We sorted it out for everyone, the classic episode of the six great women in Ted's speech (Don't Want you to miss:6 Ted speeches to see your strength ); their delicate and impressive speeches, less than 20 minutes away, give us an enlightening and valuable lesson. It is because of them that we know that we can be so full of strength, even if we carry the seemingly negative energies of fragility, emotion, and stress, they can become the power of self rebirth because of their reflection.

In addition to cherishing and appreciating, it is important that we absorb these intelligent words, reflect them seriously, and make them the core motivation to change ourselves. Next, these six outstanding women will tell you how to value self-worth, and live a much different, more exclusive life of your own!

1. TEDx Lita Piersen (Rita Pierson) "Every child needs a champion"

Kids don't learn from people they hate!

Lita Piersen, a black educator with 40几 years of teaching experience, has taught in small, national and special education. "When we try to understand why students give up halfway through their study journey, those reasons are poverty, truancy, negative peer influence, and so on," she said in a classic speech. But behind all these well-known problems, everyone forgets to take "interpersonal relationships" into consideration, and this interaction between teachers and students is probably one of the main reasons that affect learning. "She believes that a good teacher-student relationship is the most critical and most important factor affecting the child's mentality." (You might want to know: How to maintain emotional health: making communication more meaningful with interpersonal testing )

Of course, as educators, it may be difficult for each student to pay a deep love of emotion, but there is an absolute obligation to make the children learn better. So, in order for students to be willing to learn from you, you have to learn to be an apologetic teacher, to let your child have an ego-less self-confidence, to encourage and praise your child at all times, to convince them that they can do better, and that something will come true when you say it over and over again.

"Is education difficult?" said Pearson. Of course, but we should not give up because whether you are a teacher or an educator in any field, you are born to change the world. "Maybe not everyone can be a world-changing educator, but we can all boast of being an educator in relationships, and that starts with someone who knows how to apologize and take the initiative to compliment others." This is not only in the exercise of the compassion of the ego, but also in the life of others to sprinkle blessing seeds and the eternal sincerity. (dedicated to the education of the hot you: alternative education, so that the German children are not the same )

2. TEDx Amy. Coudy (Amy Cuddy) "Posture determines who you are!" 》

Please pretend to be successful, and continue to integrate success into your bones until it melts.

There used to be a long and sophisticated study of human body language and posture by many sociologists, including the importance of body language for others to look at us, to transmit the correct message in body language, and so on. America's renowned social psychologist, also professor Amy at Harvard Business School. Coudy in this speech, let the audience directly witness, how posture affects a person's behavior, and other people's perception of us.

Coudy said that when we do the unfolding posture, like opening the arms for a few minutes, it stimulates the secretion of testosterone in the body (which dominates the hormones) and lowers the cortisol (stress hormones), which boosts self-confidence and enhances the feeling of a good atmosphere. But if you pose in a contraction posture, such as holding your arms around your chest, you will have a reverse effect. Because body language and we are inseparable, in addition to affect how other people think of us, more often, is affecting their own how to see themselves. (For you who need courage: "never give up" bravely chasing their dreams!) )

Next time, even if you don't feel confident at the moment, try to be confident! Doing so will change the concentration of the testosterone and cortisone in your brain, and then increase your confidence, and when confidence is pulled, you will have more courage and willingness to try and take risks, no longer being able to cross over by default. In this way, you have a chance to be successful from pretending to be successful. (Fake it ' til you become it.) )

3.TED x Meg Jay "20-year-old life can not wait until 30 to start"

Don't be limited by what you don't know or do, and every step you take at the moment is determining your life.

As a senior clinical psychologist, Meg Jessica shared one of the highlights of the speech, a view that all 20-year-olds can no longer afford to ignore: your 20-year-old life is not a trivial transition, but a golden key training period for personality growth.

Meg is concerned about the relatively late-maturing character of young people, because such immaturity will have an unbearable impact on relationships, emotional relationships, and the maintenance of family relationships. (You may also be interested in: 10 strokes to identify your "he" is a man or a boy!) Jie Yi said in this speech, 20-29 years old, including the choice of work, love, make friends, decide who they want to be, every step of the choice can not be hasty decision, because each decision, all affect the life and future.

The world gives young people too many choices, too many choice of circumstances, but let the portrait fell into the sea, thought can swim anywhere, but because there is no one of the most clear goal, so finally do not know what to do to truly bring success. In the case of what is not professional, young people often choose to give up their true love, drift to live a comfortable and boring life. (Do you feel lost too?) Come to see: really grow up? After 20 years of age, you should learn 15 things in life.

