2015 selected annual interviews , five editors selfish don't want you to miss the life story- Xu Yu ning , HUSH, Ancient and text, Lu Xinjie, Lin Yihua. Learn more humbly to see the world in them, not to bow down in adversity, not to be complacent in the downstream. Take their quotes together, let your 2016 more full of growth energy ! (same field Gayon: Zengjia Core, Emmahuasen, Wei Ladevis!) 20,159 uncompromising moments of female force )

The interview has a meaning to me, that is cherish.

In 7.2 billion people you meet someone, you simply have a complete two hours, a laugh, sometimes a tear. This is doomed to good, Buddha said past Life 500 times to look back, just in exchange for this life pass by, these people passing me, like is destined to teach me what came.

Living in this city, everyone should use double vitality to create and walk, in order to carve the eye-catching spark or dust. In the 2015 interview, every face in front of me is almost never more fortunate or flattering. On the contrary, they are so not to please the world of life, works is their indulgence of pride, but also their most humble gesture of the universe. 2015 Because of these people, let us remember our simplicity, timidity, loveliness, and difference.

To love oneself is to accept the weakness of the heart: Xu Yu ning

"30 years old to let go a fight, have what good doubt hesitate, if really not to come back to be good." 」

"In order to meet the needs of people around, but put their own relatively low." But in fact, no one is holding you and asking you to do so. 」

"The things that have not done before, do not dare to do things have been completed once, you think back, will feel very exciting, very enjoyable, you will have a lot of stories to say." 」

Wonderful review: Xu Yu Ning and H.H talk about 30 years old: the courage to let go

April 2015 Xu Yu ning with the "Anesthesia Storm" heroine and the play visual illustrator H.H to receive a woman fan interview. We were laughing and yelling at the café. Xu Yu Ning is like a friend, and we talk about her after work a cup of small wine life, she went to travel to meet the interesting. Xu Yu Ning is hard to live, she smiled said can't wait to go to huashan grassland circle, I always in that beautiful eyes see a girl, her hard shell under the gentle.

After winning the best supporting actress in "16 Summers" in September, Xu Yu thanked her staff and good friends for her success. Compared to the media chasing her emotional life, Xu Yu is a more level worthy of the people, she constantly break through her work, trying to treat the world more honest. We should see the beautiful characteristics of Xu Yu------------- ---------------------------------hearty, hardworking Xu Shanning is liked by many people, because she does not take the pet, does not fight the layout, the applause is she deserved.

Lu Xinjie: Doing the right thing is hard, it's worth it.

"In the face of pain, happiness is actually very simple." 」

"Although I am gay, I am still your child." 」

"We often put the" good living "into a luxury, most of the time you let yourself trapped in the external environment. 」

Wonderful review: flip the elite thinking! Interview Lu Xinjie: "We should have the freedom to make our own best version."

That day with Hin Jie Neihu corner of the coffee shop, floor-to-ceiling window large light with her far away, baking warm spring afternoon. At that time, Xin Jie just announced that the Social Democratic Party to run South Songshan Xinyi District legislators, the same period of the book plan "Good Time" playing the number one lesbian lust. She is not afraid of other people's writings, Lu Xinjie that the flow of lust should not hide, it should be like love is naturally clear. At that time, Xin Jie and I exchanged a lot of her thoughts on contemporary social issues, guarding the weak justice, 12 years from the big social workers to gay hotline, Lu Xinjie never concession.

I always silently watched the dynamic update of Lu Xinjie, she still in the cold rain from the intersection of the hands of every passer-by, in the day just to visit the market Lane. She changed in the most pristine way, it was clumsy and no regrets. At a later TED lecture, when she saw Lu Xinjie, she spoke frankly about her growth, which was full of pain and gloom, but it became a soft word for inclusion and understanding under her words. Just like the April Sun, Lu Xinjie docile not hot, light transparent, as her true.

Effort is the best background: ancient and text

"Brand is like marriage, will encounter a lot of daily necessities, must first have awareness." 」

"The fashion industry is like walking in a smoky and beautiful scenery, but this road is broken glass, leaving a little blood does not matter, be careful not to be seriously injured." 」

Highlights: from Gen ART Award to the opening of brand flagship store! Design is the emotional weight in life of rational weaving

On this day, we came to his first brand flagship store in Taiwan. Ancient and Wen talked about the death of the mother, eyes red with sobs. This is the first time I have been so close to the sadness of the respondent, and every one of his works is for the mother. Ancient and the text is I have seen one of the stubborn temper, most of the efforts of life, he hopes for his mother to endure hardship and dedication to see. On the design road, he would rather walk the road, also do not trust the world has the success of the road. He used stubborn soul in doing art, non-stop footsteps in life, from marketing to brand strategy, he must be proficient in knowing.

Taiwan's light is easy to be forgotten, 2009 we shouted ancient and literary glory for the country. Now he is still in the footsteps of the field abroad, stretching on the stage 10 minutes, is the ancient and the accumulation of several years of the bottom interreligious deep and never bow.

The girl's feelings are always foolish: Lin Yihua

"My ideal is to be a good person. 」

"There is a lack of talent to go to the theatre, to be aware of their lack is fortunate." 」

"The most precious radio wave we have in the world is not from a great sermon, but from a true emotional memory, which exists in consciousness." 」

Great review: chasing b612! Interview with Hong Kong theatre director Lin Yihua: "My dream is to be a good man."

Lin Yihua is a very good storyteller and a person who listens. I am in a lot of lost time to think of this interview, thank someone, so sincere solemnly to his story, handed to my hand. "I appreciate the interview today, and it's good to talk to you," he said. "Such a shock to me, will remind me at some late night that the world has such a good person, worthy of my more diligent writing."

Taiwan, the most prestigious theater director, always puts the microphone and the voice on the other side, and director Lin Yihua thinks there are too many people in the world who need to speak. At the end of this year, his play "Hate to marry the family" and "the successor of Liang Zhu" to sell again, the audience can not understand the play, why also sell again. In Lin Yihua's play, we do not want to understand, but as his essence-to ask questions. He is modest also indulge in the theater, I in such an age of the person can not see a little senility, is open-minded to ask feelings.

I have seen the most I admire the people, are in the lowest posture to look at the world, deeply grateful to Lin Yihua director gave me a beautiful 2015. After ten years, think of this interview, I will still smile and moved.

Honesty is the most important thing! HUSH

"It's been 2015 years now, do you like boys?" 」

"Look directly into your passions, and a person can feel happy." 」

Wonderful review: It's stupid to pursue a dream! Interview HUSH: Life is to do a thing that moved me
Wonderful review: Love is the same answer! Interview HUSH: Now is 2015, I am GAY what's the problem?

HUSH is a very poetic musician, astronomy department juvenile this word let us think he does not eat human fireworks, only to find that he is falling with the dust of the earth, with the same confused and lonely to live. On the day of the interview, HUSH to talk about music ideas, his insight into the world's delicate vision to write deep; he never shied from talking about his gender. HUSH is a person who does not follow the rules of the system, he values the spirit more than the material. He used honest music, waiting for the people who knew his heart.

This year soda green break the rules of the big concert also reminds me of HUSH, they are so persistent clumsy in making music. "Know why you are proud. "Is HUSH in the era of the torrent of driftwood, whether commercial or independent, in HUSH's creation, only" honest first.

Dialogue, is the annual interview to Harvest. I like those who have no technical time to talk, those who sincerely do not retain the eager eyes, so that people are soft hearted, although the world outside noisy, give us two hours. we need to read more abundant spirit, even if exhausted, those nameless life contour, slowly depict our desire for ourselves and the thirst for the world.

Every time I finish an interview, I always close my eyes to thank, the spirit of the texture like the weight of life has been Sannian. to be able to write is a happy, able to talk is fortunate, can be touched by the days, precious.