Sexual liberation of the sixth sex lecture of the sister of the school ! Invite the Miao Boya to talk about the recent rise of "sow teaching". From the random killings in South Korea to the Ilbe network aversion to women, from the Nazi and the three K-party specific ethnic discrimination to sow teaching attacks "Some women", reflects the people in the face of social and economic anxiety, blame, shirking tendency. Sow teaching is not a simple network controversy, it will gradually affect our daily , how to deal with? Listen to what Amiao say! (same field Gayon: sex Watch: Fear of abandoned Obadhai, Korean drama other than the generation of women )

It was a slightly overcast afternoon, 20 minutes before the commencement of the speech, the first floor of paradise was crowded with people. This is the sexual liberation of the sister in the women's Paradise in the sex series of the sixth lecture, invited Mioboya (Amiao) to talk about the recent network in Taiwan, the vast popularity of sow teaching. (Recommended reading: halfway decent of feminism!) The sexual liberation of the sister Fan: "The liberation of not only lust, but also the freedom of all people")

You may not have heard of sow teaching, but you must have heard that "Taiwan Women are Gold Digger", "No luxury wedding don't want to marry wife", "women's rights buffet is not want to be a soldier" and other "grief charges."

Miao's speech, from the occurrence of random killings in South Korea, hurt Women's social case, explained that the network community Ilbe of the female trend of how to affect the Korean people's real life. From the historical events to the comb, from the Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan to the German neo-Nazi party and Trump, to exclude a specific group as the goal of the group, has never been in the human world disappeared. The reason they generate is not so much a dislike of a particular group as anxiety about one's own situation.

The space-time background of these groups may be distant from us, but from the speech of the Hmong we know that we are gazing at the past, present and future of sow teaching.

From Network to reality: The trend of dislike of women reflected by random homicides in South Korea

This year 5/17 South Korea subway Jiangnan Station near a KTV, lying a woman, breast stained with blood, died in the murderer's knife. Seeing such a story, we may mistakenly think that she was qingsha, vendetta or robbery, or that she was alone to Long, and thus suffered the accident.

In fact, Jiangnan station belongs to South Korea's famous noisy district, she was killed in the location of the KTV in the toilet, her boyfriend even outside the toilet waiting for her. And the murderer is to kill her, not because and she has any interest in entanglement, in fact, they never met, the murderer just because think "women ignore Me", and to casual a woman moved the murder, vent his feelings road not smooth resentment.

Such news, of course, sparked a panic in South Korea, where more than 70% of women began to worry about their personal safety, even as the government began to enact relevant legislation and prosecutors began to include "victims as women" in sentencing standards. After all, like Amiao said: "If even to KTV toilets are not safe, women's only choice is not to go out again?" 」

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Three days later, just before Jiangnan station, there are a large number of people spontaneously held mourning activities, South Korea Datian again appeared the young woman into the elevator, with stones to bash each other's news. The incident has confirmed that random homicides are not accidental, but rather deliberate attacks on women. Korean society therefore began to reflect on Shang and dislike of women's social atmosphere. (Extended reading:"information graph" Korean dramas and the reality of the gap!) Korean women's Dislike event book )

This kind of panic is not unfamiliar to Taiwan, Amiao cited the random killings of Taipei MRT as an example, when you think it should be safe, daily life has to contact the site, suddenly unexpected or prevent the harm, people particularly shocked, panic.

The random attacks on women show that the perpetrator is malicious to a woman who is not single, and that such malice has been fermented on the Internet and has affected the real life of all people.

Hate the female community is not lonely: Korea Ilbe and Taiwan Sow teaching

South Korea's Ilbe is a 2001 video sharing station, the main users of male-dominated. And as the participants grew, they developed a particular form of consciousness: for example, the right side, and even the extreme right-wing support for Ms. Park's government, tends to complain about women, including thinking that women are worshipping gold, Xianpinaifu, and complaining about why no woman loves me.

Such a "network of racket" caused by the storm, and even spread the real life of others, including secretly photographed others with the illustrations led to ridicule, and then targeted the person human flesh search. Or the current commentary was posted on the Ilbe, so the reviewers were searched and abused by netizens. And this site has launched a scene of the Jiangnan station memorial ceremony activities. Because the Ilbe user is too radical reason, therefore was taken the "ilbe bug" the offending term. "

Ilbe's ideology and style makes people feel surprisingly familiar, think about it, not with Taiwan in recent years on the internet popular "sow teach" quite approximate it?

What is sow teaching? It is a virtual community on the Internet, although claiming to be a "sect", but they are not like Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, in the denomination of the name of "believe in", but "we hate".

