"The greatest enemy of life, is himself", this maxim, no matter how many quenching and challenges, is still the most accurate life intelligence; but you say, why do people always find themselves in trouble? Even unconsciously love to pick the West, whether the object is their own, or the other half. And then really, you also want to know, why always after a happy, and will involuntarily hide back into the melancholy corner, and the day, although nothing is changing, but feel the more live more tired?

Now, let Womany accompany you, from down. Venting Put it flat. Assured Let go of practice, and then learn to face the problem bravely . Of course, want to put down also need to know first, what is you have been unable to let go. Next, we have sorted out 14 life crux points for you; give yourself a fresh chance, you will meet again, generous embrace life The New beginning, the heart starts oneself!

The crux of the matter: Sorry to hang on the mouth

The study found that women talk "Sorry" or "embarrassed" the number of times far too much for men. Of course, we do have to be responsible for our own mistakes, but for those who can hardly make a "mistake," like asking the clerk to help you settle the bill with someone else, or to make a date with a friend, or call a friend to tell a daily chore, say you're sorry, and create a negative energy, will be more than you think. Dear, you really worry, not everything is transforms to meet strict standards to happen, you can definitely keep your preferences , and you really want. Stop apologizing as a mantra, change it to a thank you, this is not only for your own behavior the best feedback, but also can let others no longer inexplicable bear an intangible pressure. ( Extended reading: Good communication, starting from finding out the advantages of each other )

The crux of the problem two: for everyone except themselves say yes

Well, I'll come out for a cup of coffee (in fact, I'm tired of exhaustion, just want to go back to stay in bed to see my online video; ok, I'll help you revise your resume (although I can't finish my job); Well, I promised to go on a four-person date with a male friend who's not full with your lover (God knows, I'm not interested in your boyfriend's friend at all, I really don't want to go. Stop, stop, stop! If there are so many unwilling, do not let others in the request of your thoughtfulness. Learn to use a tactful but firm expression and tone, try to not interested in their own things say no! Take your attitude out and others will be more willing to respect your bottom line. ( extended reading: Courage to do yourself )

The crux of three: do not put their own needs in the visible position

In many cases, women often spend a disproportionate amount of time deciding what not to do, not to do, or not ready to do. Do not allow your uneasiness or anxiety to give you a seemingly non-lethal decision, for in the end, you are wasting the opportunity to grow up and go beyond the difficulties. Since you are worried about not getting along well with your co-workers, just face them face-to-face and say it! After all, sometimes only you think too much, not others are narrow-minded to crowd you. If you need attention, let your own strength be seen, rather than spend time speculating on the views of others. Serious face oneself also has the need to conquer the workplace , do more positive and affirmation of the decision of the ego; you are bound to fall in love with such a decisive and intelligent self! ( extended reading: Organic love, do yourself )

Crux Four: Treat food as an enemy

Until now, the society has continued to brainwash women of the lies of physical appearance equal to their worth: a woman's hair should be supple, with a large volume of natural fluffy enough to have a feminine taste; do not paint too heavy makeup, fresh naked makeup is good (but must be exquisite); figure to maintain at 50 In kilograms is the Hong Kong beauty ... Wait a minute. These unreasonable demands on women also make us unconsciously point the finger at the most susceptible to the body's food, and the heart that should have been contented and thankful to taste the food was swallowed up by the guilt of being caught. But this is not to ask you to eat and drink, but you should learn how to consciously enjoy the dessert , so that little happiness is no longer easily strangled by worldly perceptions. The woman writer, Everand, once said, "I've been in love so many times I've been drowning, and I've been a lot of people, but the only thing I haven't regretted is that I've been through that time with my chips." "( extended reading: Woman, you are actually more beautiful than you think )

The crux of the matter five: professional to complete something, but feel that they robbed the work

In the workplace, women tend to be more likely than men to fall into a kind of self-doubt that is "not really a professional , but a task that is fortunate to be accountable to the boss." If the generosity of praise, a small inferiority complex will start to make trouble, feel as if to rob someone's credit, and feel guilty about it. Dear, please discard this thought, everything you have done, whether large or small, plus more self recognition of the value of it! Whether it's getting a job for everyone, getting a new contract for the company, or winning a better profit for the boss, because you're so serious about making a contribution, believe that you deserve the applause and deserve to be seen. If the performance of excessive modesty, but will become a false Oh! Let this career woman's journey for you to cheer:LV Vice President: Fashion industry's most position woman .

Crux Six: Do not allow any of their own not beautiful photos are labeled on the face book

As long as you are labeled on the face book photos, you can not restrain yourself to strictly screen each picture? As long as the photo angle is wrong, the light is too dark too bright, the face looks too big, you will not consider the label to take off, afraid of their own expression corner will be exposed to others to see? But to be honest, the consequences of this are just getting more and more anxious, because once you're taken by a friend, you can't predict what kind of picture will appear in your face book. In fact, the photo is put up after the possibility of exposure, the label return is only to find peace of hand, you can do is not much. Dear, try to think like this: it is just a picture, it does not represent all the appearance of you, and finally, you will remember not the expression of your day, but the appearance of the whole memory. If you can not worry about this trivial matter, there is a great joy in life waiting for you to receive it! ( extended reading: mentality, determine how broad the road of life )

The crux of the problem seven: compare their real life with other people's virtual life

Studies show that people who are addicted to Facebook books tend to be less confident than the average person, while those who spend an hour or more at night are more likely to fall into a more jealous mindset of love than those who browse for a friend or ex-girlfriend's photo album. As long as you see another island to go on vacation, or go to a famous restaurant to taste the senior meal, you will begin to feel depressed, feel that only their own life is the most prosaic. When you feel more and more unhappy, you will not cherish what you have. Now, turn off his/her face book , don't care about the virtual beauty, after all, everyone has their own unbearable, but who would want to deliberately put the skeleton in the closet? Dear, Time needs you to be good baby it, take to cherish each present, that will really let you feel contented and happy, and think about it, you also have others envy not come of small indeed fortunately? ( extended reading: Falling in love with one's life )

