Just after the first week of 2014, how are the girls doing? January is the new beginning of all, in such a new beginning, of course, should also be first to introduce the 2014 red box! small red box from the sale to now, with the girl walked three months, so far received a lot of moving back from the boy and girl, the boy said: "Really good, finally know how to dote on the people around, I do not know about menstruation, small red box to help me think of!" "The girl said:" Little red box than my own intimate, such a day, someone to take care of feeling good. "Your support is the impetus for the continuous growth of the Little red box." (Recall the first time full of power:"January essay activity" The first day, the first time, we accompany you )

A small red box behind, not so simple, we strictly selected goods, only to provide girls we feel the best goods, but also hope that each open the small red box you, can realize that we really very attentively. The New Year, we also period Xu Xiaogong box continuous evolution, in addition to the launch of a small red box a year, and you are in love with a year's plan, also stuffed in the box full of intimate, so that girls know "we can take good care of themselves" (a girl reflected that the small red box more and more heavy!) )

We know menstruation comes, unavoidably will have bad mood, so small red box besides want to be your good friend, also want to do you drive away bad mood of small helper, together make the bitter day become a day. take a look at the January box, how to help us get rid of the bad feelings of menstruation often!

Little red Box across the year, wearing back to design by designer Christopher Pink dress, and the February Valentine's Day new clothes are being designed, please look forward to! In the first month of 2014, what surprises are there in the first box of this year's Little red box? Secretly tells you, inside not only has the widespread praise old friend, also has our strict choice new friend Oh, looks down together!

"January Small red box open box Point Roll Call"

  1. Aerobic efficacy Health cotton Oxygen Two packs: Praise old friends, give you breathable health
  2. Vigill Private Shower Gel: The body is refreshing, the heart is comfortable
  3. United literature "Paris, everything starts from the Seine-et-marne, Dep. De La River": Menstruation comes to me time good times
  4. Kang Tian Health black Candy , Valkhof turmeric, Longan jujube one: blood, warm uterus
  5. St Clare Clare St. Claire hyaluronic acid net White moisturizing Mask +CC Cream Trial Package: Bright white secrets of the skin
  6. Tasting sugar Lemon puffs free exchange rolls: The days of menstruation, to some sweet
  7. Warm up to the heart of the stomach: warm up the body warm
  8. Lollipop + chocolate +swiss Miss Hot Chocolate: Make you dote on yourself
  9. Physiological period intimate small card, and we love each other five steps
  10. Guang Chung Yuen Metalworking Art Museum jewelry swab Silver Cloth coupon B: let you go out and get separated
  11. January small red Box surprise ceremony: Woman fan fireworks bloom red bag, accompany you for a good year

Girl, we understand that the period of the few days, will feel uncomfortable or even want to get mad, all kinds of bad emotions like being opened Pan Dora Box Full-gush, breathable, boring, dark complexion, chills, emotional temper ... Don't worry, let's open the Little Red box and release the positive energy. The period of those days, become comfortable with their own good time to get along with it! (Let's see the world with positive energy )

When menstruation comes to the air, we have expert-grade tampons and shower gel

According to the doctor pointed out that because the physiological period of vaginal ph will rise to neutral, such a special environment is the most likely to breed bacteria, coupled with the physiological period of the girl's body is particularly weak, more susceptible to the invasion of bacteria, causing infection inflammation, not only uncomfortable, but also inflammation of the crisis. good risk such discomfort, there are small red box with us to find a way. In the small red box in January, there are girls alike Oxygen live oxygen sanitary cotton and let private place good refreshing woman clean intimate bath dew, the physiological period of ventilation is no longer a dream.

Oxygen Sanitary Cotton This month has two kinds of intimate, one kind is the O2 oxygen effect type health cotton, uses the oxygen core TM chip, releases the high concentration the fresh molecular oxygen, the improvement is easy to breed the bacterium the environment, brings the fresh and the health to the girl's intimate place. The other is a live oxygen health pad, which has an early-warning chip that can detect the reproductive health of the user based on the color and odor of the secretions. Small series is very select health Cotton brand people, do not like too heavy, and not frivolous to make people insecure, more emphasis on breathability, and Oxygen breathable and frivolous, conquered me, I believe will conquer your heart ah. Two choices, so that during the period of your good ventilation, menstrual after you can test their privacy is healthy, it is very intimate.

And the woman clean Vigill intimate bath dew, the reason is so magical, is because uses and the intimate Acid-base value similar weak acidic ph value 3.5, therefore can the gentle protection intimate muscle, also more effectively eliminates the menstrual boredom. Small series for the first time, feel a little novelty, found that there is a light bath natural fragrance, and because of mild, so can wash the private muscle, also can wash the body quite convenient. After washing touch body skin, feel not as normal bath milk washed as smooth, but unexpectedly breathable, very comfortable, recommended to girls to try. (A bit shy: "hot Wax Maomao" in the private place of battle)

The boredom when menstruation comes, enrich oneself with good books

Menstruation, sometimes just want to lie in bed where do not want to go. At this time, if there is a good book on the side ...

