From the January to the December, from #FreeTheNipple to the United States to a diverse family , women fans hope that they do not miss the world's gender issues. At the end of the year for you to take stock of 2015 women fans of the six milestones, which has laid the influence, we solid forward, thank you and we walked together, from the woman to the women's paradise to the classroom to comfortzone women's private detergent, this year is the courage to practice people. (same field Gayon: meet a better 2016!) Google Play review of the seven best appof the year

In the countdown of 2015, female fans are also about to move towards the end of five years. The top 3.5, we nest in the Neihu of less than 10 ping office, a group of people crowded in the corridor, the wall is a projection screen, we stand report, while on the wall affixed to the future of practical convenience stickers. The office is really small, but our dream is always very big.

This April, we moved to the paradise of women in Heping East Road, a three-storey space that has been redesigned the first floor is night and day, open the planning and speech space, the second floor is to create a forest concept office space, the third floor is to explore the body classroom, we use space to embody the spirit of women, women fans paradise is more people's home.

In the 2015, we gave ourselves the key words "practice", every step along the way, we always trembling and grateful, because we know all this is not taken for granted, we can do too much, we are more and more convinced that perseverance even if hard, absolutely necessary.

Take stock of 2015 women fans of six milestones, moving forward moment, I believe you are also in!

January/give the right to the victim: write down your pain activity page

"Our society owes a real help to the victims of sexual harassment." --The Miao Boya

At the end of last year's attack on the chest, many people are willing to talk about their sexual assault and harassment of the story for the first time, this thing is not only a few or Chen Weiting, their pain is rarely really understood and express. Our contemporary society is still inclined to review the victims, "your dress is too short," You come home too late, and you have made good intentions, all of them are under great pressure from the victims.

write down your Pain activity page , we put the discourse right back to the parties, write down the heartache and trauma experience, writing is the first step of self-healing, we provide the face of trauma and shadow of space, and through their real words, awaken Asian countries face sexual assault, sexual harassment, The huge shadow that sexual violence poses to women. We also started working with the Women's Relief Foundation in December to invite the foundation to provide professional consulting services!

April/Create a career scene in Taiwan:Wonderland Women's Paradise

(Click here to know more about women's Paradise )

"Space of three keywords: idiosyncratic (special personality), spontaneous (with the Xing Free), Wonderland (wonderfully full of surprises), like the charming woman, space full of individuality, freedom and courage to do their own, enjoy the happy exploration of the world, Feel free to surprise yourself! --Zhang Wei Xuan

When we envy the Silicon Valley ecology, envy The Beijing Zhongguancun, can Taiwan also have its own entrepreneurial landscape? Located in the two section of Peace East Road, the woman fan Paradise want to do not just the office, but to open up the imagination of entrepreneurial space. The space for women's paradise is flowing and morphing all the time, and we welcome all those who want to be better in Taiwan. (same field Gayon:"When we are together, this is home" the woman is obsessed with the concept of physical space )

June, Face book the first female engineer recruitment party in Taiwan is a paradise for women, women fans and Facebook are convinced that a more open world will be a better world; in July, South Korea's entrepreneurial team Between visit, exclaimed that women are fascinated to remind them of Silicon Valley; in October, President Ma Ying-jeou visited and talked with us mat, Sigh new vitality beyond imagination. Women's paradise is an unwilling compromise space, we can not just imagine and envy, we can pull up their sleeves to do something out. (Recommended review:"exclusive" President Ma Ying-jeou talks about Taiwan's spirit: a lot of setbacks, but I have no time to be weak )

May/Love oneself and the world's emboldened: more than thousands of people respond I love me free festival

"What is Love yourself?" Love oneself not only spoil oneself, love oneself is good and bad all don't reject, and always believe oneself have better possibility. When the chance comes, do you have the courage to raise your hand? 」

We are convinced that love ourselves is not only a slogan, but also action, so with 525 I love my free festival. We invite speakers from Hong Kong, Australia and Taiwan to share the forum through workshops and forums, and we want to build a festival that belongs to Taiwan.