In the speech, Jie Yi shared three pertinent suggestions, including raising your identity capital, exploiting your weak links, and consciously and seriously choosing your future partner. She stressed that, if necessary, please do not hesitate to stride out of the comfort zone, grasp the moment seems slightly weak interpersonal line. Let 20 years of life for you to lay a good foundation for life, will not wait until the age of 30 to sigh, because you will find that many things have not been helpful.

4. TEDx Elizabeth Gilbert (Elizabeth Gilbert) "The cultivation of creative power"

If you just believe that the extraordinary part is lent to you temporarily and will pass on to others in time, the idea will no longer be a distress and a burden, but a gift worth a lifetime of thanks.

"For some reason, we have embraced and shared the idea that creativity and suffering are linked together by nature, and that artistic talent will eventually become a drug-free affliction; Do you all accept this view?" "The speaker, and also the publication of" Enjoy it! Elizabeth Gilbert, a best-selling female writer for a man's trip, threw out the question and asked the audience at the scene. Wrote a sensational world bestseller, and even jumped on the big screen, by Julia Llaroboz to perform the film, Gilbert began to encounter after this, afraid to write beyond the last book's internal bottlenecks and mental pressure.

But unlike other artists, who tend to drill into dead alleys, Gilbert uses a different perspective to think about how creative people manage and overcome the mental crisis that creativity brings to people. She thinks, do not keep the genius of this number on their own body, we should learn the ancient Roman period of people, imagine an inner elf or little genius working with you, and the only thing you have to do is do your best to do what you have to do, and don't fret after a clear conscience, and believe that the elves will help to take care of everything else. (You might want to come and see it too: Is it dry?) 5 tips to get creative before speed ! )

Whatever the end result, try to look at it with a sense of common heart and gratitude, because half of the responsibility for success or failure belongs to the elves. With less unnecessary and too heavy stress, you will have more room to breathe, and enthusiasm for this creative work can continue and go forward and create more good works.

5. TEDx Li Kunshan (Angela Lee Duckworth) "What are the keys to success?" It's willpower.

Being talented doesn't mean having willpower, being able to stick to the end and fulfilling a commitment is the true embodiment of willpower.

What is willpower? In simple terms, willpower is the ability to control the inner conflict of the self. For example, you stipulate that you want to jump 200 without interruption, but when you jump to 180, you start to feel abdominal pain, muscle soreness, and a desire to stop and relieve pain, but on the other hand you want to finish what you set out to do and skip 200. There was a conflict in my mind. Therefore, the ability to inhibit the desire to stop not jumping is the manifestation of willpower, because you control this time the inner conflict. (Proof of Willpower: Director: Never let go of ambition Zhang Buri before you dream )

Li Kunshan, a PhD at the University of Southern Illinois in the United States, stressed at TED's speech that giving children the motivation to learn is the first step to finding a high degree of interest in them, and then adding some minor setbacks to the process, and IQ and talent are not the key to deciding whether or not to succeed. (Also see: keep going, success will come to you )

Li Kunshan hope that more parents can tolerate children in times of frustration, because we do not need to help children find ways to tide over setbacks, let them figure out their own solutions, have the opportunity to let him exercise his willpower. After overcoming setbacks and increasing the level of willpower, children will also be more proactive in accomplishing the goals they set for themselves at the outset.

6. TEDx Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) "Why we have too few female leaders"

Don't make decisions too early, especially if you're not even aware of the decisions you're making.

One of the most exciting speeches in 2013 for countless women was the wonderful speech by Facebook's chief operating director, Shirley Sandberg, at TED. Sandberg began by asking a frustrating question: "Why, until now, are the women in the top leadership position still so scarce?" In addition to the speech, Sandberg also in her new book, "Come Forward," a comprehensive discussion of women in the workplace inequality and change the status of methods and recommendations. (You might want to know:Lean in, female power conquers the workplace )

In developed countries, Sandberg says, women are already more educated than they were in previous years, but the proportion of women in the global Parliament, the top of the corporate hierarchy has never been more than 20%, in the end is the social structural factors caused by the differences, or the female physiological conditions of the impermissible, or women themselves to limit themselves without knowing?

at the end of the speech, Sandberg sincerely encouraged all working women to "sit at the table" and to take the challenge and pursue their own love, including the value of life, and the other half of the future. Sandberg, on the other hand, says she has great respect for women who are family-oriented, but that does not mean that every woman has to give up her job or raise her position altogether because of having a baby. This year, the speech also set off a "step forward" of the trend, so that many women are more courageous to face up to their own life desire. (also to see:"Lean in" come forward!) Face book Operation long Xue Rou-Sandberg and Taiwan's cross-generational talk )

Hey, women, womany to tell you, to be a different self, you have to start from thinking to the implementation of their own actions, such a different, will finish the whole and let you shine forever.

Men can, women of course can!

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