Last month there was a friend ordering small red box, is not also found that little red box more than a sense of smell it? From December onwards, we began to put a good book in the Little Red box, to accompany you in bed uncomfortable. Turn on the computer, you have womany article accompany you; When you go offline, we want to use a good book to let you know that we are always by your side . (If you like the idea, please come to the small red Box experience to tell us OH)

In the January, we cooperated with a good book in the joint literature, offers girls a selection of five good books, a total of tourism, food, soul, literature, beauty five categories, every good book behind a heart of the story, and each small red box will randomly put into different surprises. Small knitting to get the tourism category of "Paris, everything from the Seine-et-marne, Dep. De La River began." "The first day of the menstrual period, the nest in bed, although the body is not comfortable where to go, but while reading books, the heart but ruthlessly played in Paris a lap." (See also: 33 things that Paris taught me )

flipping through the pages, passing through the art bridge, and Emily hanging around a circle of Matt, into the flower God Café sip a few coffee, the mood suddenly become very relaxed. (Online travel: This life can not be missed, the most beautiful moment in Paris ) can not travel abroad days, let their hearts have travel time and space. in fact, travel is also so ah, not simply the movement of the body, more important is the fullness of the mind. On a less comfortable day, soak up a small red box of cereal to yourself, take a good book, enjoy yourself and read me time!

"The same game" to the Light Chung Yuen Metalworking Museum play

If physical recovery want to go out for a walk, girls together to light Chung Yuen Metalworking Art Museum stroll jewelry Bar!

Guang Chung Yuen Metalworking Art Museum opened in November 2011, is the first jewelry-type sightseeing factory in Taiwan! Open jewelry design, play version, open mold, precision casting and polishing and other complex process for visitors to visit, the guide process will also introduce jewelry knowledge and maintenance methods, with small red box in the exchange volume can also be jewelry swab silver cloth b Oh! (Learn more: metalworking jewelry DIY Light Chung Yuen Metalworking Art Museum )

The dim of menstruation, the two-pronged skin care

Menstruation comes of those days, the most don't want to hear is you look good bad.

When the days of menstruation came, and was said to "recently did not sleep well, look good poor" let a person more at a loss, right? When winter, skin than usual more dry, and encounter physiological period fragile skin condition, those days of skin is always some dim, small red box with the outside of the St. Clare St. Claire Mask, and the inner use of the Kang Dark Candy, help us two-pronged, find a beautiful good face. (same field Gayon: five months by small reminder, let you say goodbye menstrual discomfort )

St. Clare's Mask, there is a supplement skin moisture of hyaluronic acid, improve skin dark vitamin C, as well as the Department of Health recognized whitening ingredients and bright white essence, reducing melanin also inhibit melanin production, so that skin faster back to the translucent luster. Apply the membrane for 15 minutes, also take the opportunity to have a good rest, tell yourself: "Life is always tired, but always make time to take care of themselves." "St. Clare's Mask is not sticky, 15 minutes later, small weave feel like finally filled with water, looks also no longer a face sick, girls also hurry to try to see!"

In addition to skin mask, small series also use the Longan JuJube black candy, take care of themselves. Valkhof is warming up food, not only can alleviate the pain of cold, but also can let menstrual flow smooth discharge, avoid amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea situation, after all, the body is comfortable, the complexion will follow well. and Longan Red JuJube is the blood, not only can improve the body tired, more can warm gastrointestinal uterus, good face also to report. Soak in a cup of hot red jujube Valkhof tea, really eat the longan, red dates, medlar, can also be washed back two or three times, belly comfortable, facial expression is also translucent ruddy. Who can tell you are menstruating? (For girls: menstrual cramps don't come!) Give you the menstruation diet Lazy man bag )

The body cold when menstruation comes, give you warm in winter

January The weather is cool, occasionally hot and cold cloudy, in such days, small make up the side of a cold blowing snot, side small red report, more than usual feel their fragile. In such a fragile day, received a small red box, really really deeply from the heart that "someone to take care of the feeling, really good." "(a moment seems to have fallen in love with the Little Red Box illusion)

Winter especially easy hands and feet cold, I used warm bag warm body also warm heart, accompany me through the cold hands and feet of the day. Also soak up another piece of black candy bar in Kang Tian : Valkhof Kang block. Valkhof can cold, turmeric can warm the stomach, but also improve the blood clots and cold hands and feet of the girl disease, in addition Valkhof calcium and magnesium have calming effect, iron can supplement the physiological period of mental depletion, solve the cold hands and feet of the problem and complement the vitality. (The girl is careful: body cold is the source of million disease )

Big piece of black candy, can be in accordance with their own preferences, the small series of heating water back three times still very interesting, sweet Valkhof taste, warm heart of turmeric, from the heart of a hint of warmth, recommended to want to warm but also afraid of ginger too hot girl, Valkhof sweet and turmeric stimulation, you will also like.

"The same field plus" to a little sweet, take care of you

menstruation comes, the mood is a bit unstable, this time to point sweet, is the best mood positive agent! (also tell you: Happy Side program, create the maximum of Happiness )

January, a French dessert with a taste of sugar : Lemon puffs pamper herself. About 35 friends, to the taste of Sugar café sit, talk about the girl's mind, with a French sour taste of lemon puffs, what is more comfortable than this day? Remember to make a phone call before you leave, so you can enjoy dessert without waiting. And greedy, we all love to eat Office snacks: Hershey ' s, Snickers chocolate and lollipops, I hope you feel uncomfortable, you can experience our side. (French style recommended: Hong Kong luxury French restaurant Caprice)

January small red box of the Open box, small series opened a full of touching and intimate, in such a cold day, good risk has warm little red box. Hope to open the small red box you, but also with the small weave is full of touching. For small red box, if you have something to say, please come to the small red Box experience to tell us, so that we can better. Then secretly said a year dote on small red box plan , to 1/31 at the end of the special offer, want to and small red box love a year you quickly under order!

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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko