Peggy said: From life to find inspiration, create their own beautiful! Let us take you together into Peggy's childlike innocence world!

This afternoon we saw Xu Jepe Peggy, a dark purple hair long skirt, mermaid-like orange curls, no defensive smile, she is like a fairy came out of the elves to give people a kind of worry-free atmosphere, Peggy said: "I have not felt that I was a princess, I am more like the Tinkerbell around Peter Pan, she has a temper, will be jealous, will laugh and cry, this is a real person. ”

talking about this concept album "Waltz", from the previous to "three-beat" is fascinated by her want to share the three music with all the possibilities, I always thought that the three-beat can do little change, but Peggy gave the album The attitude and emotion of each song, it can be very elegant, very mysterious, full of a lot of imagination. We feel like every woman, even if it's a three-shot, even under a limited frame, When you have an attitude, you can be very different. ( It is also recommended that you know another woman with a very good attitude: I am Xu Fang, dance is my life attitude )

from "Balloon" to "Waltz", each album is very personal characteristics of the Peggy Xu Jepe in the music does not try to do more to challenge the new concept of the combination, but also from the singer to the producer, the foot of the radio and stage drama, has been found that their different possible Peggy very enthusiastic embrace every element of life she likes , the creation of each song has a story behind her, is an emotional and meticulous and have a romantic imagination of the storyteller, we also from the positive view of life she learned, hold the child in my heart , with the way you feel happy grows. as we hear her sing in the Peggy "King":

"I'm just King with Candy fairy tales to catch your eye
hug and kiss your cheek for the way you're going to be brave and strong "

From the child's world to find the innocence

Peggy's song has always been a very magical, very light strength, like a "mature version of the fairy tale", very much like to get along with the children of her in this album injected a lot of fun, we seem to have heard the dream of flying childhood in the sky. She used the most close to your voice, the most pressure-free way to comfort you grow up, each song seems to say: you have to believe , believe, will exist , She has been in her own way to accompany the scars of our growth . (Recommended reading: a letter from a girl to her future boyfriend: Will Your love make Me grow?) )

Peggy said "King" This song, is dedicated to everyone in the heart do not want to grow up children.

"I am a very do not want to grow up, so for their own past leave a song, you can not stop the time, but the mind to the innocence to stay." ”

Peggy because the previous stage play met a lot of children, she said watching children have been growing up, one day they will face a lot of sadness, the first love, the sad growth, perhaps Peggy can not always accompany them, but ' king ' will accompany them, Peggy said: " No matter what happens, I will be your king. As long as you need it. and I want you all to be happy and grow up in the way you like . "When talking about her vast children's friends, we seem to be able to see the little girl in her soul in the blink of an eye," said Peggy. "It's important to keep your childlike innocence," everyone will grow up, you have to face to accept , but you can still have your childish. (you would like: from girls to women, we learned 10 things )

Peggy: I was naïve.

we think that the reason why Peggy can be a little more happy than others, perhaps just because of life more than a little observation and feeling. Her childlike innocence, also comes from her small self-willed to life, do her favorite appearance . Peggy Frankly oneself is naïve, she thinks childish is "do not affect others, to oneself responsible circumstance, let oneself occasionally self-willed, do you feel happy thing". (Share with you the Allen Dichennie who knows how to love yourself : To be free )

"I like to imagine, enlarge The happiness in life with sadness, I want to create a place where people are heard to enter the world he imagines. I am a very naïve person, childish is a kind of super ability, also is a gift, you are naïve enough to be curious about the world, I used to watch TV to see a scene of the snow is excited to cry, or light to see a leaf, imagine where it came from, I feel so beautiful, I use the imagination of what I feel to become a story, The small details in life are the nutrients I create. "(Recommended reading: hard Life, is a habit )

"Because you believe, he will happen." I believe that the world is magical. ”

Peggy very believe that life has always been a little elf to help him, she felt as long as this thought, life will be because of these romantic little things and better.