"They are not the ideology of good and good, but of the bad and the nasty." This is not a bad form, for example, many political people gather together to fight or challenge their own political forms, instead of gathering new political energy. Amiao said, can't help sighing: "But the problem is sow teach, difficult to communicate AH ~" the audience can not help laughing.

Amiao then randomly ordered several listeners to ask them if they knew what a sow was and what kind of person would be called a sow. As everyone in the Wizard of Oz sees, the king is not the same, and the audience is not exactly the same, including the materialistic, sexually active, feminist, or even just "don't promise your pursuit" of women, may be called sows. (Recommended to you: the male emancipation of feminism!) Farewell to hate women, fear of the same, feminine and cheap scold patriarchal violence )

"Don't be discouraged, because sows are really difficult to define, and sometimes even the teaching and the congregation themselves are not sure." "Ah Miao has always been" entertaining ", always interesting to explore the heavy problem. "In fact, not only women will be called sows, but men will, but they are called" Resource recyclers. " This remark, we can not help but the hint of a wry smile.

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The so-called resource recycling industry, refers to the "sow this group of garbage recycling" of men, whenever the sow to criticize women, when the solidarity, women will be into the sow ranks, men are known as "resource recyclers." In such a situation, no matter what kind of person, as long as the sow with disagreement, can be placed in the "sow and the recycling industry" in the box, and want to avoid attack, can only according to Sow's "expectations" implacable.

From the random killings in South Korea, talk about the influence of Internet community ilbe on the atmosphere and killing of the women, and then discuss the similarities between Taiwan Sow teaching and South Korean ilbe, what Amiao want to discuss?

"What I want to talk about is the influence of sow-teaching on politics, not just voting, but politics when it comes to allocating resources." As a result of the growing sow-teaching, the next step may be to set up a sow party or to find a party capable of carrying their will. Once they become political parties, they have a substantial influence on our lives. "Amiao said so.

As a network group, "Sow teaching" we can easily misunderstand this is only a virtual world of conflicts and attacks, but by ilbe the influence of the site and even the actual occurrence in the Korean community killings, wounding cases, the network created by the atmosphere and values and our real life is actually only a line between the first, easy to cross. And what we haven't seen is what the next step is when sows teach and ilbe over the Internet. From the speech of al-Miao, we have seen the events that have been caused by hatred of certain ethnic groups over and over again in history.

Chicken Soup of the Troubled mind: from Nazi, Ku Klux Klan to sow teaching

There are a lot of people in history who are famous for "hating a certain group" for example, when the German Nazis in World War II discriminated against Jews and homosexuals, and the Klan discriminated against people of African descent, their "dislike" caused great harm to others, and such "dislike" did not happen randomly, but was based on certain special conditions.

The Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan were created in the context of a great environmental recession. A group of vulnerable groups in society were blamed for the urgent need to find a reason for their plight, which was originally part of the middle class and where social circumstances did not allow them to maintain the same economic conditions.

The common idea is that "people in the community are trying to usurp my resources in an unjust way, so I try to get it back and bring it back to be the real justice." The so-called unjust way, refers to the Nazi for the Jewish shape of the rich, usury, oppression of other people's image, the Ku Klux Klan found that the people of African descent robbed the "more should have the power of white" job opportunities. (Extended reading: truth should be fearless!) Happy 108 birthday to Hanna.

One of Germany's other AFD, which has gained influence in German politics in recent years, is to call it "reviving the glory of the German nation, which immigrants cannot tolerate". Amiao introduced the AFD, while taking out the German to obtain the magazine, the cover is painted AFD chairman riding on the head of the refugees, holding a loud public forward. A simple comic, in fact, said afd"the wind fly high" development strategy.

AFD not appear out of thin air, even if we as bystanders, they do not agree with the discrimination, but they can continue to grow, it is stated that their claims hit a group of people's intangible mind. From a AFD point of view, the refugees do not work is the social beetle, the refugees have jobs is to rob the work of nationals, so the attack on the refugees, reflecting the "I can not find a job to do" anxiety, is " I paid my taxes, but why didn't I use them all? "inequality, when the mainstream party is unable to respond to people's anxieties about the economy, the Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan or the AFD will emerge.

Both the Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, or AFD, they expand their influence by the same means: To mark a group of people, that is why we live a bad life, but the government does not deal with, so oppressed people had to gather to fight for their own happiness.

In this way, oppression, discrimination and attacks have become a just means of making things right.

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Sow-teaching, too, is the result of a tendency to attribute responsibility to a certain group of communities when some men feel economic pressure. For example, because of the pressure to feel a reduction in salary, it is not fair to say that women are not required to have such high economic conditions in the courtship market and are therefore more hostile to women who are materialistic.

