The demolition of patriarchy is the most resistance road, the wind and the line, gender Watch came to the end of the year for you to take stock of 2016 of the gender event.

2016 is coming to an end, this year many events we have seen from the clues of gender, to discuss the Sheng, expand the discussion space, we take the gender as the core, slowly open the eye of observation, is called gender observation.

North one female and Jing Mei students shouted " I defy ", challenge female students and uniforms skirts of the service link; China blowing to A4 waist challenge , women gan Unwilling to the beautiful delivery to a piece of paper annotation; Roying the shoulder belt incident, pondering the body boundary and the rape culture how to develop ; The minor sexual assault summons the invisible victim, telling the true version of his experience, and then, as we face the rise of sow-teaching, they frequently question whether Taiwan's feminism is too high.

2017 is coming, and we know there are a lot of gender battles to fight. Take you back to the 2016 gender event and see what we think and what we get from it.

More like "bring a child into the legislature" proposal: a pro-business and friendly career future

3/3 I just like the proposal to amend the Legislative Yuan rules tenth, I hope that the opening of administrative officials, legislators can bring children under three years of age into the immediate care and repair of infants and young children. The hope is to build a more pro-business and friendly workplace, and to point out that "parenting is not just a mother's responsibility", which has aroused extensive discussion.

"The Legislative Yuan is also the workplace and parents, and we can demonstrate that opening up the workplace is more friendly to both parents," she said. The Democratic Progressive Party legislator

The Legislative Yuan announced in April that the centre would be set up at the end of the year, hoping to lead the demonstration. We have also taken this opportunity to reflect on the status of Taiwan's parenting, and how much pressure has fallen on the mother? How many fathers are the government's parenting system friendly enough?

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A closer look at Selina's divorce manifesto: Exercises of intimacy

3/5 late at night, Selina issued a divorce manifesto, write "I did not play a good wife role, after marriage, I still enjoy my work, focus on my career, so I neglected to run a marriage and maintain a home, the need for relative time and pay, I became a wife, But he did not become a true wife. 」

That night Selina to be single, and in the family and not the family began to think, this era, we still need to become a virtuous wife? What is the necessary condition to be a good Wife? When a woman walks into the family, is it no longer free to start? Do you have to be sorry for your love of work?

"I sincerely hope that no one will ever have to be a good wife, and that women do not have to abandon their families for the sake of their careers." I really hope that one day we don't have to apologize for what we want to be, we don't have to apologize for what we are doing, we don't need to apologize for being a woman. 」

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"Shoulder strap" door: who is qualified for me to determine the boundaries of the body?

"High school, the class will have a few like Roying snow such as the north of the girls, you dare to play such a person's shoulder strap?" 」

April, Ministry of Law minister Roying Snow because of Kenya case a hasty response, "Then he died", provoked uproar, many netizens to "gender" to attack, the "dare" the word appears particularly dazzling. Many girls have been out of the closet, sharing the different years of "being pulled shoulder belt" experience.

Why are you qualified to pull my straps? Why do you think it's fun to pull my straps? This year's delay and do not know how to ask the question of exports, now floating on the stage. Who has given the power to pull and be pulled? Why are we trying to find sexual harassment as a "fun" temptation when we're groping for a relationship?

What we want to talk about is to make the shoulder strap a natural growth rule, and to make this society more encouraging for girls to fight back, to say uncomfortable and unpleasant.

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The case of minor sexual assault: The experience of victimization is not a joke

It happened in June 2015. In May this year, the client's boyfriend, in his face book, pointed to the flaws in the sexual assault case and the improper language, which included our familiar "I want to hear what you've learned as a woman and don't trample on a victim's position." 」

Neither the theory nor the faction, the victim experience should be a joke. We see the difficulty of complaining as a victim of sexual assault, the lack of a system of communication on campus, and when he tells his story, he has to bear the risk of two degrees of injury at trial. The society still has a "review of victims" mentality, to "protect themselves" in the name of the victims to control themselves.

