2017 World Photography set, focusing on the lens of human nature temperature and reality, looking back on the history of our inspiration, with the value you want to believe, to the future.

The year of Chaos and rebirth in the 2017, the 窜逃 of refugees, political change, climate anomalies and terrorist groups, may have been an extremely chaotic year, but it has also produced hope in chaos.

The New York Times made the year in PICTURES 2017at the end of 2017, looking back at the events and video documentaries that took place around the world in the years.

Pause and review, is a kind of revelation. To pause and look back are a revelation.


Refugee issues, let the world start to think, resources are limited, how to share and make value choices; political change, the conservative forces in the election, we found that, from gender to race issues, the practice of equality still need everyone to stand up and join together.

Many of the issues that you think have been resolved and gone, in fact, other people live daily, looking back on history, not for the memory of the past time, but to remember the conflict, remember startling blood behind, how many problems waiting for us to solve together, facing 2018, with history to the Enlightenment, with the value of believing, to the unknown.

2017, January

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January 20, Washington

Donna Trump arrives at the inaugural ceremony of the Capitol building. (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" a Trump, will not let the World perish )

Chang W. Lee/New York Times

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January 21, Washington

hundreds of thousands of of people marched along the national square to protest against Donna Trump 's presidency. (Recommended reading:"gender observation" for women's rights also for the street!) Trump into office, women march to Washington.

Ruth Fremson/New York Times

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Dallas, January 29

Praying at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to protest against the president's ban on refugees and people from seven major Muslim countries.

Dylan hollingsworth/New York Times

2017, February

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Los Angeles, February 26

at this year's Oscars, the best Film award was first announced as the La La land", is actually" Moonlight Boy "Oolong. (Extended reading: Davis, Emasdon, Ali!) Oscar's Moving speech: you chose us, let us tell your story.

Matt Sayles/invision, via the Associated Press

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February 10 South Sudan collection writers

early in the morning, women waited for water in displaced persons ' camps. The Civil War ran millions of of people away from home.

Taylor Hicks/New York Times

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On the Canadian border, New York State champlain,2 Month, 23rd

when the father was handcuffed, a woman was comforting her son. The family tried to illegally cross into Canada to seek refuge.

Todeheisler/New York Times

2017, March

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London March 22

A woman is taking care of a woman who was injured in a terrorist attack at Westminster Bridge. The attackers were praised by the Islamic States. (Extended reading:"World Log" British terror follow-up, Ireland's first gay prime minister, the French gay partner underworld marriage )


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Moorish, Iraq, March 22

A mother's son died as a result of an attack by an Islamic State.

Ivor Prickett for the New York Times

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Santa Cruz, Galapagos Is., March 2

Lonesome George, who died in 2012, was about 100 years old. His death also represents the extinction of his species.

Meridith kohut/New York Times

2017, April

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Georgia State Columbus, April 30

Meal time at the infantry training camp. 18 women continue to graduate and become the first female infantry in the army. (Recommended reading: soft under the lens!) 10 old pictures of women's strength

Melisa Kim/New York Times

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Tanzania, Egypt, April 9

The seat of the Coptic Church was covered with blood. the Islamic State claimed that the attack on the cathedral of Alexandria was the case.

Nariman El-mofty/associated Press

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Manhattan, April 13

The 74-year-old avantgarde clothing brand Comme Desgarçons's Japanese founder Kunju Kawakubo (Rei Kawakubo) design.

Erikmadigenhek/New York Times

2017, May

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May 18, Denver

Coby La Torre, 8, plays in a Quaker church, where his mother is an immigrant facing deportation, seeking refuge and staying for six months. (Recommended reading: European refugee tide under the hidden name!) Shore Boy Allen's Warning: "Our dreams are Dead"

Todeheisler/New York Times

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CARACAS, Venezuela, May 26

The protesters seized control of the city's main highways. The country was in turmoil for the severe economic crisis.

Meridith kohut/New York Times

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Washington, May 4

After President Trump accepted the support of House Speaker Paul Ryan Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin Macasi (Kevin McCarthy), the House passed measures to repeal and replace the "parity medical bill".

Stephen Krauli/New York Times

2017, June

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West Kilbride, Scotland, June 23

The children are practising in the school football field. Scotland is the birthplace of golf, but a handful of young people are taking the sport.

