I want to create a space for men to believe that they can be vulnerable, that women can be strong, that men support women, and that women support men and help with each other.

At 5:00 p.m. London Time (a.m.), UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson and Moderator Greg James, on the day of the International Women's Day, have a very useful dialogue, live on FB!

The #HeForShe's Hashtag exploits on social websites since September last year, when Emma Watson was a thought-provodout " Not Women's Rights, but Women's Rights Free .What does it mean for us today to fight for gender?In a 3/8 evening discussion, Emma Watson reaffirmed the core philosophy of last year's speech that feminism never equates to disgust men, and that all men who believe in equality are feminists .Heforshe wants to create a space for men to believe that they are vulnerable and make women strong; let men support women and help women support men and help them.

Last night, women's fans watched online, and early in the morning you wanted to tidying up the 10 words of yesterday's Q&A process!

1. " Feminism is not equivalent to disgust men. This is absolutely a matter of two different things.If you believe in gender equality, you are a feminist."Feminism is not about man hit, it's really not."

To fight for wages and fight for rights, men often think that women are doing so to bring down men, or simply to think about women's rights, but they are not, we fight for, because we have to fight for the rights of the sexes.If you believe in gender equality, you are a feminist.(Recommended reading: Joseph Gordon Levitt Joseph Gordon Levitt, embracing feminism)

"Feminism" and "Equality" are synonyms." Emma is steadfast.

2. "This morning, I asked my little sister," If you could have something like a boy, what would you want?"My sister wanted to say," I want boys to play with girls. "

" I thought, I think, yes, that's it. We have to be able to play together, and we're going to be included in this world."The world we yearn for, men and women are not gender-delineated, we are in the same world, and we have a better power to make the world a better place."And the question now is, in many areas, women have more access to the threshold than men, in the workplace, in politics, in the film industry, too much.

3. " Only 7 % of directors are women, why don't we tell the stories of women, or let women tell their stories?" " only 7 % of the director are women, why are we not telling women's story, let women tell tell their stories?"

The film is a powerful media, with global influence. Why don't we hear women's stories in the movies?Why is the percentage of female directors so low?Emma Watson, who is in the film industry, has a deep sense of emotion.(Recommended reading: Hollywood doesn't equal gender equality 700 years )

4. " Why do we not recognize the power of women?Why do we not believe that women can bring change to the world?The world needs to be balanced, women have a lot of potential and potential, and it's a pity that they are not being encouraged.Why we are not recognizing what she can bring to the table?"

"Women should be equally encouraged by men to believe that they can do anything."" Emma Watson says.

5. " I want to inspire people to take action and turn passion into concrete action."Empower people to take actions, translate the passion into truing doing."

6. "The small behavior goes a long way."

Emma Watson shares his often many men's questions about how to participate in #HeforShe's activities, and Emma says it begins with life, and believes that even a very small behavior can have an unexpected impact.

7. "heforshe refers to not men who rescue women," which is misinterpreted, and that women have long been in this group.This is not a male circle, but a gender circle, and we help each other."He for she is not about man saving woman, misounding, women are already in the club, it's not the man club, it's the equality club, we help each other."

Emma Watson explains the meaning of Heforshe, so that men have such a space that they know what they can do, men support women, and women support men, and help each other.Emma mentioned that he knew that many men were afraid to express themselves, and that they were not allowed to show pain in society, and that the matter was also a major reason for the realization of the right to gender equality.

8. " Without the support of each other, we could not fly high.On the road to equality, we are the strongest backing for each other." “ We're never, ever, ever going to be able to fly as high unless we're both in support of each other. ”

Emma, citing others, is like a bird. We can't fly without wings. Without the support of both sides, we don't fly high.The campaign is gender-fighting, and both men and women are the most powerful.(sibling: #HeforShe makes men be tenderness behind women's women )

9. " I like to be invited by a boy to eat, which would make me a feminist?No!"

Does the moderator ask if the Spirit of Knights is equal to "sex discrimination"?and asked Emma whether he would be offended by "men who open the door for women"?Emma laughs and says, "Wait, isn't this supposed to be polite?"I don't want to be a man.No!" spirit of the so-called knight should be shared by both sides, both of which feel very comfortable and are polite to each other. This is the only point." Emma Watson says with a smile.

10. "Don't let people tell you how to live, and what's outside of you."" Just don't allow other's to tell you what you can do, adn can't achive.

The world is big, and you're standing in the middle of the world.I believe in your world, I believe in your strength, how to live for yourself, and believe that you are the power to change the world.Emma again appeals to more people to join the HeforShe action, each person can be a gender ambassador in the environment! (Recommended reading: Beyonce: "Women can do anything, including yourself" )

It was late yesterday, but Emma's words have been very encouraging at night, hoping that this famous quote will also give you the same power as the same!There are still a lot of hard battles to fight in this battle, and Emma also admits that perhaps years of life, we can't see the full implementation of gender equality, but everyone should hold the belief that it is oaths to be a force to promote equality.

Four snippets with 3/8 talk show yourself for some time today to feel the charm of the scene.

A small force brings together the weight of the world.