Did not expect just after the completion of the year, 2014 and quietly over one months, is not sigh of time flies, important but seems to have not been able to stay? Hey honey, in every new and blessed moment, do you have to live your life at ease and move forward toward your dreams ? At the end of 2013 Womany The voice of women from all over the world (to see which women make the world a better place:The 2013 15 precious moments for women to take a breath!) What they have done proves that small beings are capable of doing more for the world.

In the beginning of the 2014, there are many girls and women who are creating more new histories of women, who believe they are different and are willing to break a different path. Now let's take a look at these impressive women and their presence will bring you a whole year of "different" courage and energy!

1. This she is very different: Hungarian singer Boggie choose to be loyal to nature, generous public after the inside of the system to fix the face!

Look at the current pop singer's music video, the singers in addition to serious to the mouth, everyone seems to be taken for granted the exquisite and flawless male goddess of God, especially the appearance of female singers, in addition to relying on the behind-the-scenes stylist and stylist of the skillful help, everyone does not make the secret, It is still the most skillful of the back-making tool (Photoshop tools). Bougit, a Hungarian singer-songwriter who released a new album Late last year (Boggie, Csemer Boglárka), decided to write this song, demonstrating that it was against the prevailing and twisted mentality of the consumer culture over beauty, because she did not want to see the wrong values continue to flourish. Youtube also broke the 2 million-point reading rate in just one months. (It is not a day or two days to fix the picture: do not fix the picture of the advertisement, give the woman the true appearance )

In this song called "New Perfume" (Nouveau parfum), the lyrics refer to the most popular cosmetics and perfume brands, including Prada, Hugo Boss, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Lancome, and then bring out "but I'm not their product. ... The most classic perfume brand is my own "(but I ' m not their product...the new perfume is me) such strong manifesto. Bougit says this is the way to present the song, the main thing is to let every girl know, if always follow the direction of the media to change their own, we will only become the brand of free publicity materials, and the unique character of God will be quietly concealed; the road will appear more and more after the twins, in their eyes, Consistency is called beauty, and others are fakes that are not pure in pedigree.

But dear, beauty is not beautiful, ultimately it depends on your heart to be sure to take effect. Even if the use of external forces to repair themselves to almost pick up the fault, as long as the inferiority complex is still in the heart, is to spend more time to the whole is only a brief consolation, and so sober to face, is the countless regrets. (To the dearest you: woman, you are actually more beautiful than you think ) 2014, said a long time to "love their true appearance," the Declaration, again take out and seriously practice it! Bougit bravely took off his mask, from the heart to accept himself , her beauty became very different, because we all know that the kind of beauty no one can repair.

2. She is very different: the 17-year-old New Zealand singer Lorde became the brightest Queen in the 2014 Grammy Award bee!

Remember what you were doing when you were 17 years old?

If you don't tell the real age, most people will think that Roxie (Lorde) is a young girl who is at the age of 20 to enjoy the bloom; but do you know that the young girl from New Zealand, born in 1996 and just 17 years old last November, launched her debut album, "Born in English" (Pure Heroine) from his hometown Red to the world, the speed of the United States Billboard five top rankings and the British title, and even set the 25 years of the youngest female singer's title record!

This little body is the genius of the precocious soul of the music people also live up to expectations, on January 27 just the end of the 56th session of the Grammy Music Awards ceremony (Grammy Awards), with her own creation of the song "Noble Royals", the new Posture Yong won the best popular solo singing award, and the best annual song of these two heavyweight awards. The first attack on the defeat of many heavenly days, but also let people see the super new talent and charm of the music! (Girl's potential is no age:Youtube's Red movie: Let the little girl be herself )

Attached here is the MV of Chinese lyrics, let Lorde tell you why she does not aspire to be a noble >>

But Lorde is not just singing, she also used their love to sing the dream of practice that "when their most glorious nobility, live a different" belief; even if there is no noble blood, it can definitely rely on their own strength, to become the new ruler of the Palace of pop music!

Together to appreciate her Grammy in the award of the "Noble Royals", we also like her lyrics to say, with our hands to dominate their lives, as long as the courage to walk on the road of Dreams, you and I can live more than the nobility is great.

