really am )

Love oneself is instinct, as natural and beautiful as breathing, do not need to prove to others that "I am very happy".

Three things to remember on the way to love: Believe in love, be lovely, be confident.

Know how to fall in love with sincerity, you also deserve to have more beautiful love, finally, we ask for a smooth Chen Yu-hoon to women fans readers three love the key to the road.

He said, the most important thing is to believe in true love, again is to let oneself can be loved, do not arm their own personality, or too demanding others, life and around the people are more tolerant and understanding, in the mentality to meet more different possibilities, do not let "ego" become a hindrance in the feelings. Finally return to, do not lose yourself in love, even if not be this person cherish, that is he may not be fortunate to have your good, do not disappoint, don't lose heart, you will become better yourself. (recommend you see: believe in yourself, believe in love )

(should be on site requirements: Install cute.) Life is very frank, gentle understanding of the world, so he really makes people want to love! )

About the personal opinion of the love Chen Yu, you are not also think this is a kind of very gentle sharp it? We think that the gender perspective is made up of people who have suffered a lot of emotional pain, but Chen Yu 15 years of stable relationship seems more like a better guarantee, that his love view but there is a group of living success stories, in addition to his lucky, we see in him more is to know how to cherish, Know the balance between loving others and loving yourself. We also hope to read the declaration of his true love, a little disappointed with love you, have been hurt you, or to believe that a future day, a love, will make you more complete. (same field Gayon: give yourself a chance to believe in Love Again )