I think our society really owes these sexually abused parties an apology. "We must rebel against violence, not because it makes a woman incomplete and takes away chastity, but it infringes the body's sovereignty." 」

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Anne Hathaway does not do spicy mom: The word hot mom is exhausting.

Women are not born to be mothers, women are not born to know how to be a mother. The evolution of the times, she was not only asked to be good, but also to pay attention to their posture of "spicy Mom". It was Anne Hathaway who really breathed a sigh of relief for women, "your body is always changing, growing, or shrinking, all elasticity is love." I honestly face all the changes in my body after having a child. 」

"From an aunt to the mother of hot Mom image transformation, walking in a harsh road, we aspire to economic independence of the image of the strong woman, longing for women to shape their own, but part of the mother, and do not have such resources to become a rapid postpartum slimming mother." 」

When a woman grows into a mother, society to see her since then have a rude two-way, want to well aunt, and we imagine women should have a third choice, when she became a mother, we hope that she can in the social welfare assistance, still have enough margin to imagine life outside the mother.

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Indonesian domestic sexual assault: seeing weakness in the weak

Her name is Tinny, the Indonesian website released her own male employers sexually abused video footage, let people look directly at Taiwan's long-standing ugly labor relations, foreign women's perennial unfriendly, they are weak in the weak, unable to turn over, blurred the face.

Whether employers see foreign migrant workers as "private-wealth" mentality that can be exploited arbitrarily or if the foreign migrant workers lack a better communication and complaint channel in the long run, they need to improve. According to the data, there were 25 cases of sexual assault and sexual harassment complaints from March to April this year, of which nearly the culprits were employers. (Recommended reading: Ubiquitous Discrimination: "Import marriage" and "foreign brides" four words how hurtful )

We want to invite society to see the power structure of race and sex, which is a vicious circle, and what we can do is to adjust both legislation and civil mentality.

"What we need to do is not to create a society in which the migrant workers can adapt, but to allow the migrant workers to have their own culture at ease." 」

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TRUMP: For gender injustice, everyone should stand up and fight.

"Take their private place, and then you can do whatever you like." "Perhaps it is the most memorable speech in the Trump of" making America strong again, "he said.

When Trump responds to this as "a dressing-room chat that every man would say", we are less receptive to the rhetoric of annoying women as a daily gossip. And Trump is not the only one, we are too accustomed to live in the general dislike of women's society, we may be surrounded by a palliative of the Trump, the mouth of the violence of the language as a joke. When we oppose Trump, what we are opposed to is the continued indulgence and belittling of women's gender daily.

"No matter what kind of intimate or unfamiliar relationship between the offender and the victim, whether it is a woman or a man, an adult or a child, the violation is equally hateful, is to be denounced by the people." 」

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The onslaught of Sow teachings: a demolition of the patriarchal construction

For Sow-teaching, the so-called sow is a feminist who suppresses men and a vested interest in the women's rights buffet. PTT on the Netizen su Mei listed a sow counts, girls never have to carry up family responsibility, girls by dress cute walk, girls easy to get tutor 300 off ... At the same time deepen the patriarchal impression, but also criticize the women who enjoy the patriarchal dividend.

We would like to say that if these crimes are due to the patriarchal framework, why do we not do so instead of dismantling the patriarchal system, but blaming the people who live in the patriarchal system? To tell the truth, the oppression of the patriarchal is never just a woman, but also a miserable man, in order to crown the patriarchal, to endure the frustration of life.

"Why do people eat men to pay?" Why do men work women at home? From this moment, whether you are a sow or a sow, think again, and the dogma that has been put upon you, where does it come from? 」

The forced experience, which is not similar but homologous, we see the possibility of the sow being reconciled with the sow.

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Let thinking be a daily starting point, we want to invite everyone to open their own gender perspective, see the world's emerging gender events, but also see their own gender situation over the last few, write the most authentic one of the gender discourse.

And in the future, we do have a lot of battles to fight, will you be on the road together?