3. She is very different: Li Na set the first Asian singles champion in the history of the hundred Australian Open.

On the playground, women can certainly be very different! The 2014 Australian Tennis Public Championship (Australian Open Tennis Championship), which ended on January 25, came from China's 31-year-old female player, Na Li, and finally succeeded in the third time, defeating 7:6 and 6:0 from the snow The 24-Year-old Bukova, Dominika Cibulkova, became the first Chinese player to win the Australian Open in 41 years, and the first female singles champion over the age of 30. And it became Li Na's second grand Slam Gold Cup after winning the French Open in 2011. (Women who love sports are the most beautiful: athletes: Unlimited Adventure Life-Beibei.) Lin )

Let us again aftertaste, Li Na and Mat Bukova in this year's Australian Open Championship match the splendid Rally picture bar:

But behind this sensational success, no one saw Li Na, who had experienced countless struggles and lows. Last year's bottleneck made her want to retire, now, not only to stand on the world-class ball game, but also on the top of the championship, proudly for the Chinese in the status of the movement in the field again greatly contend for the light. From 2011 to 2014 of these 966 hard days, Li Na said, the career bottleneck is not good, but thanks to these experiences let her know, even if the time has been passing, than the younger than others, as long as the intention to keep their state of good, the future one day, There will be a stage for her to shine.

Bearing the expectations of 1.3 billion people in China, Li Na won the French Open in 2011, every step of the trembling, even lost himself, almost suffering from depression, she had said:

"When you laugh, everyone laughs with you, but when you cry, you weep alone." 』

Thankfully, Li Na was finally willing to believe herself once, because she knew that it was her dream of life, only to do her best to not let the life to leave regret. In her acceptance speech, Li Na also expressed her gratitude to the team behind the scenes and the husband of the coach in English. Because there are mutual support and wholehearted companionship, so that Li Na can not worry about the ball to play well, but also the best side of their own to support her people.

Li Na's story, hoping for more for their own, the family to fight for women to encourage, no matter what you choose to be the person, is now in the trough or peak, always remember:

"Things should not be only to see hope, but to persevere will have hope." 』

4. This she is very different: from Taiwan, Chen Yu Shu was sealed as "Asian women kitchen God"!

Chen Yu Shu (Lanshu Chen), a 34-year-old Taiwanese girl, decided to follow his culinary dream after graduating from a major foreign-language department and flew to the French Blue Belt Culinary College (Le Cordon Bleu) to learn to make dessert from scratch. In the process of seeking arts, Chen Yu shu efforts in foreign countries to accumulate a number of advanced experience in the establishment of the value of the heart, in Michelin star restaurant with the Masters, until there is self-confidence to independently, before the return to Taiwan in 2008, with her husband to open their own French restaurant, beginning a lifetime of Chinese and French cuisine fantasy journey. (Taiwanese women are not afraid to endure hardship: not afraid of me and the world, my name is Xu Fang )

The girl who loves to cook from a young age learns French cuisine, but unwilling to be restrained by tradition; she decided to keep trying to create a new pattern of taste that would make the taste and mix of Taiwanese land the most attuned to French cuisine, vowing that all guests would be able to eat classic and innovative French cuisine without going abroad. And on January 14, 2014, with more than 900 chefs, restaurant operators and gourmets in the world, she alsorestaurantsall critical reviewers in the International Gourmet World's influential "best Restaurants in Asia 50". Recognised as "the Best female Chef in 2014 Asia" and the awards ceremony will be held in Singapore on February 24.

Mout, a chef at senior French restaurant "Le mu le", said she was also honored to be proud of Taiwan's female chefs in the international food industry. Chen Yu Shu also said, perhaps because she is willing to dare to try, not afraid to step out of the comfort zone, so that the inspiration of the food has been endless, and the boundaries of the taste buds of the ego widened wider. Chen Yu Shu believes,

"To be a good cook, you need to constantly try new ingredients to make good food." 』

Because insist, because always with the superior, let Chen Yu Shu walked to today this step. She used the materials to show the beauty of life everywhere, as well as the keen and enthusiastic food, but more importantly, her exquisite skills and humble learning heart to let the whole world to see, Chinese women cooks can pave the red carpet for themselves, stand on the world and life stage!

Honey, you know what? What if your career is not as stable, mainstream, and enviable as the average person thinks? As long as the intention to operate, no matter what to do is worthy of admiration! Start now, don't underestimate yourself, as long as you have a dream, don't be afraid of pain! (Let her story continue to encourage you: not afraid of bitter sister!) She Kingyan The sadness for himself )

5. This she is very different: Aerie underwear model: The real oneself is the most sexy!

Who says you must have nine heads and a gold ratio to qualify as lingerie models? American famous girl underwear brand Aerie in 2014 spring and Summer "real" image advertising program (the "true" Campaign), as well as all models on the underwear site to unite, breaking the market has long been the deadlock, since then, the photos will be skipped the repair map this step, Every girl will appear in the picture with the truest appearance. (also look at this self-loyal model confession: Do you think I'm a beauty?) The model tells you the truth about Vegetarian Yan.

"Hey girl, we're not perfect, so you don't have to feel inferior to your imperfections!" 』

The butterfly sleeve has not been eliminated, the abdomen is not yet flat, a slightly less-rounded chest, the middle of the thigh is not big enough, and not very meticulous shrimp face ..., thanks to these "imperfect", so that these models have a legitimate reason to stand up, because they know that perfection is only a short, The true self is the irreplaceable sexy!

In other words, perhaps we should not only focus on how they bravely show their "imperfect" parts of the body, because it seems to see, they have shortcomings, you and I may also stubbornly exist. Comparing who is more "real" is not really the point, because in the end, women's body is still regarded as a means of consumption, rather than the reversal and sublimation of female image .

The change we really want to see is a society that is more willing to accept all types of women. No matter what you look like and what kind of body you have, it is part of you. Like the beauty of a rose, it has nothing to do with how many thorns it has; the beauty of a rose lies in its wholeness, its smell, and its pleasing atmosphere. So darling, be brave enough to accept your body, and remember that no one is free to criticize your stature, for those are the traces of your true life. (This is what we want to see: the most authentic window model )

Clapping the models for these generous smiles, hoping that more people will understand and learn to respect each woman differently, as womany from a message that always wants to convey:

"Women are many, and you are."

Come, loudly say to oneself: Now you, is the most beautiful!

6. She is very different: New Zealand woman writer, write down the history of the youngest "Booker Prize" in the history of the winner!

The winner of the "Booker Prize" (Man Booker Prize), the highest award in British literature in 2013 Last October, is the new woman writer Ellie Nor Carton (Eleanor Catton), who comes from NZ, but you may not think she is 28 years old this year! Her prize-winning novel is her second work, "The Luminaries", which is 832 pages long, recording the length of the Booker award-winning novel!

The success of the New Zealand Prime Minister to congratulate Cotton, she also immediately became New Zealand's new generation of national treasures. With "The last piece of Pure Land", New Zealand, in the eyes of the world is no longer just good at animal husbandry and playing rugby, in the international literary arena, there is also a peak that can not be ignored. And Cotton's great achievements, also let her before the Master's alma mater, New Sealanvillington Victoria University (Victoria University Wellington) announced in mid-January this year, will be in May this year's graduation ceremony, gave Cotton an honorary doctorate in literature, In order to express the highest respect for the honorary alumni.

28 years old, perhaps for most writers, is a lianbi or just take out a debut period, but for many years in the university and Master's College professional training, so that cotton has more than the average person more sophisticated writing skills, as well as the rhythm of the sentence of the perfect control and sense of balance. Her young fame also proves to some extent that creative writing can be trained, not just by talent, but through the world. (More career women are sharing with you:6 TED Speeches, you see your power )

Cotton frankly said that before the people too focused on her age and the identity of the female writer really let her feel troubled, but also indirectly affect the quality of the creation, after all, in the writing "luminous body" when she was only 25 years old, is a little too immature in the literary age. In the process of writing, she is also often worried that such a lengthy and complex novel will give publishers a great nightmare, but the press has always given her unlimited freedom of creation, so that she persisted to the end, the more than 800 pages of the novel completed. Cotton also said that the creation period did not happen too dramatic process, that is, step-by-step to complete the daily progress, before and after about two years to write the novel all finished.

Girl, if you love to write, the average 28-year-old female writer may be able to give you the strength to persevere. Age can be help is also resistance, but no matter how old you are now, each stage must have it to face the subject, the difference is only in that heart, whether willing to work hard, and diligently cultivate themselves, until finally see the fruit from the ordinary green, into a shiny full day.

