After a leisurely summer vacation, it's time to get back to work! The women's Fan Salon , which everyone looks forward to every month, to help the beautiful you achieve the highest efficiency,Womany in September on the last Saturday staged a "tidy up the big decryption"!

The salon was handed over to the computer plaything of the webmaster, esor and illuk!. Founder Olive Lee to answer for you! The blood momentum of the Olive, free and unrestrained, and Womany one of the founders Lulu floral Skirts Miss The open-minded outlook on life, let this lecture calmly and happy. Can not come to you also don't be impatient, let us a glimpse of the day of the lectures on the wonderful dialogue bar!
We also help you to close the entire day mentioned all the practical gadgets 〉〉"woman fan Salon" good practical! Cloud tools Large-Rounding

The perfect meeting of my imperfect life and digital tools

Before the esor became the webmaster of digital tools, many elders questioned him whether his computer was helpful to the future, but he decided to turn his shortcomings into power and let "love to play computer" become something more meaningful to him. He said:

"The thing I love, it makes sense to the people who need it." 」

And he did it, he created a computer plaything , and he shared with everyone how to make life easier with digital tools.

In the lecture, the other people told us how to have the correct work attitude and efficiency.

  1. Laziness does not matter, because "laziness is the driving force of technological progress"! He talked to the audience about the power of Google albums, especially the automatic sorting and sorting features, because "no need to organize is the best way to organize." (Recommend your smartest finishing )
  2. Everyone will be forgetful, so everyone needs a "second brain". This is why we need to use some gadgets to help us remember. He shared with you the Evernote secret function of love and how to use it.
  3. "It's reasonable to touch fish, but don't be distracted!" "At work, everyone will want to have some time to rest , Esor told everyone must touch the fish but do remember to return to work!" He introduced Zite and Pocket two gadgets to read interesting information.

At the end of the dust, the traveler reminded us:

"Don't let the digital tools dominate you, you should let you dominate it!" 」

The efficient life of freelance workers

Whether you're a freelance worker or not, believe that as long as you're working, there are two things that are the same: time and ideas, Olive the audience. (Peeping 12 entrepreneurs to improve efficiency !) For Olive, who is a freelance worker, she may have three work to do at the same time in the day, and digital tools play an important role.

"Digital tools help me reduce the pressure of life, I can carry more information, then these new things will become my nutrients." 」

Olive to Evernote as the main axis, so that we know how to Evernote freely. For her, Evernote is her second brain and life housekeeper, and it is an important creative conduit for Olive, an art worker.

  1. "It helps me centrally manage the sources of information and inspiration. "As long as Olive walking on the road to see practical information or sudden inspiration , she can immediately record on the Evernote, wait until the need for her not to worry about the inspiration missing."
  2. "It's my push to achieve the plan," he said. The different notepad in "evernote is her little step in managing many of the plans. She revealed that her planned trip to India was finally shaped by a lot of data collected in "Indian Notepad".
  3. "It's a platform for our team to sync. "Online operations are very important for freelance workers, so having practical digital tools is absolutely important!" Evernote Synchronous Update is one of the main reasons to attract illuk! .

Olive, who had just come back from India, was still in the end and couldn't help saying:

"It is because digital tools are so convenient, so even if people in foreign countries can still work ah!" 」

She and he said: Esor X Olive

Miss Floral Skirt Lulu Next invite the audience to ask questions, so that two of experienced speakers to provide the most effective way in their minds.

  • Lulu:olive, do you have any other interesting gadgets that you normally do at work?

Olive: I usually do at work, in addition to open the Evernote, I will listen to like music. I really like a music with a broadcast tool called 8tracks, it has a special function in addition to playing music continuously, without interfering with the rhythm of work. You are free to choose your current mood or the surrounding atmosphere to play good music randomly! (A music trip to New York!) )

Lulu: In fact, before in Womany Office also someone (steal aim) put down rain rain music hope to improve work efficiency, but I feel depressed good want to go out for a walk Ah!

  • Q: Excuse me, Evernote, is there any bad place to use?

Esor: I think it's the "Sync Update" feature. It's not like Google, if two people edit the same note at the same time, then there will be a conflict, that may be the one side of the note will be deleted.

Olive: Yes! Deleted notes can be traced back, but to save it is a professional version of the function. A bit more difficult to use is that it can not be the same as word to be able to subdivide Notepad in Notepad. Although you can use the volume label function to find the notes you want, but I am still not accustomed to such a pattern.

  • Q: What kind of tools can actually reduce productivity?

Esor: In fact, like Line, Facebook, these communication tools to some extent can bring you convenience, but some time will bring you interference. The point is: what tools can help you. I often see a lot of people on the internet talking about mobile phones, said: "My mobile phone 24 hours have electricity", in fact, just turn off the network. My idea is: those superfluous tools, I do not touch. If I could save one or two hours of time using more than 10 minutes of electricity, why should I download a one-minute power-saving tool? (Let's tell you 11 ways to improve your productivity !) )

At this moment in the side to listen to the relish of two miss can not help but raise their hands to speak!

Miss Two: We often think "technology can not replace human nature", "science and technology will not cause us trouble"? The anxiety of intimacy, like Facebook, is how my boyfriend keeps pressing that girl. And so on. But I think "technology always comes from human nature". Just as the Evernote said he insisted on being lazy, distracted, and touching fish, which seemed to contradict our attitude towards work, he helped himself by taking notes.

In the course of our business, we really like to play with new tools. Like Hipchat, Trello, Asana and so on. But our experience is: There are many kinds of tools, the emphasis is "people to use." And why people use, I feel that confidence is very important. When we use tools, we come across a bad place, and we want to overcome it because we believe in it, and I believe life is the same.

Lulu: Yes, all the tools and technology are to make our life better and happier! ( busy meaning is to make yourself happier!) )

In just two hours, everyone in the esor and Olive body not only see them in the work of how to successfully use gadgets to help make things more successful, but also see them smart lead their lives, make every day more happy! I believe the audience who came to the lecture had a full and efficient afternoon!

Not to experience the woman fan Salon you, do not miss the next wonderful lecture Oh!

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