Before the end of 2013, we will organize 15 precious images. Women who participate in these activities or records represent the persistence and resilience of women in the struggle for status.

2013 is a year full of women's voices. It cannot be denied that there have been many cases of attacks on women's rights during the year, but women are not as vulnerable as everyone imagined. (You must know:2013 review!) Women's smart sayings of the year, we are your strength . In fact, every year, women from all over the world are willing to put themselves down and stand up for the sake of equality for women and for a better society, and they have turned their insignificance into greatness.

Deep picture 1: The feminist magazine first invited pop music diva as cover

Beyonce, who recently released the fifth album of the same name, was the first woman magazine (ms) to be billed as the authority of feminist magazine in May this year, in addition to its stunning music work. Megazine), was invited to be the cover of the period. The cover of the past magazine will usually invite social campaigners defending women's equality, or the way the Super Woman (Wonder Woman) is presented directly by illustration, but the example of the popular music figures is not invited, even Madonna and Jennifer Lopez have not boarded the magazine. Beyonce was able to get on the cover, as well as her heroic image and deeds for women's rights, as she was the biggest woman I ever had. Girls!, "Who dominates the world?" repeated the lyrics in a song. They're women! (about the first and her: the first woman to run into a marathon )

Deep Picture 2: More women are willing to admit that they are feminists

For those who support gender equality, it may be difficult to understand why the average person is afraid or uneasy about being a "feminist" in the title. But now, there are a growing number of high-profile women, including Hollywood actress Claire Denise Claire Danes, Lina Duhan (Lena Dunham), one of the coolest figures of the year, a 16-year-old genius newcomer from New Zealand (Lorde) and a child-born child of Mara. Wilson (Mara Wilson), the Blues singer John Legend, is willing to come forward and be generous and honest with himself as a feminist! Their frustration has also made feminism less distant, even as negative as stereotypes.

In the final analysis, not every feminist is biased, irrational, or even looking down on men; every woman has the right to choose to be a feminist, but that doesn't mean they can't keep their original personalities. (You might also want to see: fall in love with your own life ) Maybe we shouldn't have a biased view of feminism from the outset, and if we are willing to step back and respect each other, then the feminists really don't have to defend their rights with such an emotional attitude. Thank you more and more women are willing to carry on feminism, regardless of men or women, we must learn how to respect each person. (Perhaps you are also interested to know:"Women of the Year" Chinese Human rights fighter for women Ye Haiyan )

Deep Picture 3: Even if the breast is removed, can not deprive me of the right to happiness!

Dibber Cohen (Deborah Cohan) is the mother of two children, also a super Lotte and courageous woman. Having breast cancer and being told to do a double mastectomy, she decided not to grieve, but to record the heaviest day of her life with the happiest of moods. She smiled brilliantly in the film and invited all the doctors and nurses in the O.R. to join her in the last six minutes of her breasts with the most dynamic dance records. (Perhaps you want to know more: breast cancer, our closest and most feared enemy )

Are you deeply shocked by her optimism and smiles? Even if you feel small enough to change the world, at least you can change yourself, create the greatest value of your ego, so that every minute and every second to live a remarkable, such a life is complete without regrets. "Nothing makes me happier than talking about dancing and swinging the body," Dibber said after the surgery. "Let us enjoy this film, but also bless the brave her early recovery, continue to spread the good warm power to the world corner, to encourage women with her experience the same." (You are never alone, because: we have always been loved )

Deep Picture 4: The 11-hour American women's deputies stand in the way of "prohibition of abortion"

In June this year, the Texas state legislature, which stood for more than 11 hours and fought with an unrelenting rhetoric against the draconian ban on abortion, Windy Davis, Wendy Davis, wrote a new page for women's rights. She advocates the idea, mainly to oppose the Republican Party's new abortion restrictions. Because she herself became a single mother during her teenage years, and then worked hard to become a lawyer at Harvard University, the twists and turns of a particular background made her political ideas more skewed towards the middle class than others. (More about this woman's story: standing 11 hours for the ideal voice )

This is also the case in which a handful of women in the past have advocated for abortion; at the time, even U.S. President Barack Obama was on personal Twitter, "this evening in Austin, the capital of Texas, is a very different thing!" "Davis's political efforts have also stimulated a renewed view of women's reproductive rights between men and women," he said. And she's about to run for governor in 2014, and let's hope the day comes when this woman warrior is fighting for more freedom and rights for women.

Deep Picture 5: Sweden sets a new "gender equality" rating system for films

In November this year, Sweden's cinemas proposed a new film-rating scheme, hoping to pursue a more aggressive gender equality in the film, which has sparked heated debate in Sweden. The rating system uses the "Beckerdell test" (Bechdel Test) as a judgment standard, and A-level evaluation can be obtained only through standard films. The quiz contains three pointers to the movie, which includes at least 2 female characters with a surname, and the two Donna need to have dialogues and images that cannot be centered around a single male. (The female director is very different: three-stage film female director: for women's "sex" life, not leather! )

To implement this feminist taste scoring mechanism, the main hope is to raise the gender awareness of public fans, and let more people pay attention to the way women in the film, so that the role of women will not always be forced by the male role of the past. The current success of the rating of the film include: "Hunger Games" (The Hunger Game), "Iron Lady" (The Iron Lady), "barbaric confession" (savages), and so on, you have seen several?

Deep Picture 6: The female Army can finally take the lead to become the first line of combat personnel

In January this year, the Pentagon (Pentagon) first overturned the provisions set out in 1994 to end the ban on female soldiers as front-line personnel. The repeal of this law will also bring more front-line job opportunities to more women soldiers and female combat troops, so that their position in the army can become more and more equal to other men's soldiers. (Maybe it's time to go back: Locate your Life )

Deep picture 7: The goddess Kaka reprimanded the repair picture is too unreal to be repaired.

In mid-November this year, the "most attractive women award of the 2013" by fashion magazine GLAMOUR, one of the winners, said on stage that she was too helpless and not agreeable to see herself on the cover of a magazine. She said that she did not have such flawless skin and supple hair as the photograph, so the excessive modification would cause many people to pursue pathological perfection. She even hoped that Malala could replace herself as the cover of the magazine, at least not because she was too fake. (More on the day awards ceremony of the essence of quotations: The annual woman Smart Quotes, we are your strength )

"I don't think I'm the same person in the picture," said the Lady Gaga. "I'm not going to get up and see myself like this." The magazine can keep emphasizing my true character, but the change I'd like to see is on the cover of a magazine. "(also come to see: do you think I am yan?" The model tells you the truth about Vegetarian Yan.

Perhaps when we accept our own original appearance, those who do not like themselves or appear to enhance the image of the picture, but in our eyes become a kind of affectation and failure. Dear, keep your own most authentic appearance, will not be too easy to be replaced, because perhaps when you look back, but can not find back once the most original of their own.

Deep picture 8: Yellen will become the first associate president in American history

In October this year, the 67-year-old Jeannette Yelen, Janet Yellen, was nominated by President Barack Obama and is about to be promoted to the Federal Reserve (Fed, US central bank) Chairman in February 2014 as vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the American economics professor and fed board. And this will be the first female union president in a century of American history. (The story of more power women: first lady, not just men's deputies )

The woman, formerly known as former President Bill Clinton's chairman and chief executive at the White House's Economic advisory Council, and according to CNBC, a US financial news website, has a 70% percentage of male analysts looking to Yellen to replace the FED's chairman. Not only does this position have a profound impact on the global economy, but as the first female president, Yellen is bound to bring extraordinary strides to women's position at the top of the world.

Deep picture 9: Indian boys wear skirts for female voices!

I really have to be in the picture, this group of Indian boys wearing skirts are admired and touched! This is the early January of this year, a group of young Indian men in order to support the equal rights of Indian women and the fight against sexual violence called the parade, said: "Do not shut up on the streets of Bangalore!" "(Don ' t skirt the issue! Walk in bangalore! )

In the parade, 25 men were generous in their skirts and were sworn to their convictions on paper that said "Don't be evasive", "speak for Women", "Support women", "reject sexual violence". Oh, yes! Although women have to be self-reliant, it would be particularly nice and precious to have more virtuous men who are willing to respect women and support women's equality. (You may want to know more about: India, women )

And the people who took part in the parade or support activities signed the declaration:


Deep picture 10: Women can easily and openly discuss their sexuality!