However, the generation of sow teaching is not just so simple, "the dislike of women is the same for thousands of years, the economy is not depressed," Amiao said with a wry smile. The Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan mentioned earlier, they are hostile to the identity can be clearly cut, the community of minorities, and sow teaching is not so, they hate the "part of women", because you can not cut the life of women, so can not say that hate all women. (Recommended reading:"Tired of female disease" tired of women, is a man "become a man" a means? )

Therefore, the sow-taught criticism never targets all women. But you can cut out a bunch of "bad women" so that not only there will be supporters, but even a group of women will come to join you. "Other women give me a good look, this is as a sow due to the end, you give me a thought about it" Ah Miao accidentally imitation.

In fact, for women's regulation we are not unfamiliar, the so-called mother-in-law conflict, sancongside, is often a woman most like to embarrass women. A man in power only needs to mark a bad woman, blow her, give others a choice, you want to join me or be attacked by me, there will be many supporters and want to prove themselves "not bad woman" good woman, scrambling to serve him. (You will like: cute and charming villain!) Be a free woman: "I love you, it's none of your business."

That is why women, even if they have half the number and half the votes, are socially disadvantaged when they enter the democratic era, because women never really unite.

Gender inequality is innate because society shapes our

If you are still questioning the phrase "women are socially disadvantaged", Amiao has raised two questions to reflect on. From childhood parents will teach us to study well, test Good school, find a good job, "then?" "Amiao asked:" Later when the chairman? The whole audience laughed. She asked, "or a good mother?" 」

"After a good job and make money?" Do you have any dough? Or do you take care of the family? Amiao asked again.

From these two questions, we have dissected our myths about gender equality, even though there are forms of equality in the legal framework, but in political, economic and social capitals, women are actually less than men. Why is that? Because women have never really united, to liberate themselves from the weak, still playing the cutting out of a bad woman lambasting the game of "good Woman" and this society together.

It's not easy for women to get out of the weak, but we still have to bear a lot of extra pressure from small to large. Amiao asked the audience a question: "The presence of physical women, from small to large by parents said" to protect themselves, please raise your hand. Almost all the women present were raising their hands. "The physical male presence, from childhood to big parents said," Go outside Don't bully girls ", please raise your hand. "The stage under a silence. (same field Gayon: reflection on the minor sexual assault: Why "protect oneself" became the amulet of sexual assault? )

"If this society thinks women are vulnerable, why not use the same strength to ask potential perpetrators not to hurt women?" "The Miao said forcefully:" These things tell us that men and women in the society is a lot of inequality, from the beginning of their life all the society is not the same, not because their sexual organs are not the same, but the social expectations of their different. 」

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Although most men are marked by the above argument as strong, there is no denying that a group of men never feel they have an advantage, they think they do not win the study, not enough money, but also first soldier, married and prepare a luxurious wedding. However, these people have never thought about the oppression of their own class, their innate advantages, as the previous question: Women in the community to survive is tied hands and feet, trembling. (Recommended to you: from the shoulders of boys to acquiesce to the violence of society: my body, not your game )

This society is looking forward to, the men should have economic advantages, to be gentle and thoughtful, so this group of men in the courtship market is not an advantage, and the most simple way to solve their own weakness is: "Women's values are wrong, It must be that girls pay too much attention to appearance and economic conditions, and they choose to find a simple answer for themselves in the frustration of life.

This answer allows him not to think about things beyond his life experience, to think about the life experience of a girl, and not to think about what society has done to him or her. The girl wants to find Gaofu, the answer may not just be "her value is bad", but her life experience tells her, in this woman end is to marry to have a son, make money family's world, want to live better, husband must have certain economic condition.

Anyway, even if the girl loves Gaofu, what's the matter with others? But the problem is that this group of men who have no advantage in the courtship market, in order to avoid their continued weakness, have to mark the group of "Values Broken" girl, violently attack to warn others: do not imagine them.

What do women do in the face of sow teaching?

The biggest problem for sow-followers is not their hatred, but their difficulty in communicating. Because the definition of a sow can be readily substituted for any trait inferior to his own, and sows are the object of attack, they do not have to put themselves in the imagination of others ' life experience.

"Just as the world is looking for ways to communicate with Trump and neo-Nazis, because, like Trump and neo-Nazis, people who blame the recession or personal hardship on a part don't bring benefits to themselves or to the society, but so far no one has found a good way to stop this ideological spread. "Amiao lamented.