The most touching, is 525 day, the reader and we break the established impression of society, who said activity nine o'clock in the morning on time no crowd? At 5,258, there was a queue of people, from the south, from Hong Kong, from the mainland, how not willing to be late; Who said we were afraid to raise our voices? 525 prepared to speak on the small stage, convinced that everyone has a say, people are not afraid to stand on the small stage of light. After 525, each person who left has the ability to love themselves, but also have the power to love the world. (Recommended reading:525 I love my free section straight hit: Love their own five keywords, you will always be your own full version )

August/WHO says women don't touch politics: cai English and Hong Xuoju ! Women's Times series of lectures

"Women's times in the classroom, in order to carry forward the female force for the heart, to promote the times as a practical goal, not to do the forum, not to do the summit, but the classroom." Because everyone has the right to speak, everyone is responsible for the times. 」

The second half, belongs to the age of female force! August 26, women fans hold the women's Times classroom invited DPP candidate Tsai and young generation Xu Tianjin, I like to talk about "Taiwan in my Eyes", that night we do not divide the party, the imagination is the better future of Taiwan; October 14, Women fans invited KMT former presidential candidate Hong Xuoju to participate in the women's Times salon, In this time of best and worst, we talk about the importance of taking responsibility. (Recommended reading:"exclusive" CAI English female Power speech Full text: "Failed to stand up again, find Taiwan's rebellion and strong")

Politics has always been a life, and women are obsessed with thinking about politics in a gentle vein of women. When other people are anxious to define the female fans are blue or green, we want to collide is the blue and green two yuan, we want to do is always to provide the space for rational discussion in Taiwan, let the problem be seen, let the idea be exchanged, let thinking be practiced.

November/Recover Body Control: ME timefemale intimate shower gel

"Dear girl, Take back your body, your lust, your rights--yang

After #FreeTheNipple action, we are more directly aware of the oppression of women's bodies in society. We wonder how good it would be if the passions were no longer embarrassing to us, if our bodies were no longer afraid of us, and if the body and lust were our most comfortable comfort zone. ME Time is our answer and action, blush red just want to fill the gap between the woman and her body.

Have you ever felt your body? Have you ever had a conversation with your vagina? Are you worried about the itch in your own private place? Red blush and entrepreneurial team green cane vitality cooperation, experience about one year of the preparatory period, together to create MEtime, from taking care of their body the most sentimental private place, take back the control of the body. ME Time first line two weeks snapped, we know women are ready. ( same field Gayon:"Female Force column" Life is too short, won't you waste in the not good thing )

December/create elegant field for erotic: Red Blush App

"Talk about sex to say love can be graceful and comfortable?" Can there be a platform for Chinese women, let us talk about sex no longer, in the face of their own lust no longer fear, embrace their own body no longer difficult? So blush Red was born. (Recommended reading: The Lust community for your heartbeat!) You need to blush for five reasons Red App )

This is the blush of the second year, we have received a more than 50-year-old mother thanks Blush Red accompany her to experience the first climax of life, there have been lesbians thanking the blush of longing for the lesbian column let gay sex be seen speaking, blushing red talk about sexual autonomy also talk about sex education, we want to create an elegant field of passion.

December, blushed red APP(Android version) officially on line, in addition to the acceptance of red blush output of high-quality content, we are also special open blush Heart said is not with women to limit the function of cat women, so that you talk about sex more trust, and cat men more free communication. (Secretly, Red App Ios version is expected to be on the shelves in 20,161 months, please wait and see.) )

This is a woman obsessed with the 2015, "practice"fulfill, this is defying hardships, the courage to try and create influence of the year, we are greedy, because we know you on the screen of the end, is waiting to join us better. " 2016, we hope the key word is "fly"soaring, stand firm Footsteps, invite you to challenge the boundary of the sky together. "

Write at the end of the 2015, your favorite woman fan and blush Red 2015 time is what? You are welcome to leave a message at the end of the article tell us, also participate in #2015最美的时刻征文活动!