In the Tue of this year, the original Innovation album "The Girl in Bars", published by NetFlix, explores the story of a group of women's marginalized people in prison on the theme of women's prisons. This is also a small number of female protagonists mainly, with a realistic perspective to present all kinds of gender issues of the album, including bisexual, gay, transgender people have been moved into the screen.

In addition to the dark side of the prison, many of the stirring scenes are unforgettable. It is worth mentioning that the actor who plays the transsexual foot in the play Lavine. Cox (Laverne Cox) is indeed a transsexual in the real world, which is also a great innovation in the history of American albums. (She is the best spokesperson for herself: lecturer: It's too late to do it, weaving Tanaka )

In an interview, Cox said, "I think the most extraordinary thing about this play is that the writers and directors are willing to give the complete human nature in this transsexual person, he is like your ordinary life will meet the person, is flawed, has the complex idea, has the joys and sorrows the human being." 」

In addition, the writers in the portrayal of female inmates of the same-sex friendship has also made great efforts, so that viewers can follow the heroine together to feel the most dramatic and the most authentic heart distance. Without a bunch of women who are too fake and too heavy to hide the truth, in this album you'll only see stories that have nothing to do with skin tone, weight loss, no age, nothing but survival, and real women. (More What you don't know: the vintage posters that put women under sole in those years )

Deep picture 11: The woman because she, starts to come forward for oneself!

In March this year, Sheryl Sandberg, a face book operator, asked women around the world a question, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" And the answer she had heard prompted the birth of the book "Come In". But more importantly, Sandberg has used her influence to influence the awareness and perspective of career women on opportunities for advancement and job choices. At the same time, she also let more women of different ages start to play happy door and talk to themselves. We're going to start asking ourselves, what are we afraid of? What do you want to do most? What is it that makes us afraid to move forward? (still don't know who she is) to see:"Lean in" come forward! Face book Operation long Xue Rou-Sandberg and Taiwan's cross-generational talk )

This year, the book also became a super bestseller, not only broke the 50 tens of thousands of volumes, but also sold more than 30 languages copyright, so that women in every corner of the world have the opportunity to see the book, to stand up for themselves. Although not everyone agrees with her view that "even having a child should not leave the workplace", she is willing to stand up for the success of the gender issue, and Sandberg has become an excellent new model for independent women.

Women, we should all be active in discovering our own possibilities to be closer to true equality. At the same time, to live out of their own, but also to more than other industries in the world to create more links; only in this way will the expectations of Sandberg in this year's TED speech be truly honoured. (here to enjoy her wonderful speech at Ted:6 Ted Speeches to make you more different )

I think that the world, half of the country and half of the companies are operated by women, will be a better world.

Deep picture 12: Same-sex marriage law passed! How she wished she had a chance to see

Earlier this year, the United States Supreme Court ruled the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) by 5 to 4, and the federal government was outlawed in the U.S. Constitution for not acknowledging the terms of same-sex marriage. As a result, the federal government finally admitted to gay marriage in June, and the definition of marriage will no longer be limited to a man and a woman. By the end of August, the federal government had also stepped up its announcement that married same-sex couples would enjoy the same federal tax benefits as the heterosexual couple, regardless of whether the state recognized same-sex marriage. This reversal has completely changed the fate of Ms. Windsor. (About more gay marriage: The triumph of gay rights!) France behind the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act

Ms. Windsor (Edie Windsor), a 83-year-old lesbian widow, lives with her partner, Thea Spyer, in 44 and married in Canada in 2007. When she died of illness in 2009, Windsor inherited her property. But because DOMA did not acknowledge their marriage, she had to pay a 360,000 dollar estate tax on her inheritance, a tax that no one in heterosexual couples paid for. The case, which has also rocked the United States in March this year, and is finally getting the long-awaited victory at the end of June, said excitedly: "I wish Cecil could be there to see what's happening here!" 」

Maybe everyone has a different view of marriage, but regardless of accepting same-sex marriage, at least we should respect everyone's right to pursue happiness, to witness the happiness of others, is a blessing on their own. (You may also be interested to see: from the success of three women's rights to see marital equality )

Deep picture 13: The movie "Hunger Game" reversed the gender role in romantic love

Have you seen the movie "Hunger Game"? Is it found that the character of the male and female characters and the mode of getting along with a little strange, then a little different? Seriously, even in the seemingly equal openness of Hollywood, gender equality is not so easy to achieve, especially in the film, no matter how the change of character, the nature of the gender role is still not very different, men have always been praised as heroes, women are not susceptible to pornography, is portrayed too emotional. (Hollywood can't tell the secret:700 years later, Hollywood will be equal )

But whether it's the first episode of The Hunger Game or the second episode, The Katniss, played by Jennifer Lorence (Jennifer Lawrence), has a different image from the heroine in general. Although the character still has the courage and kindness of traditional women, but more than sex, and the courage to fight against tyranny, fearless heart. Even with the actor Peeta, it can be seen that the writer Linda Dar Homs (Linda Holmes) wants to break the traditional gender roles. (They are stronger than men: Eight classic movie characters, they play more than men!) )

She makes women the strong, silent savior, the male lead is weak, sentimental, need to be saved people. In the film, the heroine not only to rescue the hero, female heroes Save the picture of the United States is also successful to make everyone convinced and deeply loved! If you haven't seen it, it will definitely be one of the best movies you can miss this year!

Deep Picture 14: You are the master of the body, always.

A 90-born Canadian photographer and artist Petra Collins (Petra Collins) was deactivated in October because he uploaded a picture of someone who might have been too exposed to some people in Instagram this year. The photo shows a picture from her belly to her thigh, and it's a concern because she showed a handful of intimate body hair on top of her bikini underwear. That caused a stir on the internet at the time, forcing Miss Collins to respond in a few days to the Web site. (More about a woman's body: a woman's armpit is not free )

But she is not an apology, nor is she mistaken; "To all the young girls and women, don't let anyone who opposes this picture extinguish your courage, let others tell you what you should look like, who you can be, and forget that you have physical autonomy," Collins said. Even if the world wants you to shut up and be quiet, you still have to move forward and do what you think is right. Women's bodies are of course attributed to women. So to create more revolutions, and continue to let this discussion go on, because we have always belonged to ourselves. 」

Deep picture 15: Women should not continue to shrink down

"Women in our family have been shrinking for decades. "---Lili Mairs

In this March, the Global Academy of Trade Union Poetry Grand Slam Invitational (College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational), with a poem "Shrink Woman" (shrinking Women) won the 2013 "Best Love Verse" The title girl is called Lili Mairs (Lily Myers). Her live film and content of the poem was put on Youtube after the virus-type cyclone, less than one months that is more than 2 million times to read the rate, causing the world's women resonate and moved. (Do you also want to ask: who has made women thinner?) )

The words in the poem not only embodies the pressure and baggage of women in stature image, but also has more and more years of expectation of unequal to women. We are always required to be thin to look good, quiet less to speak, to be petite and pleasant, to eat sparingly, so that is considered a good woman. So the woman in the family and the man's figure ratio, the gap becomes more and more disparity, father more and more weight, the mother is becoming thinner petite. Looking back at your house, did the same happen?

Myers's subsequent visit also mentioned that many women wrote to share with her the feeling of hearing the poem, and even a lot of people because she decided to be more courageous to do themselves, love their own imperfect. (To the dearest you: six seconds to hear yourself again the most exciting thing for her is that some girls decide to follow her and write down stories of what they have been repressed, after all, the figure is just one of the things that women encounter inequality, and Lily uses the power of poetry to take this step, It will also be the beginning of more girls willing to live for themselves.

You, who are interested in this poem, are welcome to come here to compare the original poems >> points here

Women, let us fearlessly out of their own most shiny road, the eyes of others is a flash of clouds, let it go quietly, continue to live your life well. Remember not to look back, because tomorrow will never be behind you.