Although there is no good way to communicate, but with the gradual spread of Korean ilbe to real-world events, we should at least be aware that, after three or four years, sow teaching may gain real power in politics, and this ideology will have an impact on real politics.

It took human beings thousands of years to get some women out of the property of others, but there are still many places where the remnants of honour murders remain, where fathers can dominated the body and life of women at will, and if not, they are rightly harmed or killed. (Echo of the World: "Honour execution" in Pakistan: She was killed by me because she was a feminist )

And how far is it from the dominated of honour murders, by the accusation of "sow", of women who are "not good enough" and "not enough to fit the imagination of some men"?

We believe that the murder of honour is hidden in the desert, the veil of the distant country, but from the cabinet of the Lin Quan cabinet than the controversy, we may be able to see that the woman is still in the extreme weak world, not far away. The cabinet has shown that, in most of the space of discussion, women's groups have little ability to fight back when they are labeled "Choosing the virtuous and the ability" and "the gender of the president is unequal". (Recommended reading: a serious imbalance in the cabinet ratio, is Cai English "affirmative" first step? )

Many affirmative-action groups are providing more pay-for-baby leave, more non-profit nurseries are running because they want to liberate women from motherhood, but the odds of success in a male-dominated political field are slim, and women's capital and rights may even be phased out if sows are to regain political power.

Therefore, when we are faced with sow-teaching, it is not a matter of "not to dispute with them", but to take a step back and not to listen, or even follow their wishes in order to avoid being lambasting, the next step is likely to face the real political power is limited.

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"So, we discussed the Nazi and Ku Klux Klan background and wanted to explain the social anxiety behind sow-teaching, to understand them, but not to be tolerant." Amiao the conclusion seriously.

"We've had enough, women have too many unfair demands. Amiao asked: "If we're fed up, the sow can't communicate, what else can we do?" 」

"Women should unite and when someone is humiliated by a slut, do not join the sow to ask other women." Do not blame them, say you how not to protect yourself, how can you worship gold. You can not be sexually active, do not buy brand-name bags, but this is only my choice of life, no matter what my own choice of life, do not use the strange request to try to influence others. CCR, sexually active, like to buy brand-name bags, so what? This has no value judgment, no high or low right or wrong, just different life choices. 」

From the conclusion of enlightening, I seem to see myself, shrouded in the clouds of sow-teaching for a long time, released by a distant light, broken by clouds, Sunrise. If the other party can not communicate, then do not communicate, just stick to it. Insist on guarding those women who are too vulnerable and vulnerable to attack, insisting that everyone has the right to make the life choices they want.

We also have a choice, and we choose to consolidate the norms of sow teaching to women once again, in order to be a "good woman" with them to the "bad woman" point, or we can go to respect each person has their own life choices, regardless of sexual activity, advocating material, CCR is not my own inclination of life choice, I have to respect, the other person has the right to do so. (same field Gayon: when "Vietnamese sister" becomes negative adjective: five minutes to see the stigma of the Vietnamese sister construction )

"We do not criticize sow teaching with stigma, as sows teach should not use stigma to criticize their hated women." So let us not scold the sow, but remind ourselves not to be an accomplice to the sow, but to arm ourselves with our convictions and hold the line in a democratic way. "A seedling so summed up.

After the speech, revolt against your own life is about to begin

After the end of the speech, the listeners who had stayed for further discussion were lingering. Some people want to further discuss the logic of the discourse, and some want to further cross-examine Amiao's view of sow-teaching. There are probably a lot of people who, like me, are angry with the sow for most of the time, but sometimes they are not careful to be judged by their values.

I think of what feminists Christine said: "Feminist consciousness is not a one-time acquisition, but a long, never-ending process-and a bit painful." We must constantly struggle with the "self-evident thing": the idea of rebellion against the world as a form of consciousness, and against ourselves. 」

How to deal with this potentially growing sow-or-girl ethos, it may be a common question for many: the cynical images that circulate on the web, the "bad women" criteria that you always think are wrong, always make you feel uncomfortable, but don't know how to refute them. Even accidentally, still think "girls to protect themselves", "how Girls can Worship gold" is a bit right.

It is not easy to fight the sow, and the speech of the Miao gives us a way to practice: start by protecting our companions! Protect those who are easily discarded, vulnerable, and stigmatized, and don't kick them off simply because they are "not looking good enough" to promote their "good". Because good and bad, is a good dangerous value standard.

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When we stand up bravely and defend the sow, that is the beginning of rebellion. Against sows, against ourselves, and against this society that builds us.

The speech of the Miao is over, and after we get out of the woman's obsession, our life is just about to begin. (Recommended reading: sex Watch: Who is a sow?) When Shang became a popular )