We received a total of 739 netizens enthusiastic to fill in the answer, to see their answers, perhaps "Taiwanese work Happiness index" is not the same as you think.

Hi, Honey, do you remember the " Workplace Happiness Questionnaire " we launched at the end of March? We want to know how happy you are at work. This questionnaire lets us know about ourselves in the workplace and how to be happier if we work hard for ourselves and the future. about half a month, we received a total of 739 netizens enthusiastic to fill in a reply, to see their answers, perhaps "Taiwanese work Happiness index" is not what you think.

First, the basic data of the person who filled out the questionnaire

Workplace Happiness Questionnaire Collection time from March 30, 2015 to April 15, a total of 739 valid samples. are network questionnaires.

  • The most-answered occupations: Executive Secretary (13%), Business Sales (12%), students (10%), Media (9%), Finance and Accounting (6%)
  • Salary Status: K-40 K max (51%)
  • Sex: Female (97%), male second (3%), trans-gender (1%)
  • Marital status: Mostly unmarried (86%)
  • Status of children: Most children are not being raised (91%)
  • Age: 1981 years after birth Gen Y generation accounted for the largest (87%)

P.S. The above data are rounded. Women fans of the workplace Happiness Questionnaire and the Department of Labor Statistics office, the main office of the Executive Yuan, 1111 Human bank data, we want to share with you the analysis and observation of female fans, the results may give you a little surprise yo!

Five major analyses and observations to share your female obsession with you

Watch one: Most people care more about physical health and family relationships than career success!

Is it the career achievement or the money that makes you want to camp now? In fact, 83% of people think that the most important thing in life is health.

According to the reader feedback, the most important things in life are: physical health, family relations, personal achievements, social contributions, parenthood, money and wealth. From the chart we can see that people think the most important is physical health and family relations, career achievement and money wealth is less important.

Statistics of the Department of Labour Statistics, about 45% workers have overtime, overtime culture is prevalent, more and more people are faced with the problem of imbalance between work and life (good recommendation: The law of balance between work and life ); Coupled with the recent spate of food and safety storms, in a society with a high pressure and insecurity , more than most people care about is physical health and family relations.

This situation is very worrying, without a comfortable working environment and quality of life, fewer people have the conditions to bravely pursue career achievements and social contributions, children will reduce the degree of child will become more and more serious, 2014 years of the CIA World Survey estimated Taiwan's total fertility rate of 1.16, is the world's second-lowest fertility countries!

Cross-Compare the data and we'll find a few interesting places.

Married people are more important than single people, and single people feel that money and social contributions are more important than those who are married. Nearly half of those who choose to enter into marriage feel important to have children, and those who choose not to enter into marriage feel that money and wealth and social contributions are more important. We can observe that choosing to enter a marriage or being single is very much related to the values of life. (Good article recommended:10 before entering marriage the Ask the honest question )

Womany said: "No matter what you think the most important thing in life is those, in fact, as long as the choice of their own love to pursue, you can find the happiest life belongs to you." (Listen to 525 free Festival guests Dr. Bao Chat: seize their own heart, find their own core Value)

Observation II: "The Affirmation of others" is the most important factor affecting the happiness in the workplace

is pay and benefits, working environment The most important factor that affects the happiness of the workplace? In fact, people are most concerned about the ability to be positive and interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

The first five factors that affect the workplace Happiness index are: ability affirmation, interpersonal relationship, self-improvement, salary conditions, working environment.

81% of people think that the ability to be able to affect the workplace Happiness index is certainly the factor, 78% of people think that interpersonal relationship is an important factor affecting the workplace Happiness index. This shows that in the workplace "Others" is the most important factor affecting the well-being index, the performance in the workplace is affirmed by others, work with a friend of the company is very important.

75% of people think that self-improvement is an important factor in the workplace Happiness index. Obviously the purpose of the work is not only to make money, but to be able to bring their own growth and practice. Salary conditions, working environment, belong to company system and welfare, also affect the workplace Happiness index important factor.