7. She's very different: Who says pregnant women can't surf? She was an unborn woman with the sound of waves.

Women surf, may not sound fresh, but have you ever seen a pregnant woman surf? When most people hear that a pregnant woman is going surfing, she may want to say, "It's too dangerous!" But the 34-year-old, from Canada, now living in Sydney, Australia, Olivias (Kristi Olivares), in addition to being a senior surfer, has decided to be a woman surfing website she SURFs in Australia since the beginning of last year's pregnancy. Use the film and write blog way, record the process of her pregnant surfing, hope that after the child is born can show him, mother in with him surfing handsome heroic. (Women's Most Beautiful metamorphosis: Women's mind: pregnant, into the next stage of life )

In the blog, she shares the skills of a pregnant woman surfing with her own experience after her own attempt; she insists on swimming on the surfboard and keeping the habit of exercising four times a week, even when the weight of the child in the later part of the pregnancy has kept her from almost balancing. (Pregnant women's exclusive exercise guide: suitable for pregnancy exercise ) Look at her smile in front of the camera, and strive to maintain a balanced professional posture, can imagine if deprived her 10 months can not surf the right, Chris will not be as happy as now, so look forward to the joy of being a mother.

Of course, when pregnant with such a dangerous exercise must be extra careful, so she gave a less positive response to the people always feel relieved, because she knew there are a group of people will always support her. In addition to her good sister and good husband, the most important thing is her doctor, a man who also loves surfing, so he knows how to encourage and let Chris continue to enjoy surfing in the safest situation.

Seven months

Eight months

Nine months

The last time you surf the pregnancy

I can't wait to introduce this beautiful sea to my children!

We all tend to confine ourselves to some seemingly unmistakable common sense, but you and I may not have the potential to do so. Life is a process of searching for yourself, so if you are fortunate enough to find something you love and hope for, know how fortunate it is. Even if the next inevitable encounter resistance, also can't because feel trouble easily want to stop, when you decide to give up the attempt, you also abandoned that, open the key to the ultimate happiness. (To the happy you: secretly tell you 25 priceless happiness secret )

8. This she is very different: Large model 25 years old cancer, but her beauty to start

Alli Mede (Elly Mayday), a 25-year-old female Christina from Canada, was accidentally diagnosed with serous ovarian cancer when she decided to move from Canada to New York in 2013 and signed her first model contract (Serous ovarian Carcinoma), a special type of cancer that usually occurs to menopausal women. This disease, which is almost unbearable for all women, has not deprived her of the will to revive the Jedi. Because of the sudden turn of life, let her more convinced to do for themselves, the dream of becoming a professional model.

Brave as her, since last summer, after cancer, Mede always use her sign of self-confidence smile in the workplace show professional attitude, the camera more generous before the most beautiful gesture exposed. Even if the hysterectomy let her hair fell off, body more than a few scars, body size is not like other models slender perfect, Mede still with optimistic mood to face;

"There is no real darkness, only a faith that is not firm enough, and faith is the light that illuminates the dark." 』

Because I never wanted to give up, so she knew there must be hope, and she was right! Since the onset of the cooperation of the Canadian underwear brand "Forever yours lingerie" in her experience of illness, see her still firm want to be a model of the will, decided to let Mede continue to serve as the latest underwear advertising spokesperson for 2014, let her own the most proud, The body that struggles with the disease is presented to more people, and this move is about to rewrite the public's definition of beauty. (Don't use fat and thin to decide beauty: Seven Hollywood actress tells you: Thin does not equal beauty!) )

I just show that in the real world, the way women look after they've lost their clothes, that's the truest of us, because everyone has a small flaw in their own troubles, which is normal.

How would you spend your life if you had only three months left? This is a hypothetical question, but it may also be a topic that Mei Dai needs to prepare for herself. But what about us? No one can predict what will happen the next second, we can grasp only now, so when Mede efforts to cherish the possibility of the last opportunity to shoot, we should also cherish the time to continue to do their favorite things? (in addition to cherish nothing else: life is impermanent, do not do these seven things are waiting for regret!) )

"Hopefully this will inspire some people, especially for girls with scars or no hair," Mede said in a previous interview. 」

"Because no one can deprive you of the right to enjoy the world unless you first refuse to embrace it." 」

Whether you are a 10-year-old girl, 20-year-old girls, a 30-year-old woman or a 40+, we all have to do one thing, is to live their own "different" life, and change, will start from the reorganization of the inner self. As the American woman writer Eva Enster (Eve Ensler) said, "The girl's power, is the power of change", the beginning of the 2014, let these different women, to catalyze your heart is the force of the stirring; Let us be the most different woman in our hearts!

Be true to yourself to create your shining value

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