Killand Dochi/New York Times

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Manhattan, June 25

Cherille Stewart (Cheryl Stewart) participates in the New York gay parade. (Recommended reading: rainbow color of you!) 2017 Gay Parade: Be yourself, love make you fearless

Hillary Swift/New York Times

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KwaMashu, South Africa, June 2

a dance class in a town near Durban. more than 20 years after the end of apartheid, there is still a deep-rooted gap in the country's wealth.

Joao da Silva/New York Times

2017, July

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CARACAS, Venezuela, July 26

In protest against President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolásmaduro), the soldiers protected themselves from the beatings of petrol bombs.

Meridith kohut/New York Times

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Moorish, Iraq, July 12

Iraqi soldiers for an Islamic country The boy who was taken by the armed elements cleaned the body.

Ivor prickett/New York Times

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July 20, Shariya CAMP, Iraq

a teenage girl in the Yazidi sect was kidnapped and raped by armed elements in Islamic countries. She fled when her kidnapper was killed in an air raid in Mosul. (Recommended reading: Why are sexual assault victims unable to resist?) The world is telling women that you deserve to be sexually abused.

Alexport/New York Times

2017, August

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August 12, Virginia State Charlottesville City

At a white nationalist rally, a driver crashed a car into an anti-personnel group, killing at least 19 people.

Ruian M. Kelly/AP

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SAN Casimiro, Venezuela, August 21

In the coffin of the children, is their 17-month-old cousin Kenoffber Aquinomerchán, due to malnutrition and death.

Meridith kohut/New York Times

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KABUL, Afghanistan, August 25

The police tried to save a child who was blown up in a Shiite mosque in Friday when praying. the attack killed at least 40 people.

Omar Sobhani/Reuters

2017, last

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Houston, September 1

The victims of Hurricane Harvey are salvaging their own photos.

Ilana panich-linsman/New York Times

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Dakhinpara,bangladesh,9 month 14th

after arriving in Bangladesh, the refugees arrived on the boat. They fled the persecution of the Rohingyas minority in Burma.

Adam Dien/New York Times

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Indianapolis September 24

Indianapolis, who knelt during the national anthem before playing against the Cleveland Browns, knelt to make the world face the problem of racial discrimination. (Recommended reading:"Sorry, I only date with the Whites" is racism in Australia serious?) )

Darron cummings/associated Pres

2017, October

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Detroit October 27 Electricity

actress Rose McGowan a #MeToo campaign against sexual harassment and beatings at the women's Conference. (Recommended reading:#itmatters: Sex is a group of people, no one is a bystander )

Irene Cochran (Erin Kirkland)/New York Times

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October 5, near COX ' S Bazar,bangladesh

In a refugee camp, a Rohingyas boy lifts his picture of fleeing ethnic cleansing in Burma.

Chergues-Ponnot Ponomaryov/New York Times

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Barcelona, Spain, October 1

a woman wearing a Catalan flag walks on a street strewn with leaflets. the conflict and chaos marked the region's independence from Spain.

Emilio Morenatti/associated Press

2017, November

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COX ' S bazar,bangladesh,11 month 3rd

More than 640,000 refugees have sought refuge in Bangladesh this year.

Thomas Munita/New York Times

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Washington, November 14

At the House Judiciary Committee hearing, Texas State Democrat Hillackson Li Hu (Sheila Jackson Lee) presented a picture of a woman accusing the Senate candidate Roy Moore (Roy Moore) of sexual assault.

Al drago/New York Times

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November 11, the NAF River between Burma and the Bangladeshi state

The refugees used the makeshift rafts they had built to escape Burma's brutal repression of the Rohingya minority.

Thomas munita/The New York Times

2017, December

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Ventura, California State, December 7

Firefighters monitor Thomas Fire on Highway 101th, northwest of Los Angeles. Fire is one of the biggest fires in California's history.

Mariodomo/Getty Pictures

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Manhattan, December 11

police officers walked along 42nd Street after a suicide bomber detonated a pipe bomb in a channel connecting Times Square and the Port Authority's subway station. (Recommended reading:"World Journal" for the world to make changes!) Muslim streets send love, young generation of political earthquakes, Led Zeppelin to the Taiwan Scars

Jeenah moon/New York Times

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Birmingham,ala. , December 11

A rally for Doug Jones, the Senate candidate, was the day before Doug Jones, the candidate for his victory over the scandal that Mr Trump endorsed, Roy Moore (Roy Moore).

Bob Miller/New York Times

2017 World Photography Set, let us remember the change, remember the problem, remember the love that we always hold in the dark moment in the vanishing and vanishing generation.