The crux of the problem eight: every day wearing high heels go out

Unless you need to work, on weekdays, you will have the non-high heels do not wear the obsessive-compulsive disorder? As a woman, very few people can resist that more beautiful than the art of high heels, each time a put on, just like for their own hit the love of women have the apple light, people unconsciously addictive. ( extended reading: Shoes are in common with men ) but more often than not, you have to admit that those shoes are really less likely to be comfortable and uncomfortable and more uncomfortable. In the end, we hope to have a healthy foot, can accompany us to go longer. So, do not covet the short-term attention of the eye, abandon the "wear flat shoes" on the idea of inferior! Accept your original appearance, even if you wear flat shoes , your elegance will not be submerged. When you begin to enjoy the lightness of being free, you will be more likely to walk than the Queen! There is a saying that: "Without a smile, you still do not count dress integrity." "So the shoes are not the key, the protagonist is always the one who wears it." ( Read on: Find your own glamorous formula )

The sticking point nine: comment on other women's sex life

No matter who you've slept with, how many people you've had intimate relationships with, or which way you'd like to express your sexuality, no one is qualified to comment on your own value in this matter. ( extended reading: How to think about sex: love and sex ) since you know "do unto others, others", as a woman, we don't embarrass women. May not have been aware of this tendency before, but this kind of thing is never too late, henceforth, let this kind of gossip disappear in your chat topic! Next time, when you want to comment on which woman coquettish like female , first care, learning silence is golden, because of the tolerance of others, but also to their most sincere blessings.

The crux of the problem ten: fear of being said to be a crazy person

When women are accused of being overly emotional, the opinions and feelings that they put forward can no longer be set up in an instant, or even be ignored or taken seriously. Because women as long as "the courage to show feelings", "too have ideas," will be classified as "crazy", which let many like you have to talk about women, due to the secular perception, had to be silent back to a gentle woman. But the more you can not do yourself , you show the gentleness can only stranded on the surface, want to let people really buy it hard. Dear, please do not worry too much, release your thoughts, boldly plant the crazy seeds, even if you can't change the world, at least you can live happier. Besides, regardless of boys and girls, who dares to say that their hearts do not have a little (or a big point) of the madness? ( extended reading: Actor: Worth Crazy Chen Yihan for himself )

Crux 11: Be afraid to have a heart-to-heart with yourself

Some things in life, you have quite the right to grasp, such as deciding whether to go to the fellowship, where to travel, how to praise others get goodwill, but some things can only meet, not by their own efforts can be determined to win the day. The search for a soulmate (or even a brief relationship) is in a category that cannot be mastered. You can assume that you will be at which time and where to meet who, but no one can guarantee that the person, will be the right person . Since you are out of control, do not scare yourself, because 90% of the things that worry is not going to happen, and what will happen, worry is useless. Learn to heart yourself and appreciate your beauty, until you can feel loved without relying on others, and you will be relieved to face the next love . Miss Chanel's Oscar-winning actress Sally MacLean said: "Life, the most unforgettable part of my relationship, is not young when the first love, but that, from beginning to end I do not abandon their own." "( extended reading: Turned, was to meet himself )

Crux 12: Love for Love

If you are close to panic about "one person's life", the worst thing you can do is to talk about a relationship that you don't feel passionate about in order to resolve loneliness. You might think that if you try more, you may have a chance to find the right person, but in fact, instead of starting this new relationship with the "right mindset", instead of taking advantage of other people's feelings in order to get love, you don't get to be someone you love. What is that? The answer is, an empty shell that will return you with more loneliness . Girl, learn to put down "no one will love you" nameless fear! Know how to love yourself , and do it carefully; True love will soon realize that the person who appreciates it, can not wait to walk towards you. ( extended reading: Before falling in love, please get used to being alone )

Crux 13: Spend too much time dating people who are not obligated

Just because the primary school every day with her to learn, in the country with her secretly skipped class, high school also for her to pass love letter to the boys like, does not represent now you and her/him, still have a similar life, there is "should" have no words to chat obligations . With the students in the country or a long time to see the cousin's cousin Huan, always let you happy memories of childhood. The first two or three times, you can chat is very happy, but if the ordinary life does not have too many intersection, but hold cannot forget old friend's mission and hard to meet, will only let oneself more and more have no time to pay attention to oneself more important person thing. You need to understand that some relationships are good for you, and some let them fade away lightly. Maybe you all have a place for each other, but the timely refusal to invite, live your life, can really let you free from the blind , and find happiness. ( extended reading: Are you really happy?) Busy meaning )

Crux 14: Set a time limit for your life events

Hey, stop trying to set a deadline for what you're going to do at each stage of your life! 27-Year-old found the right person to marry, 28 years old to buy their own Hermes bag, 30 years old when mom, 32-Year-old director, 36-Year-old open a café, 40-year-old to travel around the world .... Having a dream is really a very beautiful thing, also let a person more motivated to want to seriously good every day, but you should know, things are not all so well. If you push yourself too tight, and do not finish to-do list within the time limit, the end is that you have to silently reclaim the loss caused by yourself, rather than the expected harvest. At this point, learn to enjoy the uncertainty of life, to update their own "Life events" Bar! After all, not everyone has to go the same way, have a similar life, only to be complete. ( extended reading: Don't let marriage be the graveyard of dreams, find your worth ) Dear, please believe that life will find a way out, too many deadlines, will only prevent you to embrace the best choice for their own .


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