When everyone is looking back at the top 10 of 2011, today W is a small editor to review the ten most popular "sex articles" on the womany website, given your readers' love [ Love Love]

Mick-care the first place, a book from , with the exception of posturing, more accompanied by a female doctor who has been hesitaturing since the last line since the last line, so it is only natural that the top article in 2011 is the first!

this popular essay-writing rankings, there are three types of sex articles that readers love. The first type of "sexy body position education" is either male or female, lying or sitting posture or sitting posture. Besides traditional missionary positions, all the men and women also want to know more about the possibility of turning over the rain!The second is "what's high orgasm and how to reach orgasm." This is a matter of many women who say they don't export questions and secrets, and many men are trying to please the most difficult points of the other half.

The third type of popular article is the "Method of Joy with the Lovers", whether by mouth, by hand, or by massage, to please the lover, and to see what the other person is satisfied with, and also to have a feeling of satisfaction and pleasure, and not to be happy.

Next, let's see what the bottom is. The readers can't quit:

[sex body position] The female doctor's sex trick: Classic missionary.


three major learning tricks


ten small ways to orgasm faster


[Glossary of love] Ciger movement


[sex position] male-classic missionary


Use your hands to love


[Sexy position] on Female Riding-Riding Reversing Stick-style


high orgasm


[sex position] male-classic dog


Hot-Cardion Massage Act


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