the life, he has a beautiful wife who has been in love for 15 years. He has a very lovely child who has seen all kinds of light and strange phenomena on the field. He has been a lecturer in the Internet for six months, but has rapidly accumulated a high popularity.

Some people say that he was the first woman in Taiwan to masquerading as a woman, but she was more beautiful than a woman, and she found out that she was not even a ."I have to understand what I have to do, and I am embodied in every matter of life," he said. "This is what he is," he said. "This is his, weaving."(Honey, it is more beautiful than the one we can imagine

There is no white walk, every hour of the hour

Chi-hsiang once worked as a model, and has worked in small companies, and has experienced a variety of situations in which there are virtually impossible situations in the real world: bosses run the way, embeed by fraud syndicates, and so on.Even if you have experienced incredible work experience, he has also learned to be the best lecturer in the lecturer's teaching materials.(Also let's see: Love your life )

All parties' talks, consultancy invitations, and mothers and young children to take care of them. He has to learn more from time to time, practice more new network trends and operations, and we can't help asking him how he is going to make his own busy life. He smiled and humbled and said, " In fact, I don't have a method of special time management, notebook writing down my thoughts, and then typing in a computer when I look after the child's free space.On the side of the side, he added: "Basically, it's the opportunity to take the time to do things that can be done.""There is no waste of time and dedication, and the time has come for you to prepare yourself well," he said. "It is a way of life for Chi-hsiang."

Speaking of inputs, Chi-hsiang can't stop dancing, and at every moment do the same.

Responsible for each decision, with more failures growing

The path to the instructor will actually be an unexpected episode in the case of Chi-hsiang.Everything is starting from scratch, but once he decides to do it, he will do so.Now, because he's talking about online marketing, the first thing is to market itself, and to practice all kinds of practice and sharing through his own Facebook." What I'm doing is trying to try and try something I believe in, and to prove my instincts and methods.As an advisor to so many large and small companies, he shared the most direct observation that he really had to do what he wanted to do before he could spark energy."

He even encourages us to get used to the failure to get along and not be afraid of failure. If you want to do it yourself, you can do it." If you don't do it, you won't have it.If you do more, you can learn more.If you are wrong, you will have the chance to know more about the way it is.In addition to being afraid of failure, we also found that Chi Heung is a person who has been observed at the minute half an hour earlier. It is a half hour earlier to arrive at the same time as a company's culture from various small details. His senses are open and studied at any time, anywhere.
(Success Philosophy: Opportunities for self-learning, not better )

graceful, long hair, fine skin, and chronicle show your great love for yourself

doesn't need to think, doesn't need a choice of life

Interviews, we also found that Chi-hsiang really experiences a lot of different lives, both challenges to the external environment, as well as the once in the inner sex struggle, and because these experiences allowed him to read a lot of different books and philosophical discussions.When it comes to the history of his own mind as a fake, we ask what has been caused by this unthinkable “ nature ” of nature."If you don't mind the pain, you don't know how much pain it is," says a graceful smile.After a long pain, it will know that the pain is actually a natural thing. When pain becomes a natural thing, it will not hurt.
not help asking him why he wanted to be a fake, because many people thought it was "unnatural", but why was it different from the public, or not?As Chi Hsiang said, "It's not my choice to pretend to be a woman, and I like to do it."What the public can understand or cannot understand is actually understandable and unintelable.So for me, I am, it's not a choice, I'm just doing my own.(It's worth more respect, neutral: the beauty of ultra-cross-.)
The Tian Tian Chi-hsiang is the most beautiful woman in Taiwan. He is also the father of a child, and a man of his wife.They are full of ideas, they are prepared to prepare themselves in the best state, not afraid of failure, not afraid of mistakes, and not afraid “ doing good deeds " for ”.Some people are different from the public, because they are very real people, that's all.(Let's also look at: Daddy's marriage motto for his son: Get married, not just for you

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