Womany said: "For you, the most important factor in workplace happiness?" (Perhaps Ding teacher can give you some direction: too comfortable, will not learn anything again )

Observation three: The future is not so bad, most people have confidence in the future of the workplace

Low wages, high unemployment, long-term employment, the workplace is not happy. In the dark, we still have considerable confidence and expectation of the future.

In the 10-point "workplace happiness" and "future workplace confidence" survey, the respondents at present workplace happiness average of 6.01 points, the future workplace confidence average of 7.05 points. We can see that everyone is hopeful and confident about the future.

We have also found that men are now happier in the workplace than women, while women are more confident in their future career than men. in the workplace questionnaire, 69% of women believe that at present in the workplace than men encounter more difficulties, there is still a need for more gender inequality in the job, resulting in women's current workplace happiness is lower than men. But in recent years, many women's organizations have appeared, committed to equal voice, the law on Women's protection is more and more, women's confidence in the future workplace is higher than men.

//Womany said: Please always smile to face the future (Let 525 free festival guests Cheng tell you: be free to be yourself )

observation Four: glass ceiling phenomenon still exists, 59% women are apt to doubt their work meaning  

69% of women think that at present in the workplace more than men encounter more problems, what are the problems?

The top six women in the workplace who are more likely to encounter problems than men are the first to doubt the meaning of their work, their life and work imbalance, the difficulty of getting a raise, the pressure of work, the long hours of work and the poor working environment.

59% of women are confronted with the difficulty of "doubting the meaning of their work", and 42% of men are confronted with the problem. The job content is not as expected, the work is no affirmation of the results, are caused by the significance of the suspicion of their work. (Good recommendation: fall in love with your life )

42% of women face a life-and-work imbalance, and 36% think working hours are too long. According to the main office of the Executive Yuan, the average working hours per person is 177.9 hours per month in 2014, and each person works about nine hours per day. 45% of people have overtime, work is full of life, for women in the workplace is a great trouble.

41% of the people have encountered difficulties in raising wages, according to the main office of the Executive Yuan, the average salary of women in Taiwan in 2014 is 42,481 yuan, male for 51,464 yuan, women's average salary is only 82.55% of men, glass ceiling phenomenon still exists. In addition to gender-related wage differentials, low pay is also a big problem in recent years. According to the comptroller's Office, wages in Taiwan retreated back to 1999-year levels in 2014.

///Womany said: It's a happy thing to have an interest that's far more important than salary and work. (525 speaker Su Zihin: If life is only salary, there will be no feeling of living )

Observation five: Married and single people have their own career difficulties

Each has its own difficulties, married people are prone to the difficulty of promotion and raise, single people are prone to life and work imbalance difficulties.

A survey of "2013 women's salary rankings, released by the 1111 Human Bank, shows that unmarried women pay an average of 10% more than married people. Show that some employers think that married people need to spend more time with their families and work less than single people.

And single people are more likely to encounter difficulties in life and work imbalance, because there is no family's fetters, easy to be asked to work overtime or to give more jobs.

Womany said: "In the face of unfair in the workplace, I hope you can know what you really need, and brave to face and reflect the problem, gentle love yourself yo!" ( listen to 525 free festival guests Yau Kunjun chat: Gentle Love yourself, is Rao can't "perfect" your person )

What do you find after the questionnaire? What's the next step?

After watching 739 men and women share the workplace, do not know if you have a rethink of what the workplace means to you?

After summing up, we found that the pursuit of career achievement is no longer the mainstream, live to enrich, to find their favorite thing is the most important. What really brings us happiness in the workplace is the affirmation of our achievements and the companionship of friends. Now that the economy is down and wages are backwards, most people still have faith in the future. Glass ceiling and stereotypes still exist in the workplace, we need to work harder for the equality struggle!

In the growth of this road, the workplace, is the impact of our deep scenery. This is also the reason women fans want to share the results of this questionnaire, I hope that every one of you can find their own value in the workplace, happy to be free to do their own!

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