"When I write a song, I feel Like I'm another soul, and it's going to be a pain in the process, and it's amazing when I write it: Is this what I just created?" From the process of no life is very magical, suddenly a melody came in, how do you know this voice is not the spirit in my ear to sing to me? ”

Peggy and we talk about her and the elves, these beliefs come from her heart to the world's good faith, we seem to be in her description into a unicorn, white magic, magical flowers of the kingdom. Peggy's music, like her people, has a strong appeal, let us get a long time in the busy life of the quiet , you will be full of power of the appeal is very fascinated, in need of spiritual release of Salvation, We usually choose our own Lake , maybe go for a walk, repeat a music, walk a long way, Peggy said a person, "music" accompanied her through a very difficult, or very lonely days, so she understood "a song" The power is powerful, it can even redeem a person's painful soul, help you find the exit. (recommend you see: Six a moment, let you listen to yourself again )

Peggy that Everyone can enjoy the loneliness of a person and enjoy the good times when they are alone. , she also hoped that her music would give everyone the warmth or sadness they needed, like a new album "Waltz" The album is a box, we think it is a open childhood Pandora box, when the scene opened when everyone issued "WOW" praise, there is a mirror inside, There is also a dancing girl, Peggy said: "Although she is a person, but she is not alone, because there is a mirror inside her own company." "If the music of Peggy comfort us a lot of lonely night, these music also from her immersed in the creation of loneliness, send and song Soul deepest Blessing." Peggy also told us that writing songs is a very lonely thing, but she knows that she still has a lot of strength to accompany, not a person .

Next page Peggy tell you how to live alone

Honey, you're not alone.

"In real life, I am a very happy person, so I have so much courage to imagine the sad story , because I know that no matter how broken the song I wrote, open the studio door, I was safe, I was still loved. I always feel a sad person can not write a happy song, but a happy person he could imagine sad. "

we believe that "open the door, you are safe", in the face of difficulties, we can easily lock the heart, Peggy said: "A lot of road to their own walk, a lot of sad only their own can be cured, but in the fast forget the original intention of the time, the side must have a good sister, you may have a husband, you may have a boyfriend, Most of the boys stand, you speak your difficulties when they will want to help you solve, but we want only, you give me a look said: you understand . That's very important. ”。 Even if some difficulties only oneself can completely face and bear, also don't forget the door there are many people who love us quiet accompany us through those long night, sometimes you really feel bad, do not be afraid to ask for help, do not refuse to speak out, because we can hear you .

Peggy also said: " In the process of chatting, you are actually healing yourself. , it's important to explain your problem, and it's probably because of a casual remark. Many times we do not have to insist that boys must understand, to some extent, is impossible, this time to find a good sister! "(Recommended you see: lovelorn, more than you love your good sister )

Peggy think that really understand your good sister, good friend is not in fact, not every day in the meeting, not like the country to talk about the telephone daily message, sometimes two or three months did not meet, seeing again is a sense of security . , is not a torrent of chat, but you sit down to order a muffin a cup latte, this is a very practical happiness. Listen to Peggy talk about his good sister, our hearts also seem to have a few old friends face, meet is always a long time, because we know that we may not particularly want to eat which meal, perhaps in the super business one person a bottle of beer can chat for a night. We feel in the Peggy "childlike innocence" is actually a kind of original intention , a kind of not to forget, those who miss the past, are the forces that promote our growth. (Would you like to: friends or old good?) Seven reasons that should be contacted with old friends )

(Peggy said: "From life to find inspiration, to create their own beautiful!" )

Women's pure childlike innocence, waiting to meet with the girl

Peggy's happiness comes from her optimism, her contentment, the way she sees life, which makes it supposed to be a Peggy. happy girl. , has always said that he is "naïve" Peggy, in our eyes is actually a mature elf, she knows how to choose the way she likes The attitude of life , but also left the heart of the most precious things. Honey, what do you want to keep yourself? Perhaps the reality of the noise is too large, pressure on your bottom of the faint cry for help, childhood dreams, the feeling of genuine smile, the once wearing a leng, a Leng, the mother's heels in front of the mirror jumping tread tread you. girl, you still have your innocence, you are the most true appearance, you will remember. (Recommended reading: Women after 25, why not have